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The internal canister of a water softener system lying near a group of large salt crystals after it has been removed for water softener repairs in Edmonton, AB.

The prairie provinces are known for their dryer and temperate climate, especially in wintertime. Edmonton gets the worst of the woes as a more northern city. But did you know that your skin’s dryness and lack of moisture may be due to hard water? Hard water rinses the natural oils away from your skin, leaving it flaky, dry, and irritated. But you don’t have to live in a desert and be desperate for your oasis when an Edmonton water softener repair ensures your water is always as soft as you need it to be.

Your qualified and licensed Edmonton plumber will give your softener system a tweak to let supple water flow through the floodgates of your faucet once more. If your pipes suffer from limescale deposits and calcification problems that leave behind residue on dishware or appliances, you will prosper from getting your softener unit fixed and restored to pristine condition. Surprisingly, having a water softener installation is not a luxury these days but a necessity, as it preserves the lifespan of your plumbing system by preventing hard mineral deposits.

Our uniformed, professional team will arrive promptly to reboot and calibrate your system for a water softener repair. Edmonton homeowners will no longer have to entertain the thought of an uncomfortable shower with help from the team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton. Contact us today to speak to our customer service team and learn more about our plumbing services.

What Is A Water Softener Repair & Why Is It Significant?

From healthier and glowing skin to less wear and tear on your kitchen and water-based appliances there are numerous advantages to asking for an Edmonton water softener repair. Nowadays, plumbing repairs are not exactly a privilege but a necessity for any modern property owner. That’s especially the case if you aim to remove any hard mineral deposits from your home’s freshwater supply lines. The main purpose of a water softener system is to prevent any limescale deposits, specifically calcium and magnesium, alongside other minerals from your tap water. A water softener is an ion exchange unit that contains resin beads which in turn attracts minerals to swap them out for sodium and potassium thereby decreasing the likelihood of critical damage to your plumbing fixtures. Overall, calcium and magnesium in your freshwater are measured in kilograms or grams per liter of calcium carbonate. For example, if the level of mineral hardness clocks in around 80 to 100 mg/L, you can still safely consume the water nor will your pipes rust over. But if the level increases beyond 200 mg/L, your water quality has taken a nosedive, and although you can still safely drink, cook, and bathe with it, it’s an indication that you require an Edmonton water softener repair. We recommend not to be complacent or risk being exposed to the brittle texture of hard liquid. If anything, an Edmonton water softener repair is a worthwhile investment and so long as you practice routine maintenance a single unit can outlast for up to two decades.

Types of Systems Mr. Rooter Plumbing Can Fix with Water Softener Repairs

We offer repairs on a wide range of Edmonton water softener repair units backed by our quality workmanship guarantee, including:

Reverse Osmosis

The most common filtration system purifies your water via a semipermeable membrane, drastically reducing all contaminants and hard minerals, including calcium and magnesium, which are flushed down the drain, leaving you with a clean freshwater supply for drinking water. For those of you who prefer freshwater of the less salty variety, reverse osmosis is a good choice. The only downside is that most common reverse osmosis units only operate through one faucet.

Sodium Free Softeners

This unit uses potassium instead of sodium, and in doing so, conditions the water by crystallizing the mineral buildup through neutralization. This prevents hard minerals from clinging to your dishes, laundry, skin and plumbing, and any other surface in which hard water can cause a buildup and scale over.

Dual-tank Softeners

This consists of two tanks so that while one is regenerating, the other one takes over as a backup. As a result, you have access to soft water 24/7 as it’s a more efficient unit that uses less salt and energy to filter and has consistent quality. It works all the same as its single-tank counterpart which sieves hard water through a resin bed so that the particles stick and attach to the resin bed only to be replaced by soft sodium ions. If you’re living with multiple family members or for health reasons cannot afford the downtime of experiencing hard water during the regeneration period this is your best option.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure which type of water softener you have. Our expert technicians will be able to determine exactly what you need to get your system up and running with professional Edmonton water softener repairs in Edmonton.

Types of Water Softener Components

Generally speaking, there are three key components within a water softening unit that work in tandem to remove hard minerals from your water supply, manage the flow of liquid, and even clean the system through the regeneration process. Our expert and experienced plumber will initially conduct a thorough assessment of your current system for an Edmonton water softener repair. You can rest assured that your freshwater supply is in safe and trustworthy hands.

Control Valve: This is the gateway that controls the flow of water into and out of the resin tank. After the resin beads have been depleted as calcium and magnesium have reached their maximum capacity to absorb it will automatically trigger the regeneration cycle.

Mineral Tank: At first, your home’s water supply passes through the mineral tank of the softener unit, which contains a bed of negatively charged resin beads. In doing so, this will counteract the hard mineral deposits within the liquid itself, which are positively charged, therefore neutralizing the water supply.

