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Conscientious homeowners who want to ensure their home systems meet their shelf life are exceptionally conscious of their plumbing system’s health. Whether you just built a new home with brand-new pipework or have lived on your property for some time without requiring any pipe repairs, Edmonton plumbing maintenance services will ensure you won’t experience any issues in the near future.

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You may be treating your drain lines well by not flushing foreign items down the toilet or washing water-absorbing food waste like leftover pasta or rice down the drain, but buildup in pipes will still happen one way or the other—and will likely start with mineral deposits building up on your pipe walls. That’s how other debris gets caught and creates sludge that narrows your waste lines even more. Not only does this restrict water drainage, but it will also lead to backups and sewer gas smells wafting out of your sink drains.

When it comes to plumbing maintenance, Edmonton plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton bring knowledge and extensive experience in applying preventative maintenance and methods, designed to spot and prevent plumbing issues in advance. This way, we help reduce your risks of encountering a plumbing emergency that could lead to costly repairs and replacements. To learn more, keep reading about the regular plumbing maintenance Edmonton plumbers offer to local residents and surrounding areas.

Plumbing Maintenance in Edmonton: Your Solution to Healthy Pipes

Many property owners keep a seasonal maintenance checklist that includes spring cleaning and getting their outdoor living space ready for the summer. While most of those tasks are merely cleaning and decluttering, other types of maintenance include minor repairs and handling professional tools that are not designed for regular household use.

Though maintaining healthy pipes starts with treating them well on a daily basis, Edmonton plumbing maintenance is performed by a licensed plumber who is trained to inspect your home’s plumbing and provide you with preliminary diagnostics that indicate measures that need to be taken.

Plumbing Diagnosis and Inspection

During an appointment for plumbing maintenance, Edmonton homeowners get the best perk there is—namely, an inspection. Unless you’re already experiencing signs of something unusual, inspecting your pipes will give you a greater understanding and insight into their age, condition, and performance. Your Edmonton plumber will be able to determine the type of routine maintenance your system needs and whether there is an underlying issue beneath the surface, waiting to creep up on you a few months later.

During a diagnosis, you might already be experiencing slight changes in your plumbing, such as recurring clogs or slow drains in the bathroom. This is where Edmonton plumbing maintenance services will detect potential problems in time and correct them before anything gets out of hand.

For your peace of mind, Edmonton homeowners can rely on our professional, advanced inspection tools, including:

Video Inspection Cameras

Your water lines and drain lines are installed behind walls and underneath floors. Not to mention your home’s sewer lateral is buried at least six feet below the ground under your property. For all that, you need a visual inspection. If any of those lines are causing trouble to your daily routine via frequent backups or foul odors, you need a trusted, non-invasive device to help you identify the cause of the problem.

The sewer camera was invented in the early 1970s and has been enhanced for many decades until it started to fully serve its purpose. Imagine a long, flexible tube that you lower down the sewer trap (cleanout) to access your sewer lateral. Its head is a tilting camera that pans, zooms and rotates. As the camera travels through the pipe to the affected area, your plumber follows the camera from the surface with a signal receiver. The corresponding monitor will reflect your pipe’s interior and determine its overall health. This way, your professional plumber will be able to tell you how to move forward to the next step of their plumbing maintenance.

Drain Cleaning Services

If the coast is clear and your plumbing system has passed the inspection stage, we shall begin with our most popular Edmonton plumbing maintenance service—drain cleaning! Over the years, your pipes collect a lot of debris, starting with calcium and magnesium deposits that stick to your pipes’ interior surface. Next, they will attract toothpaste, soap scum, and hair.

Edmonton’s water is rated as moderately hard (165 milligrams of calcium carbonate according to EPCOR), which means that stubborn buildups are likely to cause trouble within two years’ time unless you have a water softener system that traps mineral ions and supplies your water with potassium and sodium ions instead.

If you find yourself dealing with clogged sinks or frequent toilet clogs, you might be in need of professional drain cleaning from Mr. Rooter Plumbing. Warning signs of clogged drains include:

  • Slow-draining sinks (bathtub sink, kitchen sink)
  • Gurgling or backed-up toilets
  • Sink flies and bad odors
  • Backed-up floor drains
  • Repeated plunging and snaking

These nuisances could also indicate a sewer backup that calls for immediate sewer cleaning services. While it could take a few years for hair, food waste, or solidified kitchen fat to wreak havoc on your plumbing system, we have the ultimate Edmonton plumbing maintenance solution:

HydroScrub® Jetting

The king in Edmonton plumbing maintenance is the hydro jetting device, which is a high-pressure water jet that can reach a psi of up to 3000. Once our plumbing experts have inspected your pipes and determined their health, they’ll be able to determine the best type of jetting service required to clear your pipes, from the right psi level to the best type of nozzle.

