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Professional Sump Pump Repair | Edmonton, AB

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Edmonton is a relatively landlocked city, similar to the rest of Alberta, located a good distance away from any river bends, waterways, or open seas, of course, apart from the North Saskatchewan River that is situated close to the northeast of Edmonton. And so, it may not enjoy its fair share of natural beaches and for the most part, experience moderate and desert-like arid local climate due to the oil sands. The dryness is made up for, though, as Edmonton does experience heavy and thunderous rainfall, blistering blizzards, and scathing hail from time to time, especially in the thick of summer during a heat wave or amid winter during a cold snap. And although there haven’t been any major flash floods recently and probably there won’t be any time soon, it’s still best to be proactive and fully prepared. Even in the peak of Edmonton’s rainy season in June, you want to ensure your home is waterproof to the best of your ability by cleaning or installing rain gutters, sealing all hairline cracks and fractures, and staining any wooden structures. But above all, you want to ensure your sump pump is in shipshape condition as it's responsible for taking extra water from your home and expelling it to the outskirts of your property well away from your home’s foundation.

Edmonton residents must understand the importance of having a well-performing sump pump and if that’s not the case, sign up for a sump pump repair, Edmonton homeowners will find they can rely on a certified, licensed, and fully insured Edmonton plumber from Mr. Rooter of Edmonton for being shielded against any water damage. Regardless of if you are a first-time homebuyer and have purchased a newly built or pre-owned property, it’s inevitable to have come with a sump pump. So now it’s a matter of persevering through the occasional Edmonton sump pump repair service.

You are ill-advised to outrightly ignore a sump pump repair as sooner than you realize excess water from stormy weather will bolster moisture and humidity levels readily resulting in hairline cracks, fractures, and leakages not only to your pipes but also wood rot in the surrounding drywall boards, ceiling, and floor surfaces. Lately, if you’ve noticed peeling, warped, or discolored surfaces and mold and mildew growth, it may be due to a busted sump pump. But these are only symptoms that happen if a broken sump pump has been left completely undealt with. Some Edmonton homeowners are extra vigilant about participating in proper upkeep of their home’s plumbing network, including routine maintenance of their device, so they will immediately know when it’s about time for an Edmonton sump pump repair. For example, for a busted sump pump that has fallen into disrepair, they will notice telltale signs such as rattling or grinding noises, infrequent cycling, continuous vibrations, or discolored and rusty water.

Our Elevated Edmonton Sump Pump Repair Services

The best part about a sump pump is that it's foolproof and it doesn't matter if your home is not sitting at a higher elevation than needed or an inclination that would prevent flooding from taking place. Based on a hollow ditch, this mechanical service is placed inside the hole to collect the flow of water and reshuffle it a safe distance away via a connected discharge pipe known as the effluent. Your sump pump gathers liquid from the lowest point of your home only to divert and eventually discard it readily away from your home. A fully functioning sump pump allows water to trickle into its basin until it reaches a threshold level upon which it is triggered through its sensors which activates the sump pump system. Instantly, it will start to pump out extra water through the discharge pipe out of the ditch and well away from your basement.

Our Mr. Rooter Approved Sump Pump Repair Process

At times a sump pump device becomes defective due to the unit itself or one of its components, such as the switch, becoming faulty. Your expert Edmonton plumber can tackle a sump pump repair. Edmonton property owners can opt to no longer live in a marsh bogging them out as they will discover we can make minor quick fixes or even do a total overhaul of their sump pump by upgrading to a new device. Plus, getting a sump pump repair over a replacement can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re hoping for a device that’s more hands-off and efficient and you can rest easy knowing that your home is not susceptible to a nerve-wracking flash flood anytime soon.

Sump Pump Units

Generally speaking, sump pumps can be manual or non-power operated or automatic or power-operated. Mr. Rooter Plumbing’s experienced team members can customize the best solution for your Edmonton sump pump repair. Typically, most sump pumps can run on electricity, while water-powered ones serve mostly as backups during a power outage.

Pedestal Pumps: This device is made of a motor and pump with separate assemblies needed. The motor itself sits on top of the ditch or basin and attaches to the pump inside the ditch via a hose. The hose is responsible for transporting water through the effluent. They work great for areas with more narrow or limited space and have a long lifespan but the only downside is that they can cause noise pollution by being louder than usual.

Submersible Pumps: Most modern Edmonton homes have these types of sump pumps installed as they are more reliable. The motor and pump are packaged together, so it’s easy to install this device–simply place it at the bottom of the ditch as it chugs along to remove water. The best aspect is submersible pumps don’t clog as easily compared to their counterparts and are more portable and more resistant to rust. The only downside is that the seal of the pump can become corroded over time as water slowly seeps into the motor rendering it ineffective. And so you may require the occasional sump pump repair. Edmonton clients should also note the seal itself also makes repairs difficult, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Sump Pump Versions

Although electricity for your house is its literal lifeblood, it doesn't hurt to have backup options, especially in the case of a thunderstorm that may knock out power lines and result in an outage. There are a couple of sump pump options that run without electrical current and we offer Edmonton sump pump repairs on those units as well.

Water Powered: These devices run entirely based on water pressure. Using a suction pump in conjunction with a sensor valve alongside an ejection output, water is emptied of the basin. As water trickles into the ditch where the sump pump is located, the device’s attached float and valve will immediately open the sesame to allow water to flow through the ejector output, which serves to transfer extra water pressure into a vacuum. Not only is your house saved from a disastrous flood, but a failsafe mechanism will never lose power or reduce its pumping ability just because there’s no electricity. The only thing to be aware of is that because these water-powered devices are solely based on the municipal and home water pressure levels, they can only operate for an indefinite period so long as there is water available. In the case of a power outage, multiple houses will be affected, requiring backup water reserves, so there is still a chance of flooding to occur.