Brine Tank: This is where the actual regeneration process takes place as the brine tank contains a concentrated salt solution that filters out your water supply. As the resin bead reservoirs have been completely used up, the solution will begin to trickle into the mineral tank via the control valve. Due to sodium having a negative charge its overall goal is to replenish the resin beads so that calcium and magnesium ions, which are both positively charged, are once more attracted to them.

By now you can tell this is a detail-oriented process and each component works intricately within the system itself, so an Edmonton water softener repair is not just another plumbing quick-fix that you can do on your own. It requires the manual dexterity and tactic of an expert plumber who will conduct a thorough inspection before completing the Edmonton water softener repair. Clients can even ask about upgrading their current system to a salt-free or magnetic unit to accommodate their healthy lifestyle including dietary preferences or also a dual-tank for their larger family size.

Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing’s Water Softener Repair

A plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing carrying tools used for water softener repair in Edmonton, AB.

Your home’s freshwater is literally your lifeblood and perhaps the most worthwhile investment in both your physical health and your home’s property value. We are blessed to live in Canada where our freshwater reservoirs are well stocked, so it’s important to ensure you always get the most out of systems that support your water with services like professional Edmonton water softener repair.

Our professional plumber at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton will give you the best advice for system repairs, maintenance, and installations that align with your budget and pre-existing health conditions. For example, we can help you pick the recommended unit for those who want less salt intake.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Softener Repair in Edmonton, AB

What Are Some Telltale Signs I Require Edmonton Water Softener Repair?

  • Clogs that result in blockages
  • Chalky residue on dishware, cutlery, and glassware
  • Faded and scratchy laundry
  • A major change in water pressure levels
  • Fluctuating water pressure
  • Motor failures within the unit
  • Expired resin beads that are no longer effective
  • Salt bridges crusting within the brine tank
  • Dirty filters
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Leaks

What Are The Numerous Benefits Of A Water Softener Repair?

Edmonton residents deserve a freshwater oasis, so don’t delay and ask for much-needed plumbing repair service. Our trained plumbers can perform minor tweaks by correcting loose nuts and bolts to doing a total overhaul of the system itself. They’ll even adjust to the appropriate and standard settings for your water softener system by checking both the water hardness level and regeneration timing–something you cannot toggle haphazardly.

Here are some of the many benefits of an Edmonton water softener repair service:

  • Healthier skin and scalp, including less dryness
  • Fewer water stains on dishware
  • Cleaner, softer clothes that don’t fade in color
  • Reduced chances of water streaks on water-based appliances
  • Improved flavor in your cooked dishes due to boosted flavor of ingredients
  • More lather for your soap and shampoo
  • Less soap scum buildup
  • Prevents calcium and limescale deposits on your plumbing fixtures which helps them last longer
  • A more robust plumbing system due to reduced chances of discolored rust and corrosion
  • Lengthen the lifespan of your kitchen appliances including your hot water kettle, slow cooker, blender, etc.
  • Better energy efficiency and lower monthly utility bills
  • Environmentally-friendly as it reduces the time needed for appliances to operate

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Water Softener?

On average, a water softener is a worthwhile investment as a single tank and electric power water softener can last well past a decade.

How Does A Water Softener Preserve My Home’s Plumbing?

A Water softener prevents pipe corrosion as it transforms your home’s hard water supply into soft water. A water softener then helps to prevent damage to your home’s plumbing system by removing excessive hard minerals from your freshwater supply, including calcium and magnesium. And so, your pipes are left less exposed to damage and also less susceptible to debris buildup and clogs. Plus your water’s texture will vastly improve and feel lighter, fresh, and cleaner on your skin.

What is the Basic Upkeep My Water Softener Requires?

For basic maintenance, you should ideally refill your unit's brine tank every couple of months or as required. The brine tank is where the salt is stored in the softener. It doesn't hurt to check the components more frequently though to ensure the salt is wet and covered in water.

How Often Should a Water Softener Regenerate?

Newer high-efficiency units monitor water usage so they only regenerate when they need to, these systems are much more efficient on both salt and water usage. Older technology uses a schedule to determine when to regenerate, this can end up being quite wasteful or not regenerate often enough for your home’s usage.

Is a Water Filtration Better than a Water Softener System?

Many people don’t realize these are two entirely different systems and are not substitutes for one another but rather complements. You’ve probably seen the standard store-bought Brita water filters you can attach to your faucets, but filters like these have nothing to do with softening your water.

A water softener system conditions hard water to remove magnesium and calcium from the water so it can’t deposit as limescale in your pipes and fixtures. A water filtration system removes chemical contaminants to prevent waterborne diseases including bacteria and viruses like sediments, fluorides, THMs, volatile organic compounds pesticides, and more.

The best-case scenario would be for homeowners to install both types of systems—a water softener and a water filter—which can work together to give you a freshwater supply that is free of toxic pollutants and destructive limescale deposits.

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