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Edmonton Water Softener Services

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Water softener systems aren’t as common in Edmonton as they are in other Albertan towns and cities, but they should be. Edmonton homeowners often find themselves dealing with dry hair and skin, unsightly spots on their dishes, and unrelenting scale build-up. These issues are due to a high concentration of calcium and magnesium in Edmonton’s water supply. By taking advantage of our Edmonton water softener installation service, you will get rid of those spots for good, improve the health of your skin and increase the value of your home all in one go.

Your Edmonton plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton will help you find the right softening system for your home! Get your new unit installed efficiently and correctly, and schedule regular tune-ups to ensure you can enjoy soft water's benefits with little maintenance for as long as possible.

Why You Need a Water Softener in Edmonton

Compared to other major cities in Alberta, like Calgary and Red Deer, very few Edmonton homes have water softeners. Up until recent years, the city of Edmonton softened the water supply so that residents did not have to, but in 2000, Edmonton’s public water softening process was stopped as part of a plan related to meeting enhanced water quality regulations.

Water hardness, or the concentration of minerals like magnesium and calcium in the water supply, is measured in two ways:

  • Concentration of calcium carbonate in milligrams per litre (mg/L)
  • Concentration of calcium carbonate in grains per gallon (gpg)

Depending on the season and day, Edmonton’s tap water hardness ranges from about 9 - 20 gpg. Water is considered to be ‘hard’ when it falls in the 8.4 to 12.6 gpg (or 120 to 180 mg/L) range. Thus, Edmonton’s supply is classified as moderately hard. Although Edmonton’s supply isn’t as hard as Calgary’s or Red Deer’s, it still has a very noticeable effect on many parts of your day-to-day life.

The first way hard water makes itself known is by reducing the lifespan of your appliances and plumbing infrastructure. High levels of minerals have a corrosive effect, causing the inside of your hot water heater to degrade. It can also cause scale build-up on the inside of your pipes and taps. Additionally, appliances like washing machines and dishwashers tend to have a shorter lifespan when repeatedly exposed to hard water.

Secondly, hard water reduces your overall comfort. For example, it can be bothersome to unload a dishwasher full of dinnerware and cutlery that are covered in white spots. You may also find yourself frequently wiping spots off chrome plumbing fixtures. Those with sensitive skin may also find that hard water causes dry skin or even itchy skin.

By installing a softening system in Edmonton, you can reduce the water hardness level of your tap water in your home to improve your comfort and increase the life expectancy of your appliances.

Our Edmonton Water Softener Installation Service

Water softener installation is not as easy as popping over to your local hardware store and connecting a single hose—softeners are much more complex than this. There are a few main components to a standard salt-based softener, including:

  • Mineral tank. As your water supply enters your home’s softening system, it passes through the mineral tank, which holds tiny negatively charged beads called resin beads. Hard mineral deposits in hard water are positively charged and are thus attracted to the negative charge of the resin beads.
  • Control valve. When resin beads can no longer hold any more calcium and magnesium, this valve will initiate what’s called a ‘regeneration cycle.’
  • Brine tank. This tank is used for regeneration. Within this tank is a concentrated salt solution that is pulled into the mineral tank by the control valve when resin beads need to be restored. Sodium is negatively charged and works to restore the negative charge of the resin beads so that magnesium and calcium are attracted to them once again.

When shopping for softeners, there are three other products you may come across:

  • Salt-free systems
  • Magnetic systems
  • Reverse osmosis systems

Both salt-free and magnetic systems are unlikely to be effective at all and are very controversial within the plumbing industry. Any chemist will tell you that nothing is as effective in softening your water as a traditional salt-based system. And while reverse osmosis systems are effective at removing minerals from water, they're also very expensive to install as a whole-home system. If you're interested in softening your household water and want to purify your drinking water, consider getting a traditional whole-house system softener and a reverse osmosis system under the kitchen sink. One of the reasons why reverse osmosis water is recommended for Edmonton homeowners is to remove additional contaminants of concern, such as chlorine and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Our licensed plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to install all brands and types of softener systems. We will help you decide on the right softener system for your needs and your home, and we can install it quickly, efficiently, and properly so that you can start reaping the benefits of soft water as soon as possible. For more information on water softener installation in Edmonton, check out our guide to water softener installation or feel free to give us a call at 780-429-3600.

Maintaining Your Edmonton Water Softener

Unlike many other plumbing fixtures and systems, softer water comes with very little maintenance! Most of the work comes in the installation stage, as you’ll need to make adjustments according to water hardness level, regeneration timing, and the number of people in the household. Calibrating these settings on your own is a challenging process, making it a great idea to hire one of our professional plumbing experts to do the calibration instead.

