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Edmonton Sewer Line Installation

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While you rely on your drain lines to take away all the wastewater that you create at home, do you ever wonder where it goes first before the city disposes of it for you? Some homeowners in Edmonton get confused about their sewer lines, assuming that the city takes all the responsibility. That’s only partly true. You are responsible for the sewer lines buried underneath your home or yard. All the drain lines in your home, from interior waste lines to the pipes that connect with your sewer lateral, are your responsibility. The city is only responsible for the municipal sewer systems underneath public spaces. That’s why it’s so important to know who to call when you need professional service for sewer line installation in Edmonton.

Every home has at least one sewer line. In multi-person dwellings like townhouse-style homes, there is usually one for each unit, but they are all connected together as well. To say the least, those sewer pipes are made to last and could have an incredible shelf life if you take good care of them, but if you find yourself faced with major damage, or with the challenges of adding new plumbing systems, you'll need to look past simple maintenance and start thinking about the replacement or installation process.

Sewer line installation on a private property includes critical steps, all of which need to be compliant with standard specifications. Whether you’re about to build your dream home or you’re looking to purchase a home that is already built, gathering detailed information on your plumbing system is crucial. For existing systems, you want to know every detail about the sewer pipes’ age, material and last time of service, especially if you find yourself faced with serious damage and in need of new waste pipes.

If you are building your new home or dealing with a sewer replacement situation and want to learn more about efficient Edmonton sewer line installation, your expert Edmonton plumber will be able to answer any questions that you may have. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton, we have all the information and services you’ll need.

Recognized as one of Edmonton's highly respected plumbing companies, our team of expert service technicians is proud to be at your service, from routine maintenance to Edmonton sewer line installation and replacement services.

What Is a Sewer Line?

Also known as “main drain” or “main line,” your sewer line is the ultimate hot spot for wastewater or sewage. Every property has a private sewer lateral (PSL) buried underground. All your home’s plumbing fixtures are connected to secondary drain lines that collect all your wastewater and direct it to that lateral system. Sewer pipes are typically a 4-inch pipe on average (sometimes, 6-inch) and connect with the city sewer, which is situated below your street. As mentioned before, every household is responsible for its own sewer system, from the installation process onwards.

Familiarizing yourself with your main line's location will help you prepare for any unforeseen events in the future. During an appointment for Edmonton sewer line installation service, you and your certified plumber should determine the location of your cleanout. This crucial pipe serves as a gateway to your main line in the event that you need an inspection or another type of sewer service.

Edmonton property owners know that they are responsible for covering the costs of wastewater treatment and drainage executed by the wastewater treatment plant. And if you look closely at your EPCOR bills, you will also see that you pay for drainage services, including sanitary sewer water and stormwater treatment. Although EPCOR provides service and maintenance to these systems, you can always request system improvements from your city.

However, anything related to your private sewer lateral will be your own responsibility; therefore, during Edmonton sewer line installation, you want to make sure all is done right. Fortunately, our team has the knowledge and training to enlighten you about the essentials of hassle-free installation service.

Common Materials for Edmonton Sewer Line Installation

Deciding on the right material can be a headache for some homeowners because you have to take many factors into consideration, such as climate, soil conditions, infrastructure, and trees nearby. Luckily, we know this area well and can help you make a choice that suits your home and needs. Whether we’re replacing an old system or installing something brand-new, you can count on our quality craftsmanship to get it done right the first time.

Older Homes:

  • Clay: Some homeowners underestimate clay’s durability or confuse it with concrete. Clay has a higher density, depending on the pre-treatment it receives. For instance, vitrified clay is a more enhanced version of its traditional counterpart. During production it’s air-dried and then fired in a kiln for over a day. Fired clay, also known as terra cotta, is still used in public sewer mains today, often installed with an additional concrete casing to protect from tree roots. However, older homes are less likely to have this type of enhanced clay.
  • Cast Iron: When first installed, cast iron pipes are at their best and most durable, but over the years they become less durable as they corrode and deteriorate. For that reason, cast iron pipes are generally not used for sewer line installations today.
  • Orangeburg: Orangeburg was used between 1950-1959 in Edmonton and deemed as a “no-corrode” type of pipe, but it has been removed from most approved material lists today because of its high rate of failure. It’s a bituminized fiber pipe made of hot pitch and wood pulp. If your home was built in the 1950’s and you believe you have an Orangeburg system installed, we recommend an immediate replacement. A new Edmonton sewer line installation will ensure no plumbing disaster will happen down the road.

Modern Homes

Although vitrified clay and cast iron are durable materials and bring many benefits, you are more likely to find plastic-based sewer pipes in modern homes. These are much easier to work with and provide just as much efficiency as their former counterparts, which is why homeowners and plumbers choose plastic pipe systems for sewer line installation in Edmonton. The plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing are experts in delivering fast installation and repair services using materials like:

  • PVC: This material is widely used for underground sewer line installation. Edmonton property owners can rely on this 4-inch pipe to carry solid waste matter away from their homes. Compared to alternatives, PVC is easier to cut, more lightweight and easier to install. Furthermore, if you need sewer line replacement but have an existing cast iron system that is still intact, a new pipe lining can be applied to your existing cast iron pipe without requiring any excavation in most cases.

