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A stack of blue PVC pipes used for water line replacement in Edmonton, AB.

We are blessed with ample freshwater in Canada, possessing up to 20% of the world’s usable supply, plus water is now considered the so-called new oil due to increasingly becoming scarce and precious. That’s just one reason everyone should be mindful of their home's freshwater supply and know who to call when they need an Edmonton water line replacement in Edmonton, AB, or a nearby area.

It’s not only puzzling to replace a ruptured water line but it can be hazardous to your safety and health. If you suspect even an inkling that your pipes are beginning to deteriorate, you should ask your Edmonton plumber for a second opinion. The pipes that stream fresh water into your home can last you a lifetime, up to 70 years across the decades, so replacing them is always a worthwhile investment if they’ve been damaged or have begun to deteriorate.

Apart from issues caused by jutting tree roots, sediment buildup, and shifting soil, your freshwater supply should remain free-flowing and contaminant-free. But if you think something is fishy—from discolored water, and foul odors to fluctuating water pressure—don’t delay and relay over to our qualified, licensed, and fully insured plumber at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton to restore your home’s water line to pristine condition. Remember, your home’s fresh water supply is your lifeline and something you can’t survive without.

What to Expect When Getting Water Line Replacement in Edmonton:

Plumbing Inspection And Diagnosis

Performing Edmonton water line replacements or repairs without an inspection is akin to doing them blindfolded. Because your water line is the innermost part of your plumbing system if it’s cracked or corroded it will only cause a domino effect of problems down the line from clogs to leaky faucets. During a routine inspection, our plumbers carefully observe all plumbing fixtures, draining, venting, and filtration systems, supply lines, liquid pressure levels, main shut-off valve, and more. Your technician will give you an official report on future recommendations for repairs and installations.

Here are some of the common techniques your technicians may use for a water line replacement in Edmonton:

Infrared Detection

Infrared thermal imaging is useful for detecting any leakages that may or may not affect the flow of your home’s freshwater supply. We use thermal imaging to detect moisture-prone areas and measure temperatures behind walls and beneath the soil. After compiling the data by measuring the wavelengths, we create a heat map of the different temperature zones around your pipes by showcasing temperature variations and patterns. Your plumber can then designate surfaces exposed to seepage in tandem with the area that is damaged.

Pressure Testing

If the pressure levels have been unstable for your home’s water supply due to a frozen pipe our technician will assess your pressure regulator to confirm it hasn't been meddled with and the settings are set to the standard mode. If you’re still noticing decreased pressure from your plumbing fixtures from your kitchen sink to the toilet it may be due to severe damage in your plumbing lines made worse if it’s frosted over. After a routine plumbing diagnosis and inspection, our qualified Edmonton plumber will take a flow reading and pressure test and will apply other techniques if the location of the damage in the water line will not suffice.

Your Winning Choice For Edmonton Water Line Replacement

A plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing carrying tools used to diagnose pipes and begin the process for water line replacement in Edmonton, AB.

A broken line is not something you should bat an eye at—there are serious consequences that are much more serious than a pesky dripping tap. The last thing you want to discover is no liquid whatsoever flowing from the faucet first thing in the morning. Relying on a skilled, experienced Edmonton plumber is your best bet for avoiding a freshwater crisis.

Mr. Rooter offers only guaranteed workmanship and parts, and ultimate customer satisfaction. Your supply lines should flow as effortlessly as a river stream, so allow our expert technician to take care of your water supply lines with an Edmonton water line replacement. Unlike some minor plumbing tweaks, this isn’t something you can attempt on your own. Safe and sanitary water is your lifeblood for drinking, eating, and washing so if your pipes are defective it’s a cause for concern. Hiring a professional plumber with many years of industry experience is best.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Line Replacement in Edmonton, AB 

What Is The Sole Purpose Of A Water Line Replacement Service?

The main purpose of signing up for an Edmonton water line replacement is to correct any current and pending issues with your water lines that provide your household’s freshwater supply. By replacing your water lines and enabling them to become more streamlined you lower your daily consumption alongside monthly utility bills especially due to pipe leakage.

What Type Of Material Should I Replace My Pipes With?

Since galvanized steel, or iron, pipes easily corrode and result in leaks despite being coated with a protective layer of zinc, most modern homes use copper, PVC, and PEX pipes which are less susceptible to wear and tear and safer for drinking water. Although Edmonton homeowners should be rest assured that an Edmonton water line replacement is usually a once-in-a-lifetime investment with most materials such as copper pipes lasting for 50 years, galvanized steel from 20 to 50 years and PVC can last up to a century due to its material being less vulnerable to discolored rust and corrosion. During your in-person consultation, your plumber can make recommendations on which materials are most suitable for your Edmonton water line replacement.

How Long Will It Take To Replace Water Lines In My House?

Your Edmonton water line replacement depends on two factors: the square footage of your home and the amount of damage. If you have a smaller home for example, a replacement can be done in as little as two days, but a week or so for larger homes. And we will also take into consideration if only siloed areas of the pipe need replacement or the entire pipe network. Also, note that repiping doesn’t mean you won’t have access to your plumbing at all, but there will be no incoming water supply when the plumbers replace the old system with the new one.

Who Is Responsible For Water Lines?

Surprisingly, in this case, you are the homeowner. Many property owners are unaware that water supply lines and lateral or wastewater lines are their responsibility to follow up with a plumber for repairs, including Edmonton water line replacement. Although it’s yet another out-of-pocket expense it saves you from costlier and more tedious repairs like pipeline clogs, leaks, and breaks later on. As a backup, it’s good to review your homeowner's insurance policy to see if it includes coverage for waterline breaks.

Require Edmonton Water Line Replacements? Mr. Rooter Plumber is Raring To Go!

Let your local water guardians open the floodgates for your home! We are of service to all of Edmonton and nearby communities like Sherwood Park and St. Albert. We ensure you’ll have the peace of mind that your water line is rebuilt and rebooted to your needs. Meanwhile, our technician can provide valuable advice for preventative maintenance and a wide range of other plumber services from drain cleaning and clogged drain issues to gas fitting and garbage disposal repair.

Contact us today to learn more about our dependable plumbing services or schedule an appointment if you’re keen on restoring your water line to full operation.

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