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Edmonton Sump Pump Repair

It's rare to find a home in Edmonton or anywhere else in Alberta that doesn't have a basement, which makes sense—our foundations need to extend down below the frost line, so we might as well use them for extra living space. But while basements offer us plenty of advantages, they can cause some major headaches for homeowners, ranging from seeping moisture to a full-on flood if there's no sump pump. Edmonton homes that are in flood-prone areas likely already have a device installed, but it can't provide adequate protection for your home without occasional sump pump repair services.

We really can't overstate the importance of keeping your water damage protection system in great shape with annual testing and sump pump repair. Edmonton plumbers have dealt with many issues related to this particular device, and we know exactly what needs to be done to restore your unit to excellent condition, so you don't have to worry about dealing with a disgusting, devastating flood.

If you notice signs that your system needs sump pump repair, rely on an experienced, local Edmonton plumber to get it functioning correctly again so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your house is protected. The team of expert plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton is proud to deliver the highest standards of workmanship and customer service that goes the extra mile.

What is a Sump Pump?

It is a mechanical device that removes excess water from around the foundation of your home. If you have one (not all homes do) it will be located in a sump pit which sits under your basement floor. Water from outside your foundation seeps into the weeping tile around your home and eventually drains into that pit. Once the water reaches the pit, your unit can get to work! If everything is working as it should, your device will move this water up a pipe and outside of your home to remove it from the pit. There are submersible sump pumps and pedestal sump pumps. Submersible is the most common where the motor and pump are combined, whereas in the pedestal model, they’re separate.

Either way, if these machines sound a little complicated to you, it is probably because they are. Their importance cannot be ignored, and they do require regular maintenance and testing. Failure of your unit can cause thousands in water damage to your home and belongings. When it’s time to perform annual maintenance and testing, or if your device has failed you, let Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton be your go-to team. We act fast for this type of repair because we know a job well done and on time might be what stops water from damaging your home.

Benefits of a Sump Pump, Edmonton and Area

You may be wondering what the advantages are of having a well-maintained and fully operational sump pump. Edmonton homeowners appreciate their devices for the following benefits:

  • Prevent Costly Water Damage: A basement flood can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in a very short amount of time and may destroy valuable or sentimental items that simply can't be replaced. Anyone who has ever had to deal with the nightmare of water damage mitigation will emphatically tell you that it's worth your time to avoid it.
  • Emergency Warning: When a disaster occurs such as heavy rainfall or sewer backup and the sump pit is filling up quickly with water or sewage; the device will sound an audible alarm to warn you that something is not right and the unit may become overwhelmed. That gives you time to call Mr. Rooter so we can send a plumber out to deal with it quickly before the pit overflows.
  • Avoid Harmful Mould and Mildew: One of the worst symptoms of water damage is the growth of mould, mildew and harmful bacteria that can cause severe structural integrity problems for your house over time. Even worse, it can have a serious effect on the health of your family or anyone else who breathes in the spores. Since mould and mildew will take the opportunity to grow on any surface that is damp enough, the only way to prevent this problem is by keeping your basement dry.
  • Discourage Pest Infestations: Some types of pests, especially certain insect species, are attracted to stagnant, standing water. Since animals need a source of water to live, a flooded basement is an appealing location to make their new home and get busy laying thousands of eggs. Before you know it, you've got a full-blown infestation that just adds another irritating, unsanitary job to your list.

Sump Pump Repair Problems You Might Encounter

These systems are hardworking, but they are not invincible against normal wear and tear, and you'll eventually need services for your sump pump. Edmonton plumbers on our team often deal with issues such as:

  • Improperly installed units
  • Devices jammed from debris
  • Overfilled pit
  • Broken motor
  • Device is inadequate for water level
  • Unit does not turn off
  • Switch failure
  • Frozen discharge line

Some units are not plugged into a circuit but run on a battery instead. The battery components can fail, simply running out of power or due to another defect or damage, like corrosion around the connections. Our certified plumbers in Edmonton are capable of repairing and / or replacing any plumbing system and all of its components, including the battery backups.

Why You Should Choose Mr. Rooter for Sump Pump Repair, Edmonton

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton is serious about being the most trusted name in plumbing, drain cleaning and services for your sump pump. Edmonton residents with questions or concerns about your home or business water damage prevention system, we would love to be able to answer them for you. Keep in mind that we back all of our parts and labour with workmanship guarantees and use flat-rate pricing with NO overtime charges.