After installation, it’s a good idea to check your tank now and then for any unwanted build-up and clean accordingly. The cheapest rock salt tends to contain impurities that could result in build-up over time, while evaporated salt is the purest—but also the most expensive.

The Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton Difference

Our expert plumbing team is passionate about providing the best plumbing services at the most competitive prices, from preventative maintenance to cutting-edge repair services. As a Neighborly company, we operate on three key principles: integrity, respect, and customer focus. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with the quality and outcome of our services, which is why we’re proud to offer a parts and workmanship guarantee.

Plumbing installation and repairs are an investment, and we strive to give our customers peace of mind that their investment will produce quality results. All of our plumbing professionals are highly experienced, licensed, and insured, so you can rest assured that you and your home are fully protected.

Edmonton Water Softener FAQs

What Is The Average Cost Of A Whole-House Water Softener System?

When it comes to plumbing and home services, the answer to questions about cost is almost always the same—it depends.

The average cost will vary depending on the brand and model of softener you choose, your home’s condition, and whether or not there are additional plumbing modifications that require adjustment before installing a softener.

Salt-based softeners generally cost anywhere from $800 to $3500. Though these upfront costs may seem hefty, remember that water softener installation in Edmonton will increase the longevity of your appliances, thus saving you money in other ways.

What Is The Best Water Softener On The Market?

While your specific needs will determine which type of softener is the best for you, it generally comes down to two factors: whether it’s a high-efficiency water softener and its overall value.

Looking for systems with features such as smart re-optimization of regeneration cycles can help you limit the amount of salt you need to buy.

What Size Of Water Softener Do I Need For A Family Of Four?

To determine the correct softener size for your household, take a look at your past water bills. This will help you determine roughly how much water your household uses per day, on average.

Next, take the number of grains per gallon in Edmonton’s water supply, and multiply it by the number of gallons that your household uses each day. For example, if your family of four uses 300 gallons per day and your water has a hardness of 9.6 gpg, your softening system would need to remove 2,880 grains per day. For a unit that regenerates weekly, multiply this by seven days. This gives you a value of 20,160 grains per week, meaning you would need a softener that is rated for at least this much.

But here’s the catch—picking a unit that has a rating similar to your calculated needs means you’ll have to use more salt. Picking a unit that handles about 10,000 grains or more than your calculated number will reduce your spending on salt. A 32,000-grain softener is, therefore, a great choice for a family of four.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Water Softener?

The amount of time it takes to complete an Edmonton water softener installation will depend on the type of unit you choose and whether or not your plumber encounters setbacks during the installation process. Most homeowners find that their licensed plumber spends between two and three hours installing their system when all goes to plan.

If you were to install a softener on your own, it would likely take you considerably longer.

Can I Drink Softened Water?

Absolutely. Depending on your preferences, you may find you enjoy the taste of your tap water more with magnesium and calcium removed. While there are higher levels of salt in your softened drinking water, the amount of sodium is very small. Unless you have a health condition that requires you to heavily limit your sodium intake, drinking softened water is perfectly safe.

Edmonton water treatment information will help you learn more about how water is treated and what types of minerals and contaminants can be found in your softened water supply.

How Long Do Water Softeners Last?

As long as you perform occasional maintenance to keep your softener functioning properly, it should last somewhere between 8 and 15 years, depending on the model you choose.

Water softeners can also be serviced and repaired if they start to show signs of aging. Our Edmonton plumbers can assess your softener to determine whether repair or replacement is your best option.

Do Water Softeners Add Value to Edmonton Homes?

While there aren’t any concrete statistics for the city of Edmonton itself, research across the United States and Canada as a whole shows that softeners can increase your home’s value by several thousand dollars or more.

Edmonton residents are beginning to see the benefits of softeners now more than ever before, making them more in demand than they once were. If your softener is in great condition when you go to sell your home, you may be able to use it to increase your list price.

Can I Install A Water Softener On My Own?

Water softener installation is a tricky business—especially if you’ve never had a softener in your current home before. Installing a system for the first time requires a considerable amount of plumbing knowledge, which many homeowners do not have. If you’re installing a water softener for the first time, we suggest investing in a professional installation service.

On the other hand, if you simply wish to replace your current softener with a new one, and this new unit is fully compatible with your current plumbing, you may be able to do it yourself. If at all in doubt about your ability to complete the installation on your own, we encourage you to reach out to us.

In addition to serving communities across Edmonton, we also proudly provide our services to residents within the surrounding communities of Sherwood Park and St. Albert. To take advantage of our upfront pricing, give us a call at 780-429-3600 or fill out our online job estimate request form to arrange a consultation for Edmonton water softener installation in your home today.
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