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Are you experiencing a plumbing disaster in your Edmonton home? Or maybe you’ve purchased a new fixture that you aren’t sure how to install on your own. Need drain cleaning services due to a clogged drain, no problem! Whatever it may be, the local Edmonton plumbers at Mr. Rooter are who you need to call to get peace of mind. Our licensed plumbers are experienced and trained to handle any sort of plumbing issue you may be experiencing in your Edmonton home. You’ll want a certified plumber that’s able to guarantee the work done and the parts used in your home. Mr. Rooter Plumbing Edmonton has a strong commitment to excellent service and wants to ensure that you have a positive experience despite the plumbing issues happening in your home.

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Not Your Average Edmonton Plumbing Service?

Mr. Rooter Plumbing Edmonton has a team of experienced plumbers who are ready for your call 24/7. The hiring process isn’t haphazard. Our Edmonton Plumbing team ensure that each of our plumbing staff is well educated, properly trained and is fully certified. Only the best will make it through the hiring process. We do this because we want to ensure that you, the customer, are receiving the best possible service and that it’s trustworthy. Having the right local Edmonton plumbers for the job is also why we’re able to provide you with a plumbing guarantee on all the work we perform in your home or business.

Our plumbers come to your door in a recognizable uniform so that you're confident about who you're letting into your home. We look forward to getting the job done right and will always place our guarantee on all the parts and service we provide. This means that you can feel confident about the future of your home's plumbing. Here are some other ways Mr. Rooter Plumbing Edmonton demonstrates that you're in the hands of experts:

  • Commitment to Trust - Mr. Rooter Edmonton plumbers are here to serve you in your time of need. We know home emergencies can be a stressful time for you and your family or business. What we want is to make your experience as easy as possible. Mr. Rooter Plumbing Edmonton has a commitment to honesty in pricing and services and we’ll stay once we’re done to explain the work completed. Even though you’re experiencing a tough time with your Edmonton home’s plumbing, you’ll feel supported and safe with the trusted help of our licensed plumbers.
  • Scheduled Service Appointments - Don’t you hate having to wait at home throughout a window of 5 hours for a service appointment? At Mr. Rooter Plumbing Edmonton, we know how negative of an impact that can have on your overall experience and we schedule real appointment times with you and will try our best to stick to them! If we end up falling behind schedule, we’ll call you to let you know so you aren’t left in the dark. We know that you have a busy day and a plumbing issue only adds to everything you’ve got on your plate. Our scheduled plumbing appointments are one of the ways that we relieve the added stress that a plumbing disaster may bring.
  • Fully Certified Plumbers - You’ll never have to worry that someone unqualified is working on the important inner workings of the plumbing of your home. Only a fully certified plumber is able to detect all the issues along with their sources that occur in your home's plumbing. Mr. Rooter’s licensed Edmonton plumbers can actually guarantee the work done in your home because they truly know what they’re doing. Don’t entrust such important work to anyone without the proper training - your home is your castle and our plumbers will help keep it that way.
  • Upfront Pricing - Nothing is worse than budgeting for work being done on your home only to learn that the service cost much more than had been discussed. That’s why Mr. Rooter Edmonton works at flat rates and our plumbers will quote you according to the exact needs of your home. You don’t have to worry that you’re being overcharged and we will not add on any hidden fees after the job is done! The price will be agreed upon in advance so you’ll know exactly what’s being done and how it is being priced.
  • Your Home Will Be Kept Clean - Our plumbers keep your home in the same condition it was found. They’ll clean up any mess they’ve made before they go. Mr. Rooter Edmonton plumbers also make sure to protect your floors so that no outdoor dirt enters your home. We don’t think it would be fair to leave you cleaning up a mess that we left behind - especially since a plumbing emergency is already stressful enough. In short, we treat your home the same way we’d want to see our own be treated.
  • No Question Left Unanswered - Before leaving your home, Mr. Rooter plumbers make sure that you are comfortable and clear on the work that was performed in your home. If there is any maintenance associated with the changes in your plumbing, Mr. Rooter plumbers will stay until you feel at ease. Our plumbers are happy to listen to questions and explain their work to you. We don’t undervalue the importance of maintaining you plumbing and that’s why our plumbers want to ensure that you’re aware of the role you play in preserving the health of your home.

  • Commitment to Service - Mr. Rooter Plumbing Edmonton's goal is to provide you with the best experience possible despite the stressful time you may be undergoing. That's why all of our staff are committed to excellent service. We train our staff to help you in the most courteous and effective way possible in your time of need. From the moment you give us a call, right until the very moment we are leaving your home, we'll provide you with friendly and accurate service every step of the way!

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Why Mr. Rooter Plumbing Edmonton is the Right Choice for Your Plumbing Needs

We know that a plumbing emergency can be a stressful time for you and your family, and we’re here to help. Mr. Rooter Plumbing Edmonton wants to ensure that your experience is a positive one despite the circumstance. Our plumbers want to leave you with a sense of relief and certainty that your home has been taken care of the right way - it’s our guarantee. Our Edmonton plumbers are also here to serve you 24/7. It’s very rare that a burst pipe waits to wreak havoc until after the statutory long weekend. Because unexpected problems can happen at any time, Mr. Rooter Plumbing Edmonton comes to your rescue, whether it's in the middle of the night or even during a holiday. Give us a call any time at (780) 429-3600. You can feel safe when Mr. Rooter Plumbing Edmonton has your back.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you charge overtime?

