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Your Experienced Plumber in St. Albert, AB

St. Albert is the second-largest urban area in the Edmonton metropolitan region. The property owners of such an established city should be able to access all the same conveniences as any other major urban centre. St. Albert's highest period of historic growth occurred from 1971-1990, which means many buildings in town are at least 30 years old. Many of those local residential and commercial properties within city limits are rapidly approaching a danger zone for problems that will require service from a professional St. Albert plumber.

It pays to know experienced St. Albert plumbers at all times, but if you live or operate a business in an older building, you're more at risk for water and sewage issues. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton is the best option when you need top-rated St. Albert plumbers and drain cleaning experts. We are dedicated to making your experience positive no matter the circumstances, with rapid results, guaranteed workmanship and friendly customer service.

Both homes and commercial businesses suffer from many problems that require service from a professional plumber. You probably know about most standard work, but specialty plumbing services provide benefits that many property owners aren't aware of. We offer a wide selection to meet your needs, resolve common problems and quickly fix disastrous plumbing failures.

Residential Plumbers in St. Albert

You spend more time in your home than anywhere else, so naturally, your St. Albert residence is going to be affected by the consequences of normal wear over time. Aging pipes and fixtures are common culprits for creating challenges. Routine maintenance is the best way to avoid those water and sewage messes, but even with regular attention, you'll eventually still encounter the need for certified St. Albert plumbers.

Drain Cleaning Services

Your sewer line and secondary drains are responsible for removing waste from your home, but over time, those lines collect debris and create stubborn blockages that trigger slow drain, sewer gas smells and other unpleasant surprises. If left untreated, they will compromise your pipes’ overall functions and lead to major complications, such as sewer damage.

Routine drain cleaning services are crucial for plumbing maintenance because no plunger or snake will thoroughly clean your pipes. Our cleaning solutions include the high-end HydroScrub® Jetting device—a high-pressure water system that blasts away deep-sitting blockages, leaving no trace behind.

What Causes Clogged Drains?

Are you experiencing slow draining in your tub or sink? Clogged drains aren’t just a nuisance—they could escalate into bigger problems. The baking soda, vinegar and hot water trick is a temporary way to attempt to eliminate clogs, but if they return, it’s likely that there is an underlying issue in your plumbing system.

The most common culprits for clogged drain lines include:

  • Hair

  • Soap residue

  • Wet wipes

  • Paper towels

  • Tooth floss

  • Kitchen grease

Severe underlying issues often involve:

  • Cracked or burst pipes

  • Tree root intrusion

When you hire a St. Albert plumber for a routine drain cleaning service, they will always inspect your pipes’ condition first to ensure they are in working order and will continue to perform well. If they are in bad shape, it may be necessary to complete repairs or replacement after cleaning is complete.

St. Albert Plumbers | Repair Services

Many people don't think about how many fixtures they rely on during their daily lives—until one of them fails. If the malfunctioning system is a plumbing fixture, a local plumber is the best repair option. If you need repairs or replacements, we guarantee to get it done right the first time.

Pipe Repair

The most severe forms of damage are slab leaks and burst pipes. Either could cause foundation damage and high utility bills if they go unnoticed for too long. Minor repairs include replacing fittings and joints, while major damage may require replacement or other advanced services. Your St. Albert plumber will run a full diagnostic of your plumbing system’s performance before determining the best solution.

Important problems to watch out for:

  • Clogs—Recurring toilet backups, gurgling sinks

  • Frozen Pipes—Uninsulated pipes located against basement walls, in your garage or other areas can freeze and burst

  • Corrosion—Metal pipes in old homes are susceptible to corrosion. Unfortunately, those older lines will only deteriorate further, making replacement inevitable.

Water Heater Repair

Were you startled by cold water in the shower one morning? There are many reasons why that might happen. If your pilot light ever goes out, it could be because of a faulty, old thermocouple that shut off the gas supply. Tanks also collect lots of sediment over time that must be cleaned out. Other problems include the unit being too small to provide adequate hot water for your home, or just too old to continue working efficiently.

Hot water heaters require regular maintenance services to remain efficient as they age. This is a job best left to your local plumber. St. Albert homeowners who rely on a licensed plumber for routine maintenance will always have the support they need to keep their water heater working, and know when it might be time to upgrade to a newer unit to better manage their hot water reserves.

Plumbing Replacement

For older systems, most repairs only provide a temporary fix, whereas replacement can have many more long-term benefits. Replacing faulty, old plumbing parts like fittings or fixtures like faucets, sinks, tubs and toilets will give you peace of mind and help you worry less about future problems. The local plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton will always suggest the most cost-effective and long-term solutions for our customers, to ensure their plumbing system is in excellent condition.

The fixtures we can replace include:

  • Toilets

  • Garburators

  • Radiant and hydronic heat

  • Sump pumps

  • Sinks and faucets

  • Tubs and showers

  • Water softeners

  • Hot water dispensers

Installation Service for St. Albert

Many people in St. Albert are starting renovations on their older homes. Some are thinking about upgrades and new solutions, while others are thinking about replacing their aging appliances and fixtures.

Whether you're engaged in a full home makeover, an isolated bathroom project or just a much-needed replacement for failing old fixtures, our team provides expert advice and suggestions to help you strike a balance between costs and function. When you're ready to move forward, our team takes care of installations for all the appliances listed above and much more!

