Edmonton Leaking Pipe Repair

Have you noticed the signs of a hidden leak in your home? Is there a puddle growing beneath your kitchen sink? Water leaks should always be fixed as soon as possible. Even a minor leak is a major problem. Without a timely Edmonton leaking pipe repair service from a licensed plumber, your home will be at risk for serious complications and future plumbing emergencies.

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Leaking copper pipes with a hole no larger than a grain of rice will still waste as much as 3,000 liters in a single day. A hole only three times as large, barely bigger than a pea, will waste over ten times as much water — and cost as much as an extra $100 per day. Those higher water bills aren't the only concern for Edmonton homeowners with hidden leaks — 30,000-liter leakages result in massive water damage and significant repair costs. Our greatest fear is such a leak occurring when nobody is home to notice it, as the damage could be staggering.

Our Edmonton plumber at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton is here to save you from leaking pipes! Every licensed plumber on our team provides thorough inspections and reliable repairs for pipe leaks — and all other kinds of drips and drops. We're here for you whether you have a leaky pipe below your sink or a buried slab leak. We're even happy to fix your leaky faucet. Your Edmonton plumber is ready to provide outstanding plumbing service — any time you spot the signs of leaking pipes.

Our Services for Leaking Pipe Repair: Edmonton

Some of Edmonton's leaking pipes are easy to spot, but not all of them are so obvious until warning signs seep through the surface or you have your annual plumbing maintenance and inspection service coming up to detect it early enough before damage occurs. Even a burst pipe could be challenging to see — especially if it's located under your foundation.

Our Edmonton leaking pipe repair services begin with a full inspection. In this case, plumbing inspection usually includes specific leak detection techniques. Inspections are quick and easy for clearly visible leaking valves, connections, and fixtures. For liquid seeping behind walls, underground, or below your slab, it might be necessary to use a plumbing camera, acoustic listening, and thermographic imaging equipment to find the leak.

Plumbing repair services begin after the initial inspection. Our certified plumbers in Edmonton utilize a wide range of tools and techniques for fixing a broken pipe. In some cases, adding a new sealant may only be necessary. It may be required to replace or reline entire sections for severe damage. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton, leaking pipe repairs are completed with advanced solutions, and we always pick an option that's guaranteed to be highly effective. But don't worry; hidden drain pipes can sometimes be repaired without excavation!

Potential Leaky Pipe Repair Techniques Include:

  • Trenchless repair methods, such as pipe lining or pipe bursting, to replace damaged sections underground
  • Replacing sections of pipe that have failed
  • Replacing valves, washers, hose clamps, and other faulty components

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing for Leaking Pipe Repair Services?

Looking for a local, experienced plumber in Edmonton? Your search ends here with Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton, the leading plumbing company! Our dedicated team of knowledgeable plumbers is always prepared to tackle leakage-related situations.

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Mr. Rooter Plumbing upholds our Neighbourly Promise, where a job is considered complete only when it's done right. With our Done Right Promise®, we take pride in delivering excellent workmanship and ensuring your utmost satisfaction. Knowing that every task is efficiently and correctly executed, you can have peace of mind.

Trusted and Experienced Professionals

When you choose our plumbing services, you can trust that you're in the hands of trusted and experienced professionals. Our team consists of experienced technicians who are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We meticulously select the best plumbers, ensuring they possess extensive training, licenses, and insurance, providing you with complete confidence in our plumbing company.

Flexible Appointment Scheduling

We understand that your time is valuable, and you shouldn't have to rearrange your schedule for us. That's why we offer convenient and hassle-free appointment times. Our plumbing experts are courteous and respectful, arriving promptly and completing the job efficiently, working around your availability.

Transparent, Flat-Rate Pricing

We believe in transparency, so we provide upfront and clear pricing to eliminate any unexpected costs. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton, we prioritize your happiness, assuring you that the quoted price is the affordable price you'll pay. Moreover, we never charge overtime fees, so you won't face penalties if a job takes longer than anticipated.

We are well-versed in all aspects of water and waste issues that affect people in Edmonton, and we have a solution for each situation. It's our mission to save Edmonton's residents—and homes—from all potential damage and plumbing issues. Whether you need a scheduled appointment like drain cleaning or emergency services for a pipe burst, we can help!

By choosing our team, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Prompt service, always on time
  • Upfront estimates
  • Flat-rate pricing
  • Safe, worry-free repairs
  • Fully licensed, insured plumbers
  • Guaranteed workmanship and parts
  • Our complete satisfaction guarantee
  • Convenient appointment times
  • No overtime charges or hidden fees

Don't hesitate to reach out to Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton for all your plumbing needs!

Frequently Asked Questions About Leaking Pipe Repairs: Edmonton, AB

Leaking pipe repairs can be complex, so our professional technicians are here to answer any questions you may have. Our leaking pipe repairs in Edmonton can occur on the surface or underground.

What Are The Warning Signs of a Leaky Pipe?

A plumbing leak could cause one — or many — of several different complications in a single plumbing system. You should investigate every unusual plumbing problem, but some specific signs point people toward likely leakage.

  • Puddles: Usually near the base of faucets, around toilets, tubs, or showers, in the cabinets below sinks and water tanks, and anywhere on the floor around plumbing fixtures or exposed lines.
  • Dripping sounds: Constant tapping echoing from bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms, or anywhere else with plumbing fixtures — even inside walls. Note that even leaky faucets should be thoroughly examined.
  • Higher bills: Any constant flow of wasted water will inevitably increase utility bills in Edmonton. Leaking pipes not only cause you to lose gallons of water, but they will also cause water damage to any nearby structures. A qualified plumber will complete a professional leak detection service to locate the leaking pipe.
  • Squeaking taps: Faucets that squeak or become difficult to turn often suffer from sediment buildup or an inherent problem from hardness deposits in the faucet.
  • Ticking or banging noise: If you hear ticking when you turn your taps, or if you hear loud banging inside your walls — which is often called water hammer — you may have loose pipes inside the walls, which could eventually get damaged from the constant movement damaged joints connecting your lines, which could also lead to liquid escaping from those connections.
  • Uneven tiles: Bumps in the tiles around your toilet, shower, or kitchen backsplash can be signs of damaged water lines and drain lines — or other hidden problems.
  • Low water pressure: If water is escaping somewhere else along your lines before reaching your taps, it will seem like you have reduced pressure, but the actual issue could be a hidden leak in your water supply.
  • Unpleasant odors: Musty, damp smells are common signs of leakage somewhere in your home, but you should also investigate any other rotten, stinky odors in your bathroom, kitchen, or other areas with drainage.
  • Leaking hose bib: Your outdoor faucet is an important fixture that requires annual maintenance, but maintenance needs, such as draining and turning off the shutoff valve, often must be addressed. In the worst-case scenario, hose bibs cause frozen pipes and water line leaks and can even contaminate your supply if you don't have a backflow preventer at home in Edmonton. Our leaking pipe repair technicians recommend winterizing your hose bib.

What Causes Leaky Pipes?

There are many possibilities for what might cause leakage. The causes of dripping lines have as much to do with location as they do with the possible plumbing threats that affect homes in Edmonton.

Leaking Pipe Causes Include:

  • Frozen pipes: In Edmonton's cold winter climate, frozen pipes are a constant threat, and expanding ice is a common culprit for broken water supply pipes. Many homeowners in Edmonton only realize their frozen lines are broken once water starts seeping out of areas where it shouldn't be melted; ice starts seeping out of cracks.
  • Blockage and backups: A clogged drain or deep sewer line clog could send wastewater back toward its source. If there are no other means of escape, or if the pressure builds enough, that sewage might start creating cracks for an easy exit.
  • Weak pipe joints: The parts that link different sections of pipes and redirect water or waste throughout your home are vulnerable to the effects of temperature and high pressure. If they become weak enough, they could release fluid into nearby areas.
  • Loose connections: Over time, it's possible for the rubber sealant inside connections to wear down and loosen. Those seals also exist — and wear down — inside fixtures and appliances like faucets or washing machines. Worn seals often cause puddles to appear around hose connections, lines, and valves.
  • Corrosion: If you live in an older Edmonton home with pipes made of galvanized steel or copper, you're at risk for corrosion, leading to leaking. Corrosion is also an issue that affects some water heaters. While pipe repairs and fixture replacement are both options for dealing with corrosion, re-piping your home with PEX is also great for lasting protection.

