Edmonton Electric Water Heater Repair

It’s not every day you think about needing Edmonton electric water heater repair services. But did you know that hot water heaters are among households' top three highest energy users? It makes sense if you imagine a storage tank of 40 to 50 gallons of water that is kept hot throughout the day. Maintaining an electric unit requires the same kind of maintenance as any other unit. If you ever experience an unexpected cold shower or dwindling warm water and the number of people in your household hasn’t changed, there might be something wrong with your plumbing unit. From sediment buildup to old age, it may not be as easy to identify the cause of any issues until hot showers turn cold or you spring a leak. That is when you need to count on your local Edmonton plumber for reliable service to get your hot water flowing again. You need hot water supplies throughout the day, whether you want to take a bath, do your dishes, or run the dishwasher or washing machine. No one can imagine a household without convenient access to hot water.

In the event of any problems, you can count on Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton to perform a detailed plumbing diagnosis and inspection. During that, we will identify the root cause of any issues, followed by any necessary repair or replacement options. Our dedicated Edmonton plumbers support long-term solutions that will benefit our customers for many years to come. And that includes saving money on your energy bills and preventing costly repairs in the future. With our quality services, you can say goodbye to cold showers! Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your own electric water heater repair.

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Edmonton Electric Water Heater Repair Services Near Me

Mr. Rooter Plumbing specializes in providing efficient and reliable services for your Edmonton electric water heater repair. Our skilled technicians are trained to diagnose and fix a wide range of issues, ensuring your appliance functions optimally and delivering hot water when you want or need it. Understanding the parts involved will help you understand the issues that might occur. Let's explore the many components of your water heater.

Essential Parts of Your Hot Water Tank That We Repair

To better understand your electric tank, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the essential parts that make it function. This way, you will be prepared for your Edmonton electric water heater repair:

  • Tank: Your tank is likely made of metal material with a tank liner on the interior to protect your water from contamination and corrosion. Sizes can vary depending on the number of people in your household or your home’s overall size. 40 to 60 gallons is considered standard. Your tank also operates under a pressure of 50-100 psi. Some tanks are made of plastic, like the Rheem Marathon.
  • Dip tube: A dip tube is a long plastic tube that connects to the cold water inlet and fills your tank from the bottom, where it gets heated.
  • Hot water outlet pipe: This pipe serves as an outlet and supplies your plumbing fixtures with heated water.
  • Shut-off valve: This valve stops water from entering your tank.
  • Thermostat: An electric unit's thermostat is the unit's brain, telling the elements when to turn on and off, and it also contains a safety cut-off device.
  • Heating elements: Electric units usually have two heating elements—one at the top and one at the bottom.
  • Drain valve: A drain valve is typically located on your tank’s exterior at the bottom and provides a way to drain the tank.
  • Pressure relief valve: This is designed to relieve excess pressure inside your tank and should have a drop tube that directs the water down to the floor or elsewhere
  • Sacrificial anode rod: A metal rod placed inside your tank that is designed to corrode and minimize risks of damage to your tank itself. These rods wear out every few years.

Note: It’s good to know that an electric model doesn’t have a pilot light for an ignition source like a gas-operated one. There’s no ignition required for an electric unit, just automatic switches that turn the power on and off to the heating elements.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing For Edmonton Electric Water Heater Repair Services?

Mr. Rooting has been in the industry for over 46 years, serving communities across North America and getting homes and businesses plumbing back in working order. From repairs, maintenance, and installation, you can count on our reliable, professional technicians. We are Edmonton's top choice for our:

  • Wide range of plumbing services
  • Professional & certified technicians
  • Focus on customer services
  • Reputable services & many positive reviews
  • Local Edmonton presence

Our plumbing and drain specialists value their customers above all else and strive for high-quality interactions from the first phone call to the final inspection after a service is completed. We understand the plumbing systems in your home and know all the codes and regulations that must be followed to ensure your work is completed safely and efficiently—providing assurance and peace of mind. Our technicians are also:

  • are bonded & insured
  • offer in-home estimates
  • We schedule service within hours that work for you
  • All workmanship & parts are guaranteed
  • Never an overtime charge
  • Upfront, flat-rate pricing
  • Uniformed professionals in a company vehicle
  • prompt to every scheduled appointment

Our professional experts in the plumbing industry know how to identify and fix a problem promptly, and they take pride in their reliable and efficient services—Explaining all services and costs before any work has even started will help you make an informed decision every time. We can fix all plumbing issues, from minor repairs to full-on emergency plumbing problems. Reach out and talk to one of our professional plumbing experts today at (780) 429-3600 and let's get you the quality service you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions On An Edmonton Electric Water Heater Repair

What Are the Common Signs I Need Edmonton Electric Water Heater Repair?

