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When you live in one of the country’s most flood-prone cities, you likely want to participate in flood mitigation strategies. This begins with maintaining a healthy plumbing system and taking any protective measures available to reduce the risks of house floods, sewage backups, and many other plumbing issues. However, when disaster strikes when you least expect it, you want the peace of knowing that you have a dependable Edmonton emergency plumber. With their number on your speed dial, you’ll probably realize that they’re one of the most important contacts you’ll ever need.

Reliable emergency plumbing services are hard to come by unless you have a local Edmonton plumber whom you can trust. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton, emergency plumbers are on stand-by. No matter what day of the week or what time of the day. Our experienced plumbing professionals have seen it all, and when we tell you that we have “been there” and “done that,” we mean that we’re familiar with every plumbing issue that exists. Still, each situation is so unique that we always learn something new that we add to our preventative maintenance services. This way, we’ll be able to educate our community about precautionary steps should they ever need an Edmonton emergency plumbing service. The truth is you can’t talk about preventive measures enough.

Our goal is to ensure that our community is safe with healthy plumbing systems and protective devices that follow local building codes and the Alberta Plumbing Code. In case you are unsure about the current condition of your household pipework, contact us today to schedule an inspection appointment.

Trust Our Edmonton Emergency Plumber For Reliable 24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Service

Every homeowner in Edmonton is conscientious about property maintenance, timely repairs, and flood prevention programs. EPCOR Drainage Service has various flood prevention programs to help residential and commercial property owners with drainage and lot grading improvements. It involves a series of preventative maintenance that our expert plumbers in Edmonton are able to help you with.

While mitigation projects are designed to reduce the risk of severe damage and safety issues, you will still need a reliable 24-hour plumber for emergency repairs. There is a wide range of emergency services we offer to our community, and some of the most common ones include:

Emergency Burst Pipe Repair

Unless the pipe burst occurs somewhere you can see, you may not know until some damage is done. A leak behind concrete or drywall is not something you can quickly detect. And it may not be until you notice a musty smell or an increased water bill that you realize you must take immediate action. Visible water stains on your ceiling or wall are easy to confuse with a potential roof leak. So, we recommend that you turn off your water shut-off valve to see if water is still running or leaking. If not, you have a plumbing leak that requires an emergency plumbing repair. 

Wet spots in your basement often indicate a slab leak where plumbing lines underneath your concrete slab have suffered from damage due to shifting soil. This is a serious form of water leak that requires a team of Edmonton emergency plumbers to utilize one of many possible repair methods to restore your pipe’s condition.

Although many people connect a pipe burst to a water line break, the same could also happen to your sewer system. When no visible occurrence is evident, you may not view it as an emergency plumbing situation. But our Edmonton emergency plumbers highly recommend that you pay attention to the following warning signs:

  • Drop in water pressure
  • Discolored water from tap
  • Leaky pipes
  • Watermarks on walls, ceiling
  • Musty smells, mold growth
  • Wet patches in the basement
  • High energy bills
  • Clogs and backups
  • Pest infestation

The sooner you call a licensed plumber in Edmonton to investigate these telltale signs, the more likely you are able to prevent needing an emergency plumbing service.

Sewer Backup Service

There are two major causes of a sewer backup—clogged drains in the household or an overwhelmed city sewer system that pumps household sewage back to properties. Although the former may not sound as bad, it could result in serious problems. Busy households are recommended to schedule a drain cleaning service at least once every two years to prevent drain issues. Warning signs that you may have a clogged drain include slow drainage, foul odours, sink flies, and recurring clogs. If you find yourself using the plunger and drain snake more often, you likely have an underlying issue further down the drain that concerns your sewer line. If flushing the toilet suddenly results in an overflow and causes other drains to back up, call for emergency plumbing services right away.

A more serious situation is when heavy rainfall overwhelms the city’s sanitary sewer lines and major clogs occur. When wastewater has nowhere to go, it will be pushed back to your sewer lateral and household drain lines. In order to prevent that from happening is to install a backwater prevention valve that prevents sewage backflows. According to the Alberta Plumbing Code and Standards, residential and commercial buildings are required to have a backwater valve to protect against sewer backup. As these mechanical devices deal with some nasty stuff, routine plumbing maintenance is essential to ensure they’re in good working order.

Basement Flood

The two points mentioned above are some of the main causes of a basement flood. But there is also another more concerning reason. With the North Saskatchewan River running through the city, Edmonton is one of the major cities that is at high risk of flooding, and heavy rains could escalate the situation. During plumbing maintenance, our professional plumbers always highlight the major risks involved and encourage every residential homeowner to take necessary precautions. Some include installing and maintaining protective plumbing devices, such as the sump pump, backwater valve, and perimeter drains. Another essential thing to do is basement waterproofing, which is recommended every five to ten years, including annual inspections. It’s important to fix foundation wall cracks and floors cracks right away before water can seep through. Basement waterproofing also involves securing your window well, top of foundation, and any porous concrete.