Who is Responsible for Leaking Pipe Repairs in Edmonton?

In Edmonton, homeowners are responsible for every plumbing fixture within their property line, from the tiniest valve to the most extensive line. That includes the sewer laterals that sit below ground. You don't have to worry directly about public service lines, but anything within your property lines — above or below ground — is considered your responsibility, including your in-home water pipes.

How Do You Tell Where a Water Leak Comes From?

If you suspect a hidden leak on your property, close all water-using fixtures and check your water meter. If a meter continues running while everything is closed, that means there's a problem somewhere in your home's plumbing.

Finding the exact location of hidden leaking pipes in hard-to-reach areas requires specialized equipment and techniques. All Edmonton homeowners should look for warning signs if they suspect the worst — and call a plumber if they find any.

How Do You Stop Leaky Pipes?

Leaks always require repairs. Sometimes, it's possible to repair isolated sections of pipe or replace smaller sections with a slip coupling. If you suffer from frequent leaks, replacing entire lines with newer, safer piping might be more beneficial.

Will Leaky Pipe Repairs Protect Me From A Replacement?

Leaky pipe repairs can often prevent the need for a complete replacement, depending on the severity and extent of the damage. Repairing a leaky pipe in a timely manner can help address the issue before it worsens and causes more significant damage to your plumbing system or property. However, it's important to note that a replacement may be necessary in some situations.

Patching a line with plumbing epoxy putty, tape, or clamps is possible. However, those are all temporary repair measures. They'll only work for a limited amount of time and won't stop that issue from worsening. While the specific repairs for a broken pipe vary based on the location and severity of the damage, a replacement — at least for the affected section — is usually the best option.

Factors such as the age and condition of the pipes, the extent of the damage, and the overall functionality and safety of the plumbing system are crucial considerations. In some cases, a leaky pipe repair may serve as a temporary solution, and a replacement might be recommended for long-term reliability and to avoid recurrent issues.

To determine the best course of action, it's advisable to consult with a professional plumber in Edmonton who can assess the situation and provide expert advice based on a trusted evaluation. Mr. Rooter Plumbing can help determine whether a repair will be sufficient to resolve the problem or if a replacement is necessary to ensure the integrity and functionality of your pipework.

When Should I Call a Plumber for a Leaking Pipe Repair in Edmonton?

Immediately! This is a plumbing emergency. Even if you apply a temporary patch or a pipe clamp, that issue will only worsen over time. The longer you wait to call a professional plumber, the more likely you will suffer from severe complications like flooding and water damage. Permanent repairs completed by a licensed plumber are recommended as errors with these leaks could be quite devastating.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

Our company offers a versatile array of services to meet your needs. Our experienced plumbers are ready to give a hand around your property, providing expertise on projects at affordable rates. Some of our services include:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Toilet repair
  • Toilet installation
  • Sewer line services
  • Hot water tank installation
  • Tankless water heater installation
  • Water filter installation
  • Bathroom tile services
  • Water pressure fixes
  • Sump pump repair and replacement
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Fixture and faucet replacement
  • Trenchless sewer line replacement
  • And more!

Our team is ready and waiting to tackle your plumbing problems with proficiency and in a timely manner. We offer commercial and residential services in the Edmonton area, so give us a call if you have a question about what services we offer. We may just surprise you!

Do You Need Leaking Pipe Repairs in Edmonton?

Our team is here to help! The experienced, licensed plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton are your local plumbing professionals serving our local community and nearby neighborhoods, including St. Albert, Riverbend, and Sherwood Park. We handle everything from leaking pipe repairs to sump pump repairs and clogged drain services in Edmonton.

If you want an appointment with a dependable plumber — or emergency plumbing services — reach out to us today!

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