As for the cost of sewer line installation, Edmonton homeowners opting for plastic pipes can't make any better decisions. Thinking ahead helps reduce any potential plumbing problems in the future.

Benefits of PVC For Sewer Systems:

  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Safe
  • Cost-effective
  • Recyclable

Edmonton Sewer Line Installation Process

Typically, sewer pipe installation occurs below the frost line in a slightly sloped trench. That slope is a crucial component to the installation process because it will be responsible for proper drainage.

The important steps for Edmonton sewer line installation include:

  • Determine depth of trench: When deciding on the exact location of installation, it’s important to mind the necessary depth or elevation because the installation depends on your house foundation and parts of the sewer piping will be buried underneath the concrete slab, along with other plumbing lines. The sewer line typically starts where your main line exits the foundation and then slopes downward when connecting to the city main. Your certified Edmonton plumber will use specialized equipment to measure the elevation and ensure the slope is correct.
  • Slope calculation: Once we have determined the required depth, we have to calculate the required percentage of the initial slope. The minimum required as per law is two percent, but it can also be higher. However, you don’t want wastewater to move too fast as it could easily lead to a clog and other problems.
  • Digging and bedding: Unless we’re using a trenchless method for sewer line replacement, a brand-new plumbing installation will likely require us to dig a trench. We’re always careful not to create any severe soil disturbance and do our best to keep the trench as narrow as possible. For bedding purposes, gravel is often used to facilitate the sloping process, whereas soil doesn’t let you maneuver the sewer pipe as easily.
  • Installation: During the installation process, plumbers usually start installing the lowest section first and then work their way up. Sections are typically connected with gasket fittings or solvent glue. To minimize risks of leaks, each section should be equipped with a female bell-end that faces uphill. Additionally, the cleanout installation will take place at the same time here, too.
  • Final inspection: After sewer line installation, it will be necessary to complete a thorough inspection to ensure your sewer piping is well-installed and follows local codes.
  • Backfilling: Once the installation has passed inspection, your plumbers will fill the trench with a layer of sand to protect the pipe, followed by compacted layers of soil that prevent settling.

Pro Tip: During installation, we often suggest considering backwater valve installation on your main line to protect your home from potential sewage backup and flood.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton for Sewer Line Installation?

There's a lot of planning involved before the actual installation process and finding a trusted plumbing company should be on top of your list. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton is a proud accredited local business that has been serving Edmontonians for many years. All of our plumbers are licensed, insured and provide guaranteed parts and workmanship.

Our uniformed professionals will always arrive on-time to your scheduled appointment in a clearly marked company van, showing off Mr. Rooter’s can-do attitude to get work done efficiently and fast!

Sewer Line Installation: Edmonton FAQs

What Is The Proper Slope For The Main Drain?

The standard requirement is two feet per every drop of 100 feet of run. To get the right percentage, you have to subtract the ending from the starting elevation. This will equal out to the drop in elevation. Now, divide the total drop by the entire length of your pipe to determine the ratio for your line.

In some retrofit installations, there is not enough elevation between the sewer leaving the house and where it leaves the property to obtain proper grade. In such circumstances the options aren’t great, but there are options that are available depending on the circumstances.

Are Sewer Backups Less Likely to Happen with A New Edmonton Sewer Line Installation?

The rule of thumb for preventing backups is to treat your overall plumbing system well and know your habits, climate, and area well enough to take preventative measures. Whether your system is brand-new or ten years old, property maintenance will protect you from potential backups.

That being said, if your system is quite old, or if there are other factors on your property that could lead to a backup or damage, a new installation could provide some extra protection against a backup and other types of plumbing emergencies.

In the event of a sewer backup for which emergency plumbing service is required, we always recommend checking with your neighbours to find out if they’re experiencing something similar. This way, you will know if the city infrastructure is at fault for any disruptions or if your own system is to blame.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Sewer Lines In Edmonton?

This highly depends on the type of replacement you ask for and the damage you’re experiencing. Methods that use trenchless technology require less labour and time, and can therefore reduce costs, but trenchless technology is primarily applied to repair services and is only possible if the existing pipe is still intact.

If your main line has suffered from a collapse or is severely corroded, the trenchless method won’t be of any help and excavation is required to remove the damaged line. For this costly repair or replacement service, it will require more labour, time and new materials. Feel free to give our team a call to learn more about pricing on plumbing replacement services.

Need Sewer Line Installation? Edmonton Plumbers Are One Phone Call Away!

Whether you’re in a neighbourhood within Edmonton like Pleasantview or a nearby community, such as Sherwood Park or St Albert, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton is here to bring you peace of mind, whether it’s checking the condition of sewer lines, providing drain cleaning service, or meeting your needs for emergency plumbing service.

No matter what your needs are for plumbing repairs, pipe replacements or installation, our team will get the job done! As a locally owned and operated business, we strive to provide residential customers with the best plumbing repair services, from drainage issues to sewer line repair.

Call 780-429-3600 to schedule a convenient appointment with our excellent customer service team or learn more about our professional plumbing services.
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