Did you know that we flush a toilet up to five times a day on average? A flush toilet was originally invented in the 16th century and, ever since then, has been our inevitable failsafe for all of our defecating needs. Is it any wonder, then we simply cannot survive with this basic plumbing fixture? Surprisingly 60% of the world still doesn’t have access to this necessary wastewater disposal system. In Canada, we are relatively privileged with our vast access to freshwater reservoirs, including being able to effectively manage our human waste and our advanced municipal sewage system. As such, we must treat our porcelain throne with the respect it deserves, especially by being keen advocates of preventative maintenance through expert Edmonton toilet repairs and replacements.

If any warning signs have cropped up, it may be about time to inquire about a toilet repair. Edmonton homeowners can depend on a qualified, licensed, and fully insured Edmonton plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing for professional toilet repairs, installation, and maintenance services. Responsible homeowners understand their bathroom is more than just a room for their daily grooming needs but a lavish latrine and a safe space for all their self-care needs so they can become the best version of themselves. You ideally envision a clean, hygienic, and sanctuary bathroom area, so they rather rely on a trustworthy plumber for quality workmanship and outstanding customer satisfaction. If your toilet has been out of commission for a while now, and you remain indecisive about whether an Edmonton toilet repair is right for you. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton is an accredited plumbing services provider boasting an impressive track record of having served Edmonton and surrounding areas of Sherwood Park or St. Albert for nearly 20 years and counting.

About Our Edmonton Toilet Repair Process

Depending on whichever type of toilet you own, we will approach toilet repair differently; for example, some toilets have unique parts which are not readily available while others are made with readily available parts that can be sourced with ease.

Types Of Toilets We Handle

One Piece: These toilets are less common than two-piece toilets and consist of a tank and bowl attached together as one unit. It’s durable and robust but they can be challenging to work on. They allow for cleaning to be a breeze as it’s not as susceptible to accumulated debris. They tend to be somewhat more expensive than their two-piece counterparts, and they can be more difficult to install due to their bulkiness, so they may not bode well for smaller bathrooms.

Two Piece: The tank and the bowl come as separate pieces, and because they are detachable, they can be easily disassembled. It’s durable, and lightweight and allows for customization options for a different style, can be adjusted for height, and is more readily maneuvered around a tight-knit space. It’s less expensive too. The only drawback is that a two-piece toilet is slightly less sturdy than a one-piece version and can break easier than a one-piece due to the tank being bolted to the bowl. Plus, it’s more difficult to clean and attracts more accumulated debris and bacteria in the extra space between the tank and the bowl.

Wall Mounted: This is not as commonplace but is another option, nonetheless, as the toilet is directly affixed to the wall with the tank portion tucked away neatly behind the wall. Thanks to its minimalist design, it’s easier to maintain and clean and can be adjusted according to height. Although beware, given the extra effort for installation, it does have a higher price tag. Generally speaking, you would only put in a wall-mounted toilet if that was what you already had in place.

Toilet Components

Ballcock Or Refill Valve: Also known as the float valve, this is the component responsible for refilling the water tank and stopping it from overflowing and back-flowing at the same time. Every time you flush the toilet, the fill valve refills the tank automatically. The fill valve itself is located on the water supply pipe, which is attached to the bottommost side of the toilet’s tank. Due to wear and tear from our hard water, the refill valve needs to be replaced every few years.

Flush Valve: This component is in charge of expelling the contents of the toilet into the main drain or your household’s sewer system through a drainage pipe. As the name suggests, each time you press down on the toilet’s handle, water bursts into the bowl simultaneously. A flush valve, too, can deteriorate and needs to be replaced every handful of years, similar to the refill valve. Lately, if you’ve noticed fluctuating water levels inside the bowl, including too much or too little remainder of water after each flush, it may indicate that this component is busted

Flapper: A toilet flapper is the portion of the toilet that forges a seal at the bottom of the toilet tank, keeping the water in there until you flush. And so each time you flush, a bobbing rubber tank ball or flapper will, by default, lift and allow water to rush into the bowl. Over time a flapper can fall into disrepair and show signs of hairline cracks, fractures, rust, corrosion, and of course, the worst-case scenario of a leakage. A leaky toilet flapper will allow extra water to spew into the bowl of the toilet, drastically increasing your water consumption by hundreds of gallons per year. If you hope to avoid expensive utility expenses, an Edmonton toilet repair is your best bet.

Flush Handle: Straightforward enough, this is the lever you press down on to trigger your toilet’s flush mechanism. Usually, the handle’s nut is the cause of a wobbly and loose toilet handle and needs to be turned clockwise with an adjustable wrench until it’s securely fastened. If that’s not the case, the handle may be too tight and stiff due to accumulated debris, including limescale buildup.

