We have all experienced plumbing leaks in one form or another. Whether you love hot or cold climates, you happen to get both extremes in Alberta. For this reason, our homes need to be well-equipped and protected from any mishaps that could compromise our plumbing system. Problems should be easy to detect and eliminate as soon as we see them. However, issues with our plumbing systems are not always easy to see or find. While it supplies us with clean drinking water and safely removes waste from our homes, it’s easy to take our plumbing system for granted. Unfortunately, it is more vulnerable than we think because a range of problems can impact the system. Luckily, an Edmonton plumber can help. Whether you hear running water behind your walls from a broken pipe or hot spots on floors, our Edmonton leak detection services are integral to investigating the problem and locating it.

Cold waves are harsh on Edmontonians, so we’re more susceptible to issues like frozen pipes and other unpleasant occurrences that aren’t always so easy to detect unless we seek out the expertise of a local professional plumbing maintenance service. From frozen pipes and burst pipes to slab leaks—severe weather conditions can also negatively impact our plumbing systems. Trust Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton to inspect your plumbing system and help take preventative measures to avoid any future problems.

If you are experiencing anything unusual with your plumbing system, taking immediate action will keep you and your family safe from the issues that come with leaks, like mold and mildew growth. Our uniformed experts are licensed and insured, and they bring many years of experience providing plumbing maintenance, repairs, and replacement services. We are proud to be your most trusted plumbing company in Edmonton, providing water leak detection services and other issues fast and efficiently, getting you back to enjoying your home with minimal disruption.

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What Our Edmonton Leak Detection Service Means for You

Homeowners unfamiliar with our Edmonton leak detection process will be amazed by what today’s enhanced technology can do for leak detection. We will admit that plumbing structures aren’t that pleasant to look at, even if you have an unfinished basement or a designated boiler room that you barely visit. This is usually where most of your home’s systems are located and mostly visible. It may not be much of an art show, but we recommend homeowners take a peek at their plumbing fixtures and note where their pipes disappear behind walls and ceilings. This way, you will have a basic idea of where your water lines are located in the upper levels of your home. This will help you detect potential issues.

Before you get anxious thinking about excavation or tearing down walls, it is important to note that your local plumbers use non-invasive means to inspect your buried pipes to learn as much as possible before resorting to invasive means of investigation. Just imagine going to your physician’s office for a diagnosis rather than an unexpected surgery. We work the same way. Our major tools for Edmonton leak detection services include:

Plumbing Video Camera Inspection

Video cameras serve as dependable tools for detecting drain damage and clogs. Additionally, they allow us to accurately determine the material and age of your pipes. If you ever lose an expensive piece of jewelry down the sink, we can often retrieve that for you too.

The camera works in combination with a signal receiver that helps our skilled plumbers measure how much cable went down the pipe before spotting the affected area. Furthermore, it allows us to pin down the affected location from the surface.

However, the camera alone won’t be enough to detect leaks. Homeowners can watch along with us when we locate damaged areas, but to check for leaks, we will need to use an additional device.

Infrared Detection

Infrared cameras are sometimes referred to as thermal cameras and can detect moisture levels and temperatures behind walls and underneath soil. They can also create a heat map of the temperature zones around your pipes by showing temperature differences and water patterns. This allows your plumber to see where water is seeping into surfaces that it shouldn't be in contact with. This tool can be especially valuable when looking for leaks within an in-floor heating system.

Pressure Testing

The first warning sign you should immediately act upon when it comes to your plumbing system is a change in water pressure at your home. If you notice a significant decrease or increase in water pressure, it could indicate a potential issue with your plumbing system, and you need to reach out to a professional plumber to identify and address the underlying problem.

If you have a pressure regulator, it’s worth checking out whether it has been tampered with. If the setting appears to be normal, but you’re experiencing decreased pressure throughout your home, you may need Edmonton leak detection. Another reason for decreased water pressure could be a severe clog in your water lines. Your certified Edmonton plumber will run a flow reading, pressure test, and general plumbing diagnosis and inspection to analyze your lines further. Based on the results of the flow reading, pressure test, and general plumbing diagnosis, your Edmonton plumber will be able to identify the source of the decreased water pressure and recommend the appropriate solution, whether it's unclogging the lines or addressing a potential leak.

Potential Causes of Leaking Pipes in Edmonton

A properly functioning plumbing system contributes a lot to our daily life. Even when taking good care of it, some issues may occur that aren’t due to a lack of maintenance. Leaking pipes can frequently occur due to weather-related deterioration and invasive tree roots damaging the underground plumbing structure. But the good news is no matter how big the leak size is or what the source of leaks is, you can take preventative measures to eliminate these issues from happening in the first place with our Edmonton leak detection service.

While Edmonton’s summer days are hot and comfortable, winter is a completely different story. Without the necessary precautions, our freezing winter can be very hard on our plumbing systems. Some of the common causes of leaky pipes include:

Frozen Pipes

We get many cold spells that are long and consistent. Low pressure and cold air can have a drastic effect on outdoor pipes and fixtures if they are not insulated correctly. For example, your outdoor faucet, also known as a hose bib, is susceptible to freezing when not properly drained and shut off.

Do you have cold zones in your basement or plumbing fixtures located in the garage? If so, we recommend insulating them as well and perhaps even ensuring the room is heated. In the event of frozen pipes, you might not even know it until you notice a decrease in water pressure or notice that there is no water in a certain fixture or group of fixtures. Be sure to shut off your water and warm up the frozen lines to help them thaw. Or, rely on your Edmonton plumber to arrive with heat wraps and other tools to get rid of the ice.

