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When your hot water heater decides to quit, it does so without warning. You may find yourself stepping into a cold shower or getting rusty water when you turn on your hot water tap. Even worse, you could learn that it’s reached the end of its life by discovering a pool of water in your basement. Avoiding water damage and the overall discomfort that comes with water heater failure is best done by investing in a replacement water heater installation. Edmonton plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton are the best choice to get the job done right.

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Whether you’re proactive and decide to replace it before it breaks or you’ve been caught off guard, you can trust our reliable, experienced plumbers to correctly and efficiently install your new heater. To book an appointment for water heater installation, give us a call today. Not sure whether it’s time for water heater installation? Edmonton homeowners can check out our FAQ section below for more information on how to identify the right time and help answer any other questions you may have. Alternatively, you can contact our plumbing service to discuss your current situation and needs directly.

Our Trusted Edmonton Water Heater Installation Service

When your water heater fails—or if you’re dealing with an inefficient water heater—then your first instinct may be to replace it with a similar model. Many homeowners don’t realize that the type of water heater they choose can have a big impact on their utility bills. When you use our services for water heater installation, Edmonton plumbers on our team can provide you with a consultation to help you determine which style is right for you. Some of the factors that go into our recommendations include:

  • How much water do you currently use? If you’re a family of three, your water consumption will likely be much lower than that of a family of eight.

  • How you’re powering your current water heater installation. Edmonton households typically have either natural gas or electric units today.

  • The size and location of your current heater. If you currently have a tankless water heater and want to put it in a hot water tank, you’ll need enough room to do so.

  • How much you’re willing to spend upfront? It’s important to stick to your budget, but it’s also worth considering how much of the upfront costs are offset through energy savings when you pick an energy-efficient model.

When pursuing water heater installation, Edmonton homeowners generally have two types of water heaters available to them: conventional water heaters and tankless heaters. The conventional storage tank style heats many gallons of water in advance and then stores it until it’s ready for use. If you have a hot shower and use it all up, it will take some time for the water tank to refill with cold water and reheat to the appropriate temperature. In contrast, tankless styles have an endless supply of hot water, and they instantly heat water on demand. Besides convenience, one of the main reasons to choose a tankless water heater is that they tend to have greater energy efficiency.

Something else to consider is whether you want an electric water heater or a natural gas water heater installation. Edmonton households that don’t already have gas lines installed will need to do this (we offer a gas fitting service, too!) Gas is generally quite a bit more cost-efficient than electricity, so the cost savings of making this switch may also be worthwhile for you.

Once you’ve decided on a hot water tank, we’ll come by for your service appointment for Edmonton water heater installation. Edmonton plumbers from Mr. Rooter will start by removing your old hot water tank. Then, we’ll install your new one. The process can be more complicated than we make it seem—especially if you’re switching from tank to tankless—but we’ll take care of everything so that you don’t have to worry. At the beginning of your installation, we’ll let you know how long we expect the appointment to take. If it ends up running longer, you won’t be charged overtime.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed When You Choose Mr. Rooter

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton isn't just any plumbing company. Our professional plumbers are not only experts at what they do, but they’re also deeply passionate about providing exceptional service and achieving customer satisfaction with every interaction. We pride ourselves on offering reliable services, with a warranty to back them up—including water heater installation. Edmonton property owners can rest assured that both our workmanship and parts are guaranteed, so if you’re unhappy with the quality of either, all you have to do is let us know and we’ll come back and make it right.

Our plumbing professionals will also provide you with an upfront, flat rate price upon consultation. No matter how long the plumbing service takes, you’ll pay exactly what was quoted to you at the beginning of your service. It’s our commitment to transparency that has resulted in our customers coming back to us for their plumbing needs time and time again.

Edmonton Water Heater Installation FAQs

How Do I Know If I Need a Replacement Installation?

One of the most frequent questions we receive from our customers is how to tell it’s time for a replacement water heater installation. Edmonton homeowners understandably want to stretch their dollar as far as it will go by putting off replacement for as long as they can. The key lies in getting the most out of your current heater without waiting too long for a replacement. Some of the signs that you may be running out of time include:

  • Your hot water heater is over 10 years old

  • The water looks rusty

  • Your tank is leaking

  • Low hot water pressure

  • Popping or crackling sounds

  • Water that doesn’t get hot enough

  • A hot water supply that runs out quickly

Some of the causes of the above problems can be fixed with a simple repair or regular maintenance, but others are signs that the system is failing. If you notice any of the above plumbing issues, contact a qualified professional right away to talk about water heater installation. Edmonton plumbers from Mr. Rooter can accurately diagnose the problem and provide you with a couple of different options so that you can compare the cost and benefits of each.

How Much Does Edmonton Water Heater Installation Cost?

Edmonton water heater installation is a big investment. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you’ll probably want to know exactly what to expect for installation costs. Water heater replacement costs will vary according to a few factors:

  • Whether you have an existing heater that requires removal and disposal

  • The cost of the heater itself

  • The cost of labor

At the time of writing, conventional tank systems available at local hardware stores cost somewhere between $500 and $2,600. Tankless systems cost about $1,500 to $3,800 for the components that go into a new water heater installation. Edmonton has quite a range of products available, as you can see. Pricing also changes according to inflation and supply chain demand, so take these values with a grain of salt.

When comparing specific units, make sure you compare and calculate the predicted energy consumption of each, and therefore the energy costs. Once you have an estimate for the amount of energy savings you can expect, you can determine if the unit with the higher out-of-pocket price is worth the additional cost. It’s also a good idea to look for products with good warranties, as these can give you an idea about how long the unit will last.

How Long Does Edmonton Water Heater Installation Take?

Every Edmonton water heater installation is different and therefore requires a different amount of time to complete from start to finish. On average, our installation appointments tend to take around two or three hours. If we encounter unforeseen setbacks, we’ll let you know right away and adjust our expected timeline accordingly.

As mentioned above, if you’re replacing a conventional drum with a tankless unit, we’ll need to put new plumbing infrastructure in place, which will take additional time.

How Long Does a Water Heater Last?

This partially depends on how well you maