There are a lot of big benefits to living in Stony Plain, including respect for history, affordability, plenty of recreational opportunities, and, of course, easy access to all the amenities you need or want, including professional, reliable plumbing services from a trusted Stony Plain plumber.

Your plumbing system is an essential part of your home that provides you with the ability to keep your property and your family clean and comfortable in a convenient, time-saving manner. It's safe to say that no one wants to go back to the days of heating water on a stove to take a hot bath or heading outside to an outhouse in the dead of night when it's -40 C with wind chill. That's why it's so frustrating and sometimes alarming when your plumbing system malfunctions and you need the help of a qualified Stony Plain plumber.

Whether you need a minor fix for a leaky faucet or a complex plumbing installation project done, you can rely on the team of trusted Stony Plain plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton. We have the experience and skill to get your plumbing system back in perfect working order with efficient plumbing solutions so you can get back to your daily routines without inconvenient disruptions.

Reliable Stony Plain Plumbers Near Me

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton is a locally owned and operated business, and as such, we are very proud to provide Stony Plain residents and others in nearby parts of Central Alberta, such as Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, and St. Albert, with outstanding professional service and high-quality plumbing solutions.

It can sometimes be uncomfortable to have someone come into your home and tinker around with your plumbing, but we are committed to providing a safe, worry-free experience by always treating you and your property with respect. We'll arrive promptly for your scheduled appointment, in uniform and driving a marked van so you know who you're dealing with, and we'll be sure to communicate clearly with you and answer any questions you may have. That way, we can ensure that both our quality workmanship and customer service meet or exceed your expectations for services from a courteous Stony Plain plumber.

Residential Plumbing Services in Stony Plain, AB

From repairing dripping faucets and other plumbing fixtures to installing sump pumps and hot water tanks, our experienced plumbers can handle it all efficiently and knowledgeably to leave you with long-lasting, trustworthy results that won't break down in a few weeks or months. When you need reliable home plumbing services, pick up the phone and call your local Stony Plain plumber at Mr. Rooter. We offer a wide range of residential plumbing services. If you'd like to know more, give us a call to speak with our friendly customer service staff, or check out some information below on our popular services in Stony Plain.

Hot Water Heater Installation and Repair

Have you ever gotten ready to relax with a long, hot shower—and then the water turns ice-cold after a few minutes, and you're left standing there with shampoo in your hair? If your water heater doesn't seem to be capable of providing as much hot water as it did in years gone by, that's a warning sign that it needs repair or to be replaced entirely. Hot water is a necessity rather than a luxury in Alberta, so when your water heater malfunctions, you need professional help from a Stony Plain plumber to get it back up and running as soon as possible.

If your water heater isn't giving you even a drop of hot water, you obviously know there's a problem. But sometimes, the indications that something's not right aren't as obvious.

Here are some telltale signs that your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced altogether:

  • It takes a long time to heat up a tank
  • Doesn't provide sufficient hot water
  • Noises coming from the tank, such as gurgling, sucking, buzzing, or rumbling
  • Irregular temperatures (water is intermittently hot and cold)
  • Discolored water that appears brown, rusty, or has particles floating in it
  • Signs of corrosion or rust on the outside of the tank
  • Puddles of water near the tank or visible leaks

If you notice any of these problems, it's time to call a professional Stony Plain plumber to have a look and get your water heater back in good working order with hot water tank repair or replacement. The damage will only get worse if it's neglected, and that can lead to more costly, time-consuming repairs in the future.

Water heaters have an expected lifespan of about 10 to 15 years, depending on whether they are well-maintained over the years and other factors such as water hardness. If your water heater has been around for more than about a decade, it's due to be replaced. That's not all bad news, though—a new heater can potentially save you as much as seven to 60 percent of your water heating costs.

There are plenty of hot water tank choices available, but if you'd like to save the maximum amount on your energy costs, consider a tankless water heater. Rather than continuously heating a big tank of water, which uses lots of energy, tankless water heaters only heat water on demand when you turn on the tap, saving plenty of energy and increasing your energy savings.

Stony Plain Drain Cleaning Services

Smelly, backed-up, clogged drains are a fairly common issue for homeowners in Stony Plain. That's because in many residential buildings, plumbing systems are aging, and that makes clogs more likely to occur. The mineral build-up, soap scum, hair, food scraps, and other materials build up inside drain lines over time, restricting flow and causing blockages to form. With enough time, both internal and external factors put a lot of pressure on pipes, causing severe damage that results in costly plumbing catastrophes.

The best course of action to protect your plumbing system against both minor blockages and major clogs is regular drain cleaning services from a local Stony Plain plumber. Professional drain cleaning is an excellent preventive maintenance option, but it will also take care of removing any current drain clogs that you need to get rid of.

Our drain cleaning methods in Stony Plain include:

  • Video Camera Inspection: Using a video camera on a flexible cable, we get a look at the inside of your affected drain lines to diagnose the nature and location of the problem. This type of camera allows us to look deep within pipes so we can spot potential issues that are building and identify the cause of large blockages.
  • Augers: These are specialized tools that go one step beyond standard drain snakes. Plumbers have manual crank and powered options, both of which allow us to reach deep inside drain lines so we can pull out stubborn materials, creating wastewater backups.
  • HydroScrub® Jetting: Using powerful streams of pressurized water, we can clear out your entire system, from bathroom drains to your sewage mainline. This process restores pipes, removes built-up material, and even destroys tree roots that penetrate buried lines. The result is highly efficient drainage and protection from clogged pipes in the future.

Homeowners sometimes ask our Stony Plain plumbers which chemical drain cleaners we recommend, but the truth is, we generally don't recommend the use of acidic drain cleaners. While it is okay once in a while, overuse of chemical drain cleaning products can eat away at the inside of your wastewater disposal lines and cause them to weaken, creating major issues like pinhole leaks. That's why routine hydrojetting is the better option to extend the lifespan of your drain lines and help you avoid nasty issues with clogged drains.

Leaking Pipes in Stony Plain

Drip... drip... drip... the sound of a water leak can be really annoying, but it's also a major cause for concern. It indicates an issue with your fixtures or pipes that are essentially throwing your money down the drain by increasing your water bill unnecessarily. It could also be a sign that your home is being damaged by leaking water. Plumbing leaks can lead to corrosion over time, causing far more serious damage that could have been avoided with a quick visit from a Stony Plain plumber.

Signs of a leaking pipe in your house include:

  • Dripping sounds
  • Rust on pipes or fixtures
  • Mysterious puddles of water
  • Squeaky faucets
  • Mold or rotting smells
  • Uneven, buckling flooring

Water leaks can seem like they aren't really all that bad, so homeowners sometimes just live with them instead of calling a skilled professional. But the damage can be much more severe in hidden parts of the house, such as under the floor. That's why plumbing leaks are one of the key reasons to call your reliable Stony Plain plumber at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton.

What else to Expect from Your Stony Plain Plumber?

There is a reason why residents in Stony Plain call us their one-stop shop for all their plumbing needs. Besides maintenance and repair, we also specialize in the following services:

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When you need Stony Plain plumbing services, turn to the team of experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton. Our licensed professionals are proud to provide experienced services with top-quality equipment and parts, combined with a firm commitment to customer satisfaction.

Contact our customer support team today to find out more or schedule a service appointment. We are always dedicated to meeting or exceeding customer expectations, ensuring you and your family are safe. For commercial or residential services, count on our experienced professionals to deliver exquisite plumbing solutions.

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