Depending on the severity of a flood in the city, there is no guarantee that your basement is entirely safe. However, with effective waterproofing, a well-performing sump pump, and perimeter drains, you can rest assured that they will mitigate the situation. In the event of a basement flood due to failing systems, trust your Edmonton emergency plumber to arrive promptly with the tools and expertise to mitigate the flood.

Other Emergency Plumbing Services:

  • Frozen pipe repair
  • Tree root intrusion in sewer system
  • Water main break
  • Hot water tank leak

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton For Emergency Plumbing Service?

Since Mr. Rooter Plumbing’s foundation in the 1970s, it has grown into one of North America’s top-rated home service franchises. Our strong brand is defined by our dedication to our customers and the difference we make in our community. Every Mr. Rooter Plumbing location is a locally owned and operated plumbing business.

Learn what makes us stand out from the competition:

Certified Plumbers

We only hire certified technicians who are highly skilled and trained plumbers. Our experienced plumbers are fully insured and licensed to work on residential and commercial properties. So you can rest assured that our technicians are legitimate and trustworthy, as well as courteous and mindful when they enter your property. Building a high level of trust and ensuring your safety is our top priority.

Guaranteed Workmanship and Parts

Every service request, including emergency plumbing services, comes with guaranteed workmanship. Not only does it mean you’ll get excellent workmanship and a parts guarantee, but we’ll also go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. Any labour includes a one-year warranty, whereas replacement parts have their own warranties. But should anything not meet your standards or expectations, count on our skilled plumbers to return to get the job done right. That’s why we have the Done Right Guarantee®! 

Superior Customer Service

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we care about creating a welcoming and friendly environment, starting from your initial phone call. Being able to empathize with your situation brings us one step closer to understanding your problem. We are committed to quick response times, whether it is picking up the phone or arriving to your scheduled appointment on time. Greeting you courteously with a smile builds a high level of trust and optimism and ensures a professional service ahead. We care about exceptional customer experiences, which is why our dedicated plumbers will always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Upfront Pricing System

When did you last hire a low-quality contractor whose goal was to rip you off during a service call? Perhaps you didn’t know who else to call at the time, so they seemed to be your last resort. You can tell that contractors lack transparency when they don’t talk about budget prior to a project start.

Even when you hire Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton’s emergency plumber, we make sure you get a cost estimate in advance as we send out our technician. We care about providing our customers with a transparent upfront pricing system that includes all the major details of work to be done. More importantly, we do not charge overtime fees, as it would defeat our prime purpose of serving our community. Your safety is our priority, which is why we offer 24-hour emergency services.

Edmonton Emergency Plumber FAQs

Will Home Insurance Cover A Plumbing Emergency?

Many home insurance policies cover accidental water damage and nothing more, though it will depend on your exact home insurance policy. Damage caused by a busted pipe, drain clog, or similar, that requires an Edmonton emergency plumber may or may not be covered by your insurance policy. We highly recommend that you revisit your insurance policy and chat with your agency in more detail. After all, Edmonton has a high flood risk, so you want to be prepared should an emergency occur and cause extensive damage.

What Are the Main Causes of A Plumbing Emergency Besides Flood?

Property owners in Edmonton are always advised to stay on top of their pipework by scheduling annual inspections and maintenance. Taking immediate action during the first warning sign will also help reduce the risk of serious future issues. Besides heavy rains, floods, and sewer backups, here are other causes of common emergencies:

  • Frozen pipes due to poor insulation and thermostat set too low in unheated areas. If you have piping in your crawl space or unfinished basement, insulating them could prevent this issue. Otherwise, our Edmonton emergency plumber will help you with frozen pipe repairs.  
  • Hot water heater issues during the winter months are the last thing you want. Serious issues include leaks, especially around the tank. That indicates interior corrosion due to age or sediment buildup. After a detailed inspection, our Edmonton emergency plumber will be able to tell if a replacement is needed.
  • An overflowing toilet could be an indication of a sewage backup and needs an immediate mitigation service to stop it from worsening. Otherwise, you risk having wastewater ruin your nearby structures and promoting mold growth on non-waterproofed surfaces.

Stay Safe and Prepared with Our Dependable Edmonton Emergency Plumber!

Whether you have an emergency situation or want to learn more about what our Edmonton emergency plumbers can do for you, contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives.

We proudly serve our local residents of Edmonton and nearby neighbours in Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Riverbend, and beyond.

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