Never! We don't believe in charging you overtime. Gaining your trust is much too important to us and that’s why we agree on finishing a particular job, not on spending a certain window of time in your home or business. We believe this gives you the certainty that our Edmonton Plumbers will be efficient and get the job done right the first time. This way, your valuable time isn't wasted and we ensure that your plumbing will be quickly back in working condition for you to use.

Are ALL of your parts and workmanship really guaranteed? No loopholes?

Yes, we really do guarantee the work we do in your home as well as all the parts. Our Edmonton Plumbers are so well trained and experienced that we never worry about the work they do in the homes of our Mr. Rooter customers. Our system works because of the skillful plumbers we have on board and the advanced tools that they use. They'll also come to your home with quality parts if anything needs replacing. We ensure that the parts being used in your home have a good track record and high-performance ratings before ordering them. The combination of knowledgeable staff and quality parts is what makes our offer of a guarantee possible. What does this mean for you? A risk-free transaction and total peace of mind - if anything goes wrong you won’t be left stranded on your own.

How accurate are your estimates of the final bill?

Our estimates are the final bill. For most issues, we can come in, assess the situation and give you a quote on the spot. Because we work at flat rates, our plumbers are very easily able to determine what the fixing of your problem will cost. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing Edmonton, we always make sure to give you an exact estimate before we begin any work. And then once we're done, you can be sure that the bill will be in the exact amount discussed beforehand. We won't inflate the cost after performing the service - our plumbers stick to their word!

I want to make the right decision. Do you have any references?

We absolutely do and are more than happy to supply you with them. Check out a full list of local Edmonton plumbing reviews here. These testimonials speak for themselves. We're grateful for our customers who were happy enough with our plumbing services to go out of their way and leave us some kind words about their experience!

What should I expect when I call a Mr. Rooter Plumbing Edmonton plumber?

First off, one of our plumbers will schedule a designated time to come to your home and stick to that appointment time. Our Edmonton plumbers come to your home in full uniform so that you know exactly who is at your door. Before starting any work, Mr. Rooter plumbers will confirm the cost with you so that you are fully aware and agree on the work that will be performed in your home before it starts. Once our plumbers have finished up the job, they'll clean up after themselves, replace any furniture that may have been moved and make every effort to leave your home in the exact condition it was found (other than your newly fixed plumbing!) The bill that you receive will be in the exact amount that was agreed upon before performing the work, so you can be confident that there won't be any surprises. Before our plumbers leave your home, they will make sure that you are totally comfortable with using any new fixtures and will demonstrate any new maintenance necessary for the newly installed plumbing in your home. Mr. Rooter wants to leave you confident in knowing how to take care of your home - and for anything you can't do on your own, we're there to help you with our fully guaranteed work.

How far outside of Edmonton are you willing to travel?

We are more than happy to come to your service throughout all of Edmonton and will extend into surrounding areas as far as Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Sturgeon County, Fort Saskatchewan, Devon, Leduc, Spruce Grove and Stony Plain. Give us a call and we will gladly let you know if your home or business is within our reach.

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Scheduling an appointment with Mr. Rooter Plumbing is simple and easy.

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Experience the Mr. Rooter difference today. We aren't your typical plumbing service - we go the extra mile to you leave you happy and comfortable with our work. What’s more important - we sincerely care to perform the job right and to leave you happy despite your plumbing emergency. Mr. Rooter’s 46+ years of experience have fostered our excellent reputation in the community and we’re going to keep it that way. If you're experiencing any sort of plumbing issue in your home or business, give us a call at (780) 429-3600 anytime. Yes, anytime - we're here to serve you day or night, 24/7, even on holidays. You'll be glad to have made the right choice with Mr. Rooter Plumbing Edmonton!

Customer Reviews

  • “Josh was amazing, very friendly and helpful.”

    - Lealia F.

  • “These are good people working hard to make sure the job is done right, so I'm certain I'll call these guys again should I need any more plumbing help.”

    - Katherine L.

  • “Most helpful answering our questions, advising us on what needed to be done and what it would cost.”

    - Kit H.

  • “Above and beyond the call of duty as far as I am concerned. The technicians are informative and honest.”

    - Chris W.

  • “Very professional and explained our situation in simple layman's terms.”

    - Tim Z.

  • “Went above and beyond. Again, thank you!”

    - Richard M.

  • “Highly recommend Kris Johnson to take care of your plumbing needs.”

    - Tony G.

  • “They got the job here done well and in good time – all the while demonstrating good humor and thoughtfulness.”

    - Pamela B.

  • “Friendly, professional and went above and beyond what I expected to ensure I was a satisfied customer.”

    - Debbie M.

  • “Very informative and the job cost a lot less then I expected! I highly recommend Mr. Rooter!”

    - Kyle L.

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Our Photos

  • Sewer bursting - pipe coming in through the front window at a customers home in Edmonton

    Sewer bursting - pipe coming in through the front window at a customers home in Edmonton

  • Backwater valve installation at a customer’s home in Edmonton

    Backwater valve installation at a customer’s home in Edmonton

  • Hydro scrubbing a clogged drain line in Edmonton

    Hydro scrubbing a clogged drain line in Edmonton

  • Fresh coat of paint on some sewer augers at a customers home in Edmonton

    Fresh coat of paint on some sewer augers at a customers home in Edmonton

  • Sewer roots from a customers home in Edmonton

    Sewer roots from a customers home in Edmonton

  • Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton values our customers experience

    Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton values our customers experience

  • Draining a water heater at a customers home in Edmonton

    Draining a water heater at a customers home in Edmonton

  • Water heater installation in a tight spot at a customers home in Edmonton

    Water heater installation in a tight spot at a customers home in Edmonton