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Our home’s freshwater supply is literally our lifeblood as it dictates our daily lifestyle from the very moment we awake from our deep slumber and splash ourselves with a light, refreshing cleansing of our face of built-up residues and oils. To pour boiling water and brew our morning cup of joe too, and of course, end the day off by tossing our dinner leftovers and dishes into the dishwasher to get them spotless. But can you envision what your day in the life of you personally would be if you lacked softened water? Your skin would be pierced and pricked by hard water, leaving it dry, your coffee’s taste may not be as aromatic as its texture is left too bitter, sweet, salty, or sour no matter how much sugar or creamer you add in. And worst of all, you may encounter unsightly streaks on your dishware and need to redo them by hand. Yikes! As for the aftermath, you may even get off-put after discovering limescale deposits on those kitchen appliances you’ve come to love from your slow cooker, blender, kettle, and more, not only shortening their life span but eventually rendering them useless as they quickly deteriorate. Although these may be minor hindrances, you're not exactly making a mountain out of a molehill by asking only for a water softener installation, Edmonton residents aim for the very best freshwater supply, given your life depends on it.

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Edmonton homeowners who are excited about uncovering silky and smooth water from their taps need only ask a local, licensed, and fully insured Edmonton plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton for water softener installation. Edmontonians will wonder why they didn’t ask sooner!

What Is A Water Softener System And Why Is It Essential?

A water softener system is a house filtration system that removes calcium and magnesium minerals from your freshwater supply, thereby removing its hardness. These limescale deposits are the ones causing the ruckus in your plumbing fixtures and wreaking havoc on your daily routine. By removing these minerals, there is a reduced strain on your plumbing pipes and we receive liquid that is safer for consumption and daily chores and grooming. Typically, calcium and magnesium in your freshwater supply are calculated in kilograms or grains per liter of calcium carbonate. Once the hardness level reaches around 80 to 100 mg/L you can safely consume the water, plus around any rust in your pipelines. But if you tally past anything beyond 200 mg/L this should be on your radar as your water’s quality has become lackluster. A water softener serves as an ion exchange unit that contains resin beads that catch calcium and magnesium minerals and substitute them for sodium or potassium, and in doing so armors your plumbing fixtures from damage. For example, you reduce the likelihood of encountering a nasty clog that would otherwise block out your drain lines all due to softer water.

By signing up for a water softener installation, you only receive an abundance as there are many advantages, from soft and supple liquid to healthy and glowing skin, tastier meals, and dishware and appliances that last longer. You can even get the best of both worlds by pairing up an Edmonton water softener installation alongside a water filtration system for maximum benefit receiving both a freshwater supply that is of a lighter texture and free of pollutants and contaminants that sieve through the municipal water supply system. Nowadays, a water softener installation, Edmonton homeowners must note, is not exactly a privilege but mandatory as aside from boosting your daily eating and grooming routines, it also strengthens your home’s plumbing system by removing hard mineral deposits. Despite it all, if you’re indecisive about committing to this useful upgrade, go ahead and schedule a no-obligation consultation in which we can customize a solution based on your personal preferences and budget. And after that, if you remain indecisive regarding a Edmonton water softener installation, remember we only offer transparent, upfront pricing backed by a one-year parts and labor guarantee. If your water softener system malfunctions within that timeframe, we will return and make the proper adjustments.

Our Enduring Edmonton Water Softener Installation Services

As a locally owned and operated business, we showcase an impressive record of nearly 17 years and counting, having served Edmonton and surrounding areas Sherwood Park or St. Albert with the trifecta of superior products and services, quality workmanship, and outstanding customer satisfaction. We always strive to actively listen to our customer's pain points and offer authentic and effective solutions for a water softener installation as our experienced team members are well-equipped with the skills, tactics, and know-how as Edmonton water softener installation is their area of expertise. Our professional plumbers always show up unified and prompt and even accommodate your busy schedules, especially 24/7 emergency services. We always clean up after ourselves after a work shift and dispose of the rubble at the proper facilities.

How Do We Conduct Water Softener Softener Installation?