Battery Operated: If you don’t like the idea of relying on pure water to prevent flooding, then we recommend the battery-operated versions. Once water trickles in the ditch and meets the required threshold, the float switch will be turned on, activating the battery. The only thing to be vigilant of is that batteries can become glitchy and also have to be replaced as they get stale so you need a professional Edmonton plumber to assess the battery here and there so you can avoid an Edmonton sump pump repair.

Sump Pump Switches

All sump pumps are paired up alongside a switch system. Switches too can go haywire, and despite most sump pump units already having a switch ready-made with the device, your skilled plumber can confirm if anything is faulty. Mr. Rooter Plumbing’s area of expertise for sump pump repair, Edmonton homeowners will find are reserved for the following types of switches:

Pressure Switch: Plain and simple, as water levels rise in the basin, the sensor valve will detect the water level and trigger the pressure switch to activate the sump pump device. The best part about a pressure switch is that it's a power-saving option as the motor will not continue to run in the background draining the battery when the device is not in use. So if it’s not transporting extra water, the switch will cut the power to the motor off, allowing the battery to last much longer than it normally would.

Float Switch: This switch consists of a pulley and a lever and lifts just as the basin fills up with water. There are no moving mechanical parts, unlike its pressure switch counterpart, but the float switch relies on an internal sensor to detect rising water levels. Once the switch is booted on it transmits power to the pump turning it on, and as water levels begin to fall below the required threshold the switch is triggered once more, cutting off power to the device.

Electronic Switch: After the water levels reach the required threshold point, the float switch will automatically close off and activate the sump pump. These switches also do not require mechanisms and moving parts but utilize an internal sensor to detect water levels. Simply plug the back of the switch into the device and then into the wall outlet. Just be aware of any power outages, in which case a substitute device may be required.

Diaphragm Switch: This switch is usually found on the device itself or the side of the basin and is triggered via fluctuating pressure levels using a piggyback plug for the motor. As water levels increase in the basin, the contained air pressure builds up and pushes up against the diaphragm. Once the water level has risen to a specified level, the diaphragm switch turns on and the device is activated and starts pumping out water. Once water is completely drained out of the basin and left bone dry, the pump stops.

Why We Are The Excellent Choice For Sump Pump Repair

Edmonton sump pump being repaired by Mr. Rooter Plumbing

No matter if the downpour of rainfall opens the literal floodgates to your home, submerging in a makeshift wetland of sorts or not at all, it’s best advised you are keen on sump pump repair. Edmonton clients don’t have to wait for a plumbing crisis, such as a fractured and burst leaking pipe let alone a flash flood, to do their due diligence for an Edmonton sump pump repair, installation, or maintenance service. Our professional plumber will even go the extra mile during your plumbing inspection and diagnosis and will even notify you if your backwater valve, the sump pump's twin counterpart, is also working, as it prevents a horrid sewage backup. These devices may be small, but they sure are mighty in shielding your home from terrible water damage, which will result in further costly repairs. Regardless of whether you need us to tweak loose nuts and bolts on the sump pump’s switch, ask us to swap it out for an electric version, or require a backup device for power outages, an Edmonton sump pump repair is the next step.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sump Pump Repair

What Is The Most Common Reason For Sump Pump Failure?

One of the most frequent problems Edmonton homeowners face is mechanical failure due to a faulty switch which, regardless of whichever type you have, tends to get occasionally stuck in the “On” and “Off” positions. This results in either an overworked device or one that has gone kaput and doesn’t run at all. Other reasons for a sump pump to fail include power outages if you have an electrical-based device version, lack of maintenance, including Edmonton sump pump repair, or a shoddy installation job from an inept contractor.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Sump Pump?

Around a decade or so, or approximately ten years is when your device will clock out as just like other devices in our home, it’s not indestructible. But of course, this also depends on regular maintenance! You’ll notice red flags such as strange sounds, vibrations, frequent cycling, or the device doesn’t shut off or turn on at all–all indicating you require a sump pump repair. Edmonton clients may also benefit from a brand-new and improved sump pump installation.

What Is A Common Defect In A Sump Pump?

The nuisance of all plumbing problems–a clog is likely to emerge in the intake valve of the device, which is only made worse if you do no maintenance whatsoever through a professional inspection and cleaning. If your device happens to be without a lid, it’s more susceptible to encountering flyaway debris and dirt, which can accumulate inside the pump.

Avoid Opening The Floodgates To Your Humble Abode During High Tide–Mr. Rooter Is Here To The Rescue!

It’s ideal to be result-oriented and ask for a sump pump repair, Edmonton homeowners are best advised at your earliest convenience so you don’t go into panic mode once your backyard becomes a marshland. Apart from Edmonton we also serve the surrounding areas of Sherwood Park, St Albert, and Riverbend so it depends on your trustworthy plumber who is well-equipped with the skillset, tactic, and know-how to restore your sump pump to pristine condition. While we’re at it, we can discuss other upgrades to your home’s plumbing system, from drain cleaning to clogged drains and water heater replacement for all your residential and commercial plumbing needs. Our courteous customer service staff members can be reached at (780) 429-3600 so go ahead and schedule the no-obligation consultation or service appointment as we earnestly await to hear from you shortly.

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