Edmonton, Alberta homeowners who maintain their documents probably know exactly when a plumber installed or last serviced their electric unit. You can expect to see a decrease in your unit’s efficiency after eight to 12 years of operation, depending on the maintenance it has received. Periodic flushes, anode replacement, and other maintenance duties will help extend your unit’s lifespan. While there are many reasons why you may need electric water heater repair—in Edmonton, AB homeowners usually notice these warning signs first:

Decreased Water Pressure

Decreased pressure can indicate a clogged pipe, a clogged shower head, or a pressure regulator problem. Blaming your hot water heater tank may not come to your mind at first, but a faulty pressure-balancing valve could be the culprit. Perhaps it has been a while since your last flush, and there’s a high level of sediment buildup in your tank. If you call for Edmonton electric water heater repair, rest easy knowing that you’ll receive a professional flushing service that includes mineral deposit removal and potential parts replacement.

Running Out Of Hot Water Fast

If there has been no new addition to your household, you likely have sediment buildup inside your tank, a broken heating element, a faulty thermostat, or corroded parts that are degrading your unit’s efficiency. However, if your hot water usage has increased, your tank might be too small to supply an adequate amount of water to everyone. One of our plumbing experts could give you details on cost-effective upgrades.

Strange Noises

Are rumbling noises coming from your tank? Sediment could be trapped at the bottom of it, and often, the pressure and boiling bubbles create a noise that sounds like your unit is overworking. We recommend that you bring any strange sounds to a professional’s attention, as you might need an electric water heater repair. Edmonton, AB, homeowners might be experiencing an aging unit that’s becoming less energy efficient.

Rusty or Discolored Water

Discoloration or rusty water is often a sign that the tank's inner liner is compromised and the steel walls are rusting into your hot water supply. It could also be related to corroded supply lines. If you notice discoloration, often the end is near. Inspect your tank to look for leaks and keep an eye on it, or even consider replacement before it makes a mess. If it’s rusty or you’re unable to find the source of discoloration, we recommend calling your local Edmonton plumbing technician for inspection and repair.

Old Age

Depending on the number of maintenance and repairs, your system can last anywhere from eight to twelve years. If your existing unit has passed its life expectancy, it’s best to start considering your options for replacement, especially if it needs frequent repairs.

Puddles Around Tank

A leak could indicate a broken drain valve since they’re often made of plastic materials that wear out fast or become clogged with mineral deposits. But it could also be related to damage to the bottom of your tank. Valves can be exchanged, whereas tank problems call for a replacement. Your professional plumbers in Edmonton will do a detailed inspection and provide you with the best long-term solutions. In either situation, it’s crucial that you deal with it fast. Otherwise, you could risk structural damage to your home that requires expensive repairs.

It Won’t Turn On

If it doesn’t turn on, you likely have an electrical issue with the tank’s components. We recommend contacting a professional plumber who will be able to provide you with repair services.

Higher Utility Bills

If you notice a sudden spike in your monthly water bills or utility energy costs, it could signal the current unit is struggling and needs more energy consumption to keep up to capacity. Reach out to Mr. Rooter Plumbing, and they will be able to diagnose the issues if it is in fact tied to your water heater.

Your electric water heater uses significant energy to provide hot baths and hot washing cycles to thoroughly clean your clothes and dishes. Scheduling your routine annual maintenance services will keep your system on track. We hope you were able to learn more about the unique features of your electric water heater. Repair services can be kept to a minimum with the right preventative maintenance. If you have questions about your electric water heater repair, your local experts from Mr. Rooter Plumbing can answer them! Reach out today to talk to one of our friendly customer service technicians.

What Are the Pros and Cons Between Electric Vs. Gas Units?

While serving the same purpose, both types operate differently and still have a lifespan ranging from 7 to 12 years. Although Alberta is the ultimate home of oil and gas, some property owners have opted for electric units. We will help you weigh out some of the pros and cons of each type. But either way, it’s inevitable that you will eventually need gas or electric water heater repair. Edmonton AB homeowners of either type will benefit from routine maintenance and inspection.