Base: The bottom portion of your toilet is bolted to the ground with a couple of bolts known as tee bolts. If they happen to be loose, the toilet will be off balance and wobble in place.

Why We Are Your First Choice For Edmonton Toilet Repair Services

Don’t let your porcelain throne become a leaky cauldron! If you’ve found it troublesome to deal with a faulty toilet that has fallen into disrepair from leakages to no longer flushing at all, you are best advised to opt for a professional toilet repair. Edmonton property owners can expect our trusty plumbers to arrive promptly and unformed for their service appointment, and please note that we always clean up after ourselves and dispose of the rubble at the proper facilities. From shower thoughts to toilet reflections during your downtime, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton is here to the rescue for all your residential and commercial plumbing needs.

Our expert and experienced team members always take the time to genuinely listen to your concerns by offering long-lasting and effective solutions for toilet repair. Edmonton homeowners can expect our professional plumbers to be well-equipped with the skillset, techniques, and knowledge for a standard toilet repair, no matter the curveball. Besides taking advantage of our transparent, upfront, and flat-rate pricing, you will also benefit from our one-year parts and labor guarantee. Plus, we can even accommodate any last-minute emergencies as we understand that a runny toilet tends to occur at the most inopportune of moments, such as during the holidays and long weekends.

FAQs About Toilet Repair: Edmonton, AB

Why Is A Toilet Repair A Necessity?

Many Edmonton residents remain indifferent to a busted toilet and only address the plumbing problem when it’s become a full-blown crisis through a flooded-out bathroom. It’s essential to refurbish your toilet if it has become damaged, as you are also susceptible to being exposed to a potential sewage backup in which raw and contaminated wastewater is hurled back into your home. During a professional toilet repair, Edmonton homeowners can expect us to tweak loose nuts and bolts, including the fill valve, flapper, or refill valve. Sometimes too, a toilet repair is a more worthwhile investment than a brand-new replacement, especially if you’re not looking into major upgrades such as swapping out a one-piece for a two-piece toilet. Although a generic toilet can last upwards of a handful of decades, it also depends on the quality of the installation job, the durability of the toilet’s material, and your effort toward the toilet’s proper upkeep, including routine maintenance, and water quality. It’s best not to downright ignore an Edmonton toilet repair as apart from being exposed to a bathroom floodwater chock-full of bacteria, pathogens, and contaminants, you also increase the likelihood of soaring monthly utility bills due to your excessive water consumption from a faulty toilet. Sooner or later, your home’s energy efficiency will plummet, as, on average, a leaky toilet can waste up to 200 gallons or 757 litres of water per day. Yikes! By opting for a competent toilet repair, Edmonton clients can rest easy knowing their household’s dirty and used water is being readily expelled to the sewer atop of saving big bucks on inflated utility expenses–a win-win solution.

What Are the Warning Signs I Need Toilet Repair in Edmonton?

  • Random puddles around the base of the toilet
  • Hairline cracks and fractures
  • Discoloured rust and corrosion
  • Loose toilet handle
  • Odd hissing or bubbling sounds
  • Foul odours
  • Frequent clogs
  • Consistent leakages
  • Wobbly toilet
  • Fluctuating water levels in bowl and tank

How Often Does A Flush Valve Need To Be Replaced?

Ideally, you must replace this component every 6 to 7 years to ensure your toilet remains fully functional and efficient. The most obvious sign that your flush valve is broken is if water continues to run in the toilet. So long as you repair or replace specific parts of your toilet, you will rarely, if ever, require a costly and brand-new replacement toilet.

What Are The Reasons For A Weakly Flushing Toilet?

  • Solid blockages or clogs
  • Worn-out or damaged flapper
  • Blocked out rim jets
  • Malfunctioning float
  • Problem with the handle and chain

Avoid Recurring Issues With Our Edmonton Toilet Repair Service–Call Us Today!

Edmontonians and surrounding neighbours in Riverbend, Mill Woods, and St. Albert can only go so long without a sanitary latrine, so don’t procrastinate and ask for an expert toilet repair. Edmonton homeowners will benefit from improved comfort and livability alongside pocketing the extra cash they save on their utility bills.

Go ahead and reach out to our courteous customer contact representatives, who are on standby. Get your broken toilet back on track today! Whilst you are there, inquire about our other residential and commercial plumbing services, from drain cleaning to clogged drains and frozen pipe repair. We cordially invite you to call us, and we anticipate your response!

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