Extra Protection

As we all know, nothing lasts forever, including your sump pump. Edmonton residents may worry about this, but there are options available to provide an additional piece of mind in case your unit were to fail. There are some options worth exploring to further protect your home from the risk of flooding in the event of a failure, so call one of our plumbing experts today!

Maintenance and Testing

You may be wondering if there is anything you can do to check your sump pump. Edmonton plumbing experts on our team recommend testing the function of your device and also inspecting your sump pit on a monthly basis. Check our blog for some great information on sump pump maintenance!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sump Pump Repair

Is a Sump Pump Supposed to Run Constantly?

Ideally, your unit should not be operating continuously—if it is, that may be a sign that you need repair services for your sump pump. Edmonton homes that are particularly vulnerable to water incursion may have this problem with a device that is working perfectly, however. That's because in some cases, the device has to operate almost constantly to deal with the volume of water in the sump pit. This usually occurs when a house is built too close to the water table line or an underground spring. If that turns out to be the cause of your unit running continuously, it makes sense to consider battery-powered backup sump pump installation, so you're never left without protection against basement water damage. Genuine repair problems that would cause a unit to run continuously include a jammed float switch, check valve failure or an underground plumbing leak that is increasing the water load in the pit.

How Often is Repair or Maintenance Required?

There's a direct correlation between how much maintenance your unit gets and how often it needs sump pump repair. Edmonton homeowners who invest in regular, professional maintenance from a qualified plumber and take a few steps themselves throughout the year to keep their unit in excellent shape will rarely encounter a situation where they need repair services. That’s when our qualified plumbing technician will make minor repairs or adjustments during maintenance to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly.

We suggest you have your water damage protection system inspected and maintained at least once a year. February and March are the best times to do this before the spring thaw and rains. If we can spot potential problems before the water starts flowing, you could avoid failure of the unit and the associated risk of water damage from flooding.

What Does Regular, Professional Maintenance Entail?

Steps your Edmonton plumber will take during routine maintenance include:

  • Thorough inspection for signs of rust, corrosion and deterioration
  • Lubricate moving parts if necessary
  • Clean debris out of sump pit
  • Test float switch to ensure it's functioning correctly
  • Make sure the discharge pipe is in good shape and not clogged
  • Verify that water is draining properly

Of course, there are other steps that may need to be handled as well, depending on the condition of your particular device. Our team is very experienced with sump pump repair. Edmonton homeowners can rely on us to spot potential damage that others may miss and get it corrected before it has the chance to cause a problem for you.

What Can I Do to Avoid Needing Sump Pump Repair for Longer?

While we recommend professional maintenance services once per year, there are still a few things homeowners can do on a quarterly basis to help keep their system in great shape so they can prevent the need for sump pump repair. Edmonton home or commercial property owners should follow these preventive maintenance tips every three months or so:

  1. Unplug your unit from its power source and remove any extra water in the pit.
  2. Remove any debris that has accumulated in the pit.
  3. Check that the inlet screen is clear and not clogged up.
  4. Plug the pump back in and pour a five-gallon bucket of water into the pit to verify that the float mechanism is functioning properly to turn the pump unit on and off.

How Long Will My Device Last Before I Need Sump Pump Replacement Services?

That will depend largely on the quality of the pump and the conditions it is subjected to, but generally speaking, you can expect to go about ten years before you need a new sump pump. Edmonton homeowners may be able to stretch it out for a couple more years by following the routine maintenance advice above.

Is It a Bad Sign if a House Has a Sump Pump Installed?

Sometimes when people are shopping for a new house, they get concerned if they notice the installation of a sump pump. Edmonton home shoppers may become alarmed, worrying it might indicate that the house is prone to basement flooding. But almost any home in Edmonton and the surrounding area has the potential to flood if the right (or rather, wrong) conditions are met. A house that already has a flood prevention device installed is ahead of the game because it already has protection in place against that eventuality. Since a new installation is far more disruptive than sump pump repair, Edmonton homebuyers should consider having the device already in place to be a bonus.

Need Help With Your Sump Pump, Edmonton? Rely on the Experts at Mr. Rooter!

Whether you're in Sherwood Park, Gold Bar, Brookside or another part of Edmonton and the surrounding area, you can trust the team of skilled plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton to deliver reliable plumbing services, including clogged drain cleaning, hot water heater installation and, of course, services for your sump pump. Edmonton home and business owners often recommend us to their friends and family once they see our skill and passion for our work.

Have you noticed some signs that indicate you need service for your sump pump? Edmonton plumbers are standing by to help! Give us a call today at 780-429-3600 to schedule a convenient time for service, or chat with our friendly customer service staff to find out more about our trusted plumbing services in Edmonton and area.

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