Types Of Softeners

Generally speaking, a water softener installation, Edmonton property owners should note, will last around two decades before it goes kaput. But of course, this all depends on if you participate in the proper upkeep of your plumbing system, including routine maintenance through an annual professional inspection and cleaning of your water softener system. Oftentimes, it’s more economical to get a water softener installed over a repair. Lately, if you’ve noticed telltale signs including but not limited to the following, it may be well worth getting a Edmonton water softener installation:

  • Change in taste or texture in your freshwater
  • Limescale buildup in your water-based appliances
  • White crust around faucets
  • Yellowish stains around plumbing fixtures, including drains and faucets
  • Lower water pressure
  • Watermarks on dishes and cutlery
  • You find soap is not getting a bubbly lather
  • Your clothes feel drab, scratchy, and fading

Reverse Osmosis: This system refines liquid via a semipermeable membrane and lessens any hard liquid which contains hard minerals, including calcium and magnesium, by opening the floodgates to clean sodium-free drinking water. The great aspect of a reverse osmosis system is that it by far filters the most contaminants and provides better quality water for cooking recipes. The only downsides are it’s a more expensive option, that it potentially removes vital minerals from the water resulting in a more acidic pH environment and it’s more wasteful of liquid during the purification process and overall not an eco-friendly option.

Sodium-Free Softeners: Similar to reverse osmosis, its salt-free counterpart, utilizes potassium instead of sodium to filter liquid. It crystallizes the mineral buildup through a neutralization process, readily preventing hard minerals from clinging to your skin, scalp, dishes, appliances, or any other surface.

Dual Tank Softeners: This consists of two tanks, for example, one tank is normally regenerating and another backup that is recycling serves as extra support. Incredibly convenient, it allows you to have unrestricted access to softer liquid and being more efficient uses much less salt and electricity to filter out water. It performs similarly to its single-tank counterpart and uses the same procedure of sifting out hard liquid through a resin bed. Particles attached themselves to said resin bed within the system are instantly swapped out by soft sodium ions. We recommend this for a Edmonton water softener installation, especially if you have more family members and cannot afford to take a hiatus and use hard liquid temporarily as your water softener system recharges.

Types Of Components

Three main mechanisms altogether form the basic water softener system and remove hard mineral deposits from your home’s freshwater supply, redirect the flow of water, and at times even clean the system itself through a built-in regeneration process. Although our expert plumber cannot make these components more super effective than they already are, these are the basics for a water softener installation, Edmonton clients should take note of the following:

Control Valve: This serves as an automatic gateway of sorts that controls the flow of liquid into and out of the resin tank. After the resin beads have been filled to their brim and exhausted by absorbing calcium and magnesium, they will launch the regeneration cycle.

Mineral Tank: Your freshwater will also roll through the mineral tank. This is a standard part of any water softener system as it contains a bed of negatively charged resin beads. This will counteract the hard mineral deposits within the hard liquid, which are positively charged, thereby neutralizing the solution.

Brine Tank: The regeneration process takes place here. The system’s tank contains a concentrated salt solution which trickles down in the mineral tank through the control valve after the resin beads have been used up. Because sodium has a negative charge, the overall goal is to restore the freshness of the resin beads so both calcium and magnesium, which again are positively charged, are attracted and attached to them once more.

Why We Are An Excellent Choice For Water Softener Installation in Edmonton

We never recommend sacrificing your freshwater supply which not only boosts your physical and mental health and wellness but is your daily lifeline. Everyone deserves clean, light, and freshwater for consumption free of gritty hard minerals. Especially if you’ve noticed as of late, the liquid you pour from your tap first thing in the morning has become cloudy and murky. It's something to be mindful of and it's better sooner rather than later if you ask for a water softener installation. Edmonton clients can depend on our phenomenal Edmonton plumbers so they can get back to enjoying their cleansing routines with more enjoyable spa-esque showers and sitting down to a hearty meal using their kitchen appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Softener Installation

What Is The Downside Of A Water Softener?

There may or may not be a potential health risk for those with restricted dietary preferences, especially those of you who require a low sodium diet, as calcium and magnesium are calcium from your food intake. Of course, there are alternatives, such as sodium-free water softener systems, so those are your best bet for a Edmonton water softener installation.

How Long Does It Take For a Water Softener To Work After Installation?

You are best advised to wait approximately 48 hours after a water softener installation for the system to kick in. Also, you probably won’t notice the full effects of softened liquid for up to two weeks after your Edmonton water softener installation as it takes time for the soft water to remove the old existing limescale from your home and for it to completely be removed.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Water Softener System?

As mentioned above, your water softener system clocks in around 10 to 20 years, depending, of course, on other factors such as the version you buy and your effort and motivation towards routine maintenance.

Release Sleek And Smooth Freshwater With A Mr. Rooter Water Softener Installation!

We all want our personal care routines to pamper and comfort us at the end of the day and the last thing anyone wants is scathing, hard water penetrating your skin, jolting you awake, and wreaking havoc on our household plumbing fixtures and appliances. So be proactive and be eager about water softener installation. Edmonton residents will find their senses revitalized. So be sure to reach out to our courteous customer service representatives for an innovative Edmonton water softener installation for a healthy lifestyle. We’d be happy to advise you on our other useful plumbing services, from drain cleaning to water heater installation and frozen pipe repair.

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