It’s highly possible for frozen pipes to occur underground as well, which is also a reason why you may need leak detection services. Edmonton, AB, homeowners can benefit from our winterization service, which is a huge part of the preventative solutions we offer to our clients.

Sewer Line Backup or Clogged Drain Lines

Unfortunately, drain clogs are some of the most unpleasant things Edmonton homeowners have to deal with. While they are mostly harmless, you can’t ignore repeated backups and other warning signs. Gurgling sinks or sewer gas smells won’t go away until you find out why they’re happening. If the plunger or snake doesn’t do the job, your licensed Edmonton plumber will get down to the root problem.

A professional plumber can identify and solve clogs, whether it's dirt, debris, tree roots, or a bird's nest in the pipes, to ensure a long-term fix. This will give you peace of mind and prevent future backups, saving you from potentially costly repairs.

An Edmonton leak detection service can determine the source of the clog and the cause. Annual inspections and drain cleaning services can also prevent these issues from putting a dent in your life.


The most common corrosion we see is in old galvanized water and drain pipes, as well as cast iron drains. These materials were commonly used until the 1980s in Edmonton. Corroded pipes can cause buildups, clogs, and leaks. If not addressed, they will worsen and cause extensive damage. Early damage prevention through periodic inspection will help you avoid premature damage and extend your plumbing system’s lifespan. That said, corroding cast iron will eventually have to be replaced entirely.

When replacing corroded cast iron pipes, it is important to consider more durable and long-lasting alternatives. PVC or copper pipes are resistant to corrosion and will provide a reliable plumbing system for years to come. Talk to our experienced plumbers for a professional installation and to address any concerns about your plumbing system.

Tree Root Intrusion

If you live in an area where many large trees grow, we recommend keeping a close eye on any underground pipes located in your front or backyard. Tree roots will always grow toward water, which is why old clay sewer pipes can’t stop these roots from intruding. Tree root damage is easy to spot during an Edmonton leak detection service, by use of our sewer cameras. Once the sewer cameras are utilized during the leak detection service, any tree root damage can be clearly identified and assessed. This allows for prompt and effective repairs to prevent further issues.

Slab Leaks

Property owners who experience slab leaks are less likely to miss any telltale signs. Yet, it’s still possible that this problem may go undetected. If you own a newer home, it’s common to experience home settling over the years. As your home settles into the ground, a process known as soil shifting, you may notice drywall and siding cracks, which a foundation specialist should investigate to rule out potential structural damages.

Unfortunately, soil shifting can potentially stress and fracture concrete slabs, leading to slab leaks. It could also be a sign that you might have received a poor pipe installation job during your home’s construction. A certified plumber will help you detect and determine if that is the case.

Broken or cracked pipes under a concrete foundation pad need immediate attention from a certified Edmonton plumber. If left untreated for too long, the leak will continue onto the concrete beneath your home and create more structural damage. The technical term for this is hydrostatic pressure, where water is drawn by gravity and will continue going downward. This could create more soil shifting problems.

When you see wet spots on your walls and ceiling or warping subfloors, you will need a service professional with the right tools for leak detection. Edmonton leak detection plumbers will arrive with their plumbing cameras, listening tools and infrared devices to quickly address the issue.

Water Line Break

Whether you hear running water behind your wall and ceiling, your first thought will be to turn off your supply line. Often, our ears are the greatest help with leak detection. Homes with broken water mains could result in costly damage to your property as well as a sudden spike in utility bills. A water line break can go undetected until signs of damage creep up. Scheduling your routine plumbing maintenance is the best way to prevent potential water damage.

Natural Gas Leak

As long as gas-fired water heaters are installed properly, they should operate safely. Yet, natural gas is a safety hazard because carbon monoxide in your home can be fatal. While natural gas is naturally odorless, gas companies have added a hint of rotten egg smell to help people detect leaks. We recommend keeping carbon monoxide detectors equipped with new batteries and placing them near your appliances that use gas lines.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing for Edmonton Leak Detection?

With guaranteed parts and workmanship, excellent customer service, knowledgeable plumbers, and a drive to provide a high level of service, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton is your top choice for plumbing services. We offer a wide variety of plumbing services, including boiler installation, burst pipe repair, drain replacement, and hot water tank installations. Our team is dedicated to providing timely and efficient solutions for all your plumbing needs. Whether it's a small repair or a major installation, you can rely on us for dependable and professional residential and commercial plumbing services. Whether it's a slow leak or a flooded basement, this Edmonton plumbing company has got you covered. 

Our goal is to leave you completely satisfied with our work, just like we did with these satisfied customers. Not convinced? Then check out samples of our work.

FAQ On Edmonton Leak Detection

What Are The Warning Signs That I Need An Edmonton Leak Detection Service?

Property owners should be familiar with the red flags that could indicate a leak. If your water pressure changes, or you notice a mold smell in the walls, Edmonton leak detection services can solve the problem before it causes major damage. Keep an eye out for the following warning signs that trouble is coming down the pipe.

  • Leaking walls and ceiling
  • Subfloor damage (warping)
  • Drop in water pressure
  • Mould growth
  • Sewer gas smells
  • Gurgling or clogged sinks
  • Recurring toilet backup
  • Standing water
  • Increased utility bill

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