Brookside's homes are at a critical period for their plumbing systems. Most of those residences were built between 50 and 60 years ago, during the sixties and seventies. Even many of the newer buildings in Brookside were only built as recently as the eighties. Those older homes are reaching the maximum lifespan of some of their essential systems.

There are many different types of household plumbing fixtures and pipes, but few of the older models have lifespans that exceed 50 years. Galvanized steel water lines — which were common during the fifties and sixties, only last from 20 to 50 years at most. Cast iron drains, which were also a popular material choice during Brookside's early days, generally only lasts for an extra 25 years — assuming corrosion doesn't erode the pipes even sooner. The lifespans of most fixtures are typically much shorter.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton, our certified plumbers provide a wide range of services for homeowners in Brookside. As your local professional plumbers, we're dedicated to keeping you safe from the effects of aging plumbing and sudden emergencies in new systems. If you're unhappy with the state of your existing plumbing fixtures, drains, and pipes, we can help!

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Our Brookside Plumbing Repair Services Include:

Plumbing systems are more likely to break as they get older, but even newer fixtures aren't indestructible. Toilets, taps, and other fixtures all have a surprising number of weaknesses. They're really only designed to handle waste and water. Anything else will inevitably start plugging them up, which leads to many other branching problems. Professional plumbing repairs are the best solution for faulty pipes and fixtures.

Leaking Faucets

A slow drip should never be ignored. Every Edmonton plumber knows that wasted water leads to higher bills. If that little water leak gets worse, it could lead to significantly higher utility costs. Constant drips also increase your risk for slowly building water damage near that faulty fixture.

Failing components are the most likely cause of a leaky faucet. Faulty O-rings, valve seats, cartridges, and washers are all problems that lead to leaks — and they're usually repairable. Improper installation is another issue that affects some Brookside homeowners. In many cases, professional repairs from a licensed professional will correct an improper installation.

Running Toilets

Leakage between your toilet tank and the bowl below is an important issue to fix. This type of leak puts you at risk for severe property damage caused by water pooling near your toilet.

Fixing a running toilet is no problem for an experienced plumber from our team. We know all the problematic parts that could create constant flow, and we'd be happy to help anyone in Brookside repair or replace those failed components.

Leaking Pipes

Much like other plumbing problems, even a pinhole leak in a copper pipe is serious. A hole no larger than an eighth of an inch, barely bigger than the tip of a pen, could release up to 14,000 litres in just twenty-four hours. That water leak might add as much as 50 dollars per day to your bill — and it will definitely lead toward costly damage.

The sooner you fix a leaky pipe, the safer you and your home will be. There are temporary solutions that anyone in Brookside could use to slow the flow of a leak, but that issue will still get worse over time. A permanent solution — provided by a knowledgeable expert — is absolutely necessary if you want it fixed right.

Drain Cleaning Services

Every section of a sewage pipe, from the tops of your drains to the underground sewer laterals that connect to public mains in Brookside, should be clean and clear. Even a little clog could be a big problem. Blockage in your sewer main could affect every other drain in your home. That's why routine drain cleaning is so important. Our Brookside plumbers use a wide variety of solutions for dealing with clogged drains and cleaning drain lines. There won't be an ounce of debris left after we're done clearing your lines.

Why is Drain Cleaning Important for Brookside Buildings?


Older pipes are more likely to suffer blockages than newer lines. That means all the older homes in Brookside are susceptible to a variety of issues caused by clogs — especially those with pipes made of cast iron or galvanized steel. Older materials are less resistant to corrosion than PVC, copper, and other new alternatives. As those pipes rust over from the inside-out, they fill with debris that completely blocks all flow.

The flow in drains is something that naturally gets worse over time. Debris continuously clings to pipe walls with each flush of your toilets, sinks, and other fixtures. Some debris is worse than others, but even normal waste — like soap scum, hair, and minerals in Brookside's water — create stubborn clogs if enough time passes. Thorough cleaning from a professional plumber will help ensure you never suffer from the negative effects of blockage.


One of the great things about living in Brookside is easy access to Whitemud Creek. The ravine provides excellent opportunities for daily recreation, weekend fun, and tree growth. As those tree roots stretch below the surface of Brookside properties, they're naturally drawn toward buried pipes.

If roots find your pipes, it’s because they are leaking into the soil. The roots will find their way into that leak and start growing into the pipe, which causes clogs and will also damage the pipes even further. Inside your lines, they continue growing and spreading, creating a net that catches debris and causes frequent clogs.

Even those homeowners who live further from Whitemud Creek are still at risk. All it takes is one tree to cause grief in a sewer. There are few homes in Brookside without at least one or two verdant trees sitting within their property lines.

If you're suffering from the effects of plant growth in your buried pipes, we're here to help! There's a reason we’re called Mr. Rooter. We have the tools to deal with extensive tree root penetration.

Emergency Plumbing Services

As Brookside's expert plumbers, we know that a plumbing emergency could happen any time. An early-morning shower could be enough to break a faulty water heater, and disastrous clogs don't wait until business hours to cause a sewage backup. The most reliable plumbers in Brookside are always available to provide emergency service.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton isn't just your local daytime Brookside plumber. We're your dependable 24-hour plumber! Our team is always available to save people in Brookside from a plumbing disaster. Whether you need hot water heater repair or sewer line service, we're here for you 24/7 — at no extra charge.

Emergency Warning Signs:

  • Sewage backups

  • Flooded basement drainage

  • Multiple clogs

  • Large leaks & puddles

  • Revolting sewer smells

  • Rusty mildew odours

  • Gurgling noises

  • Permanent puddles in your lawn

  • Isolated patches of especially healthy grass

  • Higher bills

  • Dripping moisture stains

  • Complete loss of water

Trenchless Sewer Services

Did you know that it's possible for a plumber to fix buried broken pipes with minimal disruption to nearby structures and landscaping? If you've ever seen repairs for a major plumbing disaster, then you might have noticed massive trenches being dug to access, investigate, and repair an underground plumbing issue. That invasive digging is avoidable — with the right tools and techniques.

Trenchless repair technology makes it possible for a plumbing company to complete major repairs without destroying the well-groomed landscaping of your lawn or causing additional damage to nearby structures. The efficient equipment used for trenchless repairs also reduces the labour and time required for repairing a broken sewer line. In many cases, our trenchless repairs take less than a single day!

Do You Want High-Quality Brookside Plumbing Service?

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton provides efficient, guaranteed plumbing service for installations, repairs, maintenance, and emergencies. If you're looking for a Brookside plumber, call us. We proudly serve communities across Edmonton — and even nearby cities!

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