  • Easy installation
  • Easy to manage and maintain
  • High energy efficiency
  • Safe
  • Controlled with your circuit breakers
  • Low, upfront costs


  • Likely to create higher monthly costs than gas in Alberta
  • Slower heating time
  • Susceptible to power outage



  • Less expensive monthly utility bills
  • Uses a reliable burner to heat fast


  • Higher upfront costs
  • Higher maintenance costs
  • Gas leak issues
  • Releases greenhouse gases

Are there any exciting new higher-efficiency electric options available?

Why yes, there sure are! There are now hybrid electric / heat pump water heaters available to the market. These devices are capable of efficiencies well over 100%, some manufacturers claim they are 4x as efficient as standard electric water heaters! These units are perfect for those who are concerned about their carbon footprint with efficiency scores like that.

These tanks can operate as strictly electric, strictly heat pump, or as a hybrid model which can use both heat sources as required. If you are considering one of these units, it’s a pretty simple swap if you already have an electric water heater, but if you have a gas water heater there is much to consider. You’ll want to check with your electrician to make sure your panel has room, and you’ll also want to check with your plumber to make sure that the chimney is sized correctly if your old gas water heater is removed.

Does Mr. Rooter Plumbing Offer Emergency Plumbing Services?

Yes!! Our technicians are available 24/7 for all emergency plumbing services in Edmonton and the surrounding communities. Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time, day or night. Relying on our professional plumbers means you can reach out at any time, day or night, to receive assistance when a plumbing problem strikes. Furthermore, we never charge an overtime fee. Our flat rate pricing is for any time of day or now, so you can count on us for prompt, reliable services when disaster strikes. Need help now? We are available to help!!

How Many Years Does an Electric Water Heater Last?

Similar to a gas water heater, an electric model has a general lifespan of 7 to 12 years. If proper maintenance is performed the lifespan often increases significantly.

Does an Electric Water Heater Need to Be Serviced?

As a rule of thumb, your plumber recommends flushing out your unit at least once every year, depending on the water hardness in your area. You can rest assured that service always includes an inspection during which we check every part of the system to test its efficiency. Although it may include minor electric water heater repairs, Edmonton AB homeowners will feel more at ease in the end, knowing that we have taken preventative measures.

It is also recommended that the sacrificial anode rod be changed every 2 years to prevent corrosion of the tank’s steel hull.

What is the Most Common Edmonton Electric Water Heater Repair?

Repair needs are common for a failed heating element. Just like in an electric stove or oven, these elements wear out over time and do require replacement when that happens.

How Do You Check an Electric Water Heater?

As stated in the signs above, the safest way for Edmonton homeowners is to pay attention to changes. Other ways of testing and reading involve electrical work, where it’s important to know which switch is responsible for your heater. When it comes to disconnecting parts to check the interior, we recommend seeking a plumbing professional.

Can I Perform My Own Electric Water Heater Repair?

DIY repair is possible; however, repair work includes electrical wiring, piping, and dealing with heating elements that pose a safety hazard. Most electric water heaters are 220 volts, which means it’s no place to mess around. If you’re comfortable or experienced with some basic plumbing and electrical work, it could still result in injury or further damage to both your hot water heater and plumbing system. For safety reasons, we highly recommend hiring a licensed plumber to complete your Edmonton electric water heater repair. This way, you will know the job will be done safely and correctly, as well as not causing any future complications.

Need An Edmonton Electric Water Heater Repair? Mr. Rooter Plumbing Will Get Right Down To Work!

Whether you’re in Edmonton or a nearby area like Sherwood Park or St. Albert, your local plumbing experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton have you covered! As a locally owned and operated business, we have many years of experience serving our own neighborhoods and surrounding communities; we are proud to be your first-choice plumbing company.

You don’t need to struggle with plumbing issues that have lacked maintenance in the past, whether you have a leaky faucet, a ceiling leak that needs immediate attention, or some regular maintenance services like pipe cleaning and hydro scrubbing. No matter the service you need, Mr. Rooter Plumbing offers prompt service and regular maintenance service calls.

Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing to schedule a convenient appointment with our team or learn more about our professional plumbing services, from fixing a tankless water heater to more serious Edmonton plumbing repairs. In the event of plumbing emergencies, you can rely on our licensed professional to act fast and provide you with excellent quality emergency service.

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