Plumbing Diagnosis and Inspection in St. Albert

Are you suffering from an unusual plumbing issue in St. Albert? Are you curious about the state of hidden plumbing lines in your new home? Is there a strange gurgling noise coming from your basement floor drains? In any of those situations, and many more, you can hire a St. Albert plumber to perform a full inspection.

The licensed plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton have the skill, expertise and advanced tools to inspect a wide range of fixtures and other types of equipment in your home. With a thorough inspection from a professional plumber in St. Albert, you’ll have greater peace of mind knowing that any lurking plumbing problems have been identified—and fixed—before they had a chance to cause costly complications.

You Can Get an Inspection for Your:

  • Sinks

  • Shower

  • Bathtub

  • Toilets

  • Kitchen and bathroom fixtures

  • Plumbing vents

  • Basement drains

  • Water heaters

  • Hot water tanks

  • Shut-off valves

  • Sump pump

  • Water filters and water softeners

  • Supply lines

  • Sewer main

  • And much more!

What are the Benefits of Getting a Plumbing Inspection from a Professional Plumber in St. Albert?

A licensed, professional plumber has the experience and eye to spot hidden problems that others miss—and a suite of specialized equipment for looking deep into pipes and drains, where hidden issues could lurk inside your system. That’s why there’s no better option for getting a thorough inspection than a professional plumber in St. Albert.

Another key benefit is that a professional plumber will have the tools, skill and training to fix any problems that appear during an inspection. Having that expert at your home during an inspection makes it easier to fix serious hidden plumbing problems before they get worse. When you choose to get an inspection from a professional plumber, you can rest assured knowing that if any problems do come up, they’ll be fixed promptly—and correctly.

I Have Cast Iron Drains! Do I Need To Be Worried?

Cast iron was a common choice for older metal drain systems in most communities prior to 1980, however there are many older St. Albert homes which have copper drains as well, although these homes will have cast iron drains below the basement floor. Some homes may have galvanized steel drains, which are generally quite problematic, but most of them have been replaced by now. All metallic drains have a shorter lifespan than modern drain materials, and many of them that are still in use are approaching the end of that life, so it pays to keep an eye on them and plan to replace those old drains in the future.

Here are some telltale signs that your pipes are deteriorating:

Frequent backups

As pipes age, backups are almost unavoidable from time to time, but backups could also signify corrosion in metal lines. If you also experience slow draining and sewer backups, consult your St. Albert plumber right away. If you notice signs of sewer gas smell or a clogged floor drain in the basement, you likely have a main drain clog, which could be triggered by pipe damage.


Cracks often occur when oxidation degrades metal. Leaks and bursts must be fixed quickly, before they cause any more problems. The best response to this problem is to locate any leaks and temporarily fix them with plumber’s tape before calling your plumber for replacement or repairs.

What You Need to Know About Fixing Metal Pipes

Many experienced St. Albert plumbers hate to be the bearers of bad news when it comes to steel, copper and cast iron pipe repairs. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton, we strive to maintain the efficiency and longevity of your plumbing system. Unfortunately, ongoing repairs aren’t often the best solution for metal lines.

Some plumbers provide repairs involving cutting out damaged sections and replacing them with ABS as a temporary fix, but that doesn’t make the pipe leak-proof, and the rest of your metal line will continue to deteriorate until you fully replace it. You can only extend the life of damaged pipes for so long. In fact, some plumbing companies have changed their policies in order to protect home buyers from insufficient plumbing work where sellers have ordered band-aid fixes instead of full replacement.

Our St. Albert plumbers want to build strong relationships with clients, and we can only achieve this with strong communication, transparency and exceptional service. We always perform thorough inspections using high-end technology, during which we will tell you honestly what will be the best for you and your home.

Pipe Replacement Benefits

We understand that this is a huge investment for homeowners, but thinking about the long-term benefits of repiping will give you peace of mind:

  • Brand-new sewer and drain lines

  • Affordable trenchless pipe replacement available for future repairs

  • Minimum risk of backups

  • Clean water

  • Strong and durable pipes

We are also here to listen if you want to learn more about repiping for your home or business.

Major St. Albert Plumbing Repairs

Major plumbing repairs vary, from an overflowing toilet to a mainline sewer collapse, but if a plumbing disaster occurs on your property, it must be fixed by a licensed, reliable professional. In St. Albert, fixing the plumbing systems that sit within your property line is your responsibility, which is why the city of St. Albert will charge for major repairs completed on private property.

Serious plumbing problems rapidly cause damage that takes time and money to fix, so it’s important to get help from a skilled, dependable plumber. Our team is available to help all the property owners and residents in St. Albert and the surrounding areas with rapid, effective responses to plumbing catastrophes. We've seen it all, and we already have a solution ready to help you.

Do You Need a Plumber in St. Albert?

We don't want you to have increased stress from the experience of hiring a plumber, and that's why we're proud of our commitment to trust. An honest work ethic defines us from start to finish. That extends to prices, our guaranteed parts and service, and our dedication to answering any questions you have. Our fully certified plumbers are superior professionals with local expertise from working in St. Albert and communities throughout Edmonton, such as Sherwood Park and Mill Woods.

Give us a call at 780-429-3600 to speak with our supportive customer service team and learn more about our professional services.

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