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Advantage Plan

Maximize Your Plumbing Service & Savings

Here at Mr. Rooter® Plumbing, we want to give our customers optimal opportunities for savings and simplified service. That is exactly what you can access when you sign up for our Advantage Plan. This membership allows you to obtain next-level service as a loyal customer with higher needs. The plan helps make your plumbing experience with Mr. Rooter Plumbing even smoother, giving you a truly VIP experience from your local plumbers.

What you get from the Advantage Plan:

Priority Scheduling

Who wants to go to the back of the line when there’s a plumbing emergency? As an Advantage Plan member, you get top priority when it comes to emergency service. You don’t have to wonder how long or if there is a plumber available to help! Mr. Rooter Plumbing plumbers will always be ready to take your call and tackle any pipe issues, clogged drains, sewer repairs, or leaks for you around-the-clock.

Preferential Pricing

When you are regularly scheduling service with us, your savings can be big through our preferential pricing. We provide Advantage Plan members with automatic discounts on all our services!

Periodic Specials

You can expect special discounts and loyalty rewards on a regular basis, increasing your savings to the next level! This also makes scheduling plumbing services all the more convenient when it comes to seasonal specials and discounts.

Personalized Records

We keep a thorough record of all your past plumbing inspections and services. This means you get an updated record of every visit, providing you with a breakdown of all the issues or repairs we made so that you can keep track of the work being done on your plumbing system and make an informed decision on your services. This also means we’ll get to know your plumbing system, providing more cost-effective and precise diagnoses each time.

Transferable Agreement

Is your home on the market? Thinking of selling in the future? The Mr. Rooter Plumbing Advantage Plan is completely transferrable, adding value to your home and your wallet! Just give us a heads up on the new name of the owners and we’ll take it from there.

Multiple Site Coverage

If you have several properties or own multiple houses, we have you covered! Our Advantage Plan membership includes coverage at all the properties listed under your plan. This means multiple opportunities for savings and improved efficiency for your property maintenance.

Would you like to sign up for our Advantage Plan? Find out more by calling our office today at (855) 591-0128.

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