If baking soda and vinegar aren’t doing the trick for your drain line, our HydroScrub® jetting will clear nasty blockages within minutes, no matter how deep down the line. Clogs that you can’t eliminate with household remedies or tools like the plunger, toilet auger, or drain snake, are best left to your Edmonton plumbing maintenance professionals.

Using a hydro jet requires experienced plumbers who are trained and fully insured. These devices are strong enough to break through tree roots in pipes, and thus, should not be handled by someone with no experience, certification, or insurance coverage.

More Residential Edmonton Plumbing Maintenance Services

As your local drain line and water line experts, our job doesn’t stop at pipes. There is a list of plumbing systems at your home that require routine plumbing maintenance. Edmonton homeowners can count on us to service the following:

Water Heaters

Whether you have a traditional hot water tank or a tankless heater, they require routine maintenance service. Tanks need flushing to prevent sediment buildup from settling at the bottom and creating rust. Also, anode rods are designed to catch sediments in order to protect the tank, but these rods need to be replaced every three to five years.

If you have pre-existing problems with your hot water heater, such as puddles around the tank, clogged drain valves, or faulty pilot lights, your unit might be approaching its shelf life. Depending on its age, we will offer you a cost-effective water heater replacement, so you won’t have to worry about a potential breakdown and water damage at your home. Thanks to plumbing maintenance, Edmonton property owners will know far in advance whether plumbing repairs are worth it. Often, our guaranteed parts and workmanship will easily fix the issue. But if the problem is at the core of the heater unit, a hot water tank replacement will be the wiser choice for long-term benefits.

Sump Pumps

Edmonton has a city-wide flood mitigation plan which includes numerous plumbing services and plumbing maintenance. Edmonton plumbers have teamed up with the municipality and come to an agreement that taking preventative measures to protect residents and their properties from floods is of high priority. While not every home in Edmonton has a sump pump, every homeowner would benefit from one. Edmonton is known to be located on flat prairie grasslands which means that most properties are prone to flooding, especially when situated near the North Saskatchewan River.

A sump pump installation occurs in the lowest part of your home—your basement. We dig up a pit at the lowest spot where water gathers and place the sump pump at the bottom of the pit. It has several functions:

  • It keeps your basement dry by pumping excess water (or effluent in some cases) out via the discharge pipe.
  • It also works in conjunction with your weeping tile, also known as your perimeter drain, which is installed and buried outside your house’s perimeter to protect your foundation from excess rainwater. The effluent will dispose of the water far away from your foundation.

If that sounds complex, you will know how crucial Edmonton plumbing maintenance is. Whether you have submersible or pedestal sump pumps, they have sensitive float switches that can get jammed or clogged from time to time. Regular maintenance services before the rain or snowmelt season are essential to ensure your pump operates properly.


Your toilet has the closest connection to your sewer lateral, which means that recurring toilet backups are likely related to sewer line issues. However, a running toilet would indicate faulty parts within your toilet tank. For instance, a flapper controls how much water flows into the toilet bowl, but after a maximum of five years, the rubber will wear out and leak water into the toilet bowl, initiating a phantom flush. Our Edmonton plumbing maintenance expert will ensure all the parts in the tank are up-to-date and your toilet is energy-efficient.

We’ll also inspect it for any surface damage and provide you with a detailed consultation about water-conserving toilets in the event of replacement needs.

Outdoor Faucets and Winterization

As part of your outdoor water source, you may not think about your hose bib as much as your interior fixtures like your kitchen faucet. But any faults that involve your hose bib could affect your home’s overall water supply or even lead to frozen pipes if you forget to drain and winterize them. One plumbing disaster that could evolve from that is a pipe burst. Imagine experiencing low water pressure when doing the dishes or taking a shower. You might not know that you have frozen pipes in an unheated area of your home. The more you force the water, the more pressure will cause your water lines to bust. If it goes unnoticed, you could lose over one thousand gallons of water within 24 hours.

We invite you to hire our expert plumbers for dependable plumbing maintenance. Edmonton property owners will benefit from an annual inspection service that includes draining their outdoor spigots and winterizing outdoor pipes or pipes situated in unheated areas. We apply pipe wrap insulation that will guarantee protection throughout the winter. Another option is to install a frost-free hose bib that can resist our Albertan winter. Just one Edmonton plumbing maintenance appointment could save you money on costly damage and other unexpected repair costs.

Why You Need Edmonton Plumbing Maintenance

When you maintain your home’s material, your goal is to preserve it and prevent early signs of deterioration. Edmonton plumbing maintenance is designed to accomplish the same goal. For example, an untreated leaky faucet would increase your water bill unless you change the cartridge valve or the entire fixture.

Without the essential inspection prior to drain cleaning or sewer cleaning, no one would know the state your pipes are in. You might have undetected plumbing leaks and a wide range of other issues lurking deep underground or behind your walls without you knowing. With proper maintenance, you are in control of your residential plumbing system.

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