Edmonton Gas Line Installation

Whether you have seen some signs that indicate you need a replacement Edmonton gas line installation or you're thinking of making the switch from electricity with a brand-new installation, our experienced team of Edmonton plumbers is the best choice for reliable, safe service with long-lasting results. When it's time for Edmonton gas line installation or other services from the team of experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton, we're standing by ready to get your plumbing system and gas fittings back in perfect working order.

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Our Dependable Edmonton Gas Line Installation Services

When it comes to gas line installation, Edmonton property owners don't have to search for a local fitter to get the job done. Our highly-skilled team of plumbers is more than capable of delivering safe and effective services for pipes of all varieties.

Our licensed professionals can expertly handle services such as:

  • Line installation for a new expansion of your property
  • Installing a new line for property owners who want to switch from electricity or oil
  • Line replacement for a pipeline that has deteriorated or suffered sudden damage
  • Replacement or installation of related appliances

The Edmonton gas line installation process benefits local households by giving them access to a convenient, reliable, fast-acting, energy-efficient fuel source. Because some appliances consume natural gas fuel more efficiently than other types of energy sources like electricity, it can save homeowners money over time by reducing their energy costs. According to the Canadian Gas Association (CGA), natural gas met 36% of energy final demand in Canada in 2021, and was used by two-thirds of Canadians. It can supply energy to a wide range of machines and appliances in your house, such as:

  • Stove and oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • Fireplace
  • Outdoor fire pit
  • Conventional or tankless water heater
  • Furnace and air conditioning
  • Laundry washing machine
  • Clothes dryer
  • Garage heater and deck heater
  • Grill

Trust Mr. Rooter to Handle Your Gas Line Installation, Edmonton

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When you need Edmonton gas line installation, you naturally want the peace of mind that comes with knowing the work is being handled correctly by an experienced, professional service provider. Homeowners and business owners alike can trust the experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton to deliver outstanding workmanship along with a friendly attitude and a respectful customer service experience. We also offer a wide range of fitting and plumbing services such as Edmonton gas line repair, plumbing video camera inspection, sump pump repair and much more.

Frequently Asked Gas Line Installation Questions

Are Plumbers Qualified to Do Gas Line Installation in Edmonton?

Absolutely! In Alberta, most plumbers are also certified to provide gas fitting services such as Edmonton gas line installation, and our licensed plumbers are no exception. We have all the certification, licensing and experience we need to carry out safe, effective gas line installation for residential and commercial properties.

Can Switching From Electricity to a Natural Gas Line Installation Save Money?

It is possible that switching over to a new fuel source with an Edmonton gas line installation could save you a significant amount of money over time. That may seem counterintuitive at first, because of course you have to pay for natural gas just like you have to pay for electricity or other energy sources. The difference is that heating appliances are able to use natural gas far more efficiently than other types of fuel.

According to the CGA's natural gas facts, it had the lowest "delivered cost" of any energy form in 2021 at just $12.05 per gigajoule (GJ). Electricity had a delivered cost of $38.69 per GJ, propane rang in at $36.72 per GJ, and the delivered cost for heating oil was $31.89 per GJ. Just a glance at those figures really illustrates the dramatic difference in cost versus the other three energy forms listed. Of course, the practical difference in cost after Edmonton gas line installation will also depend on the type of appliance or machine that you are switching to a new energy form. Your HVAC system is likely your household's biggest energy consumer by far, so switching it to a new fuel source would make a more noticeable difference than switching a machine that never used much energy to begin with.

Do I Need a Permit for Edmonton Gas Line Installation?

The City of Edmonton does require permits to install, alter or relocate this type of equipment. However, as a property owner, you don't have to worry about permits for Edmonton gas line installation. The work can only be done by a licensed mechanical contractor such as the reliable plumbers at Mr. Rooter, which means we are responsible for pulling the required permits. We have plenty of experience with municipal and provincial permits and safety code requirements, so rest assured we'll take care of it so you don't have to deal with that paperwork. You can also rely on us to meet or exceed all municipal and provincial safety and building code regulations, as we value a safe workplace and always deliver the best quality results.

Call Your Local Mr. Rooter Plumber for Edmonton Gas Line Installation

If you live in Gold Bar, Brookside, Aspen Gardens or another part of the Edmonton area and need line installation or dependable plumbing services, look no further than the team of experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton. Contact our friendly customer service staff to find out more about what our experienced plumbers can do for your property, or to schedule a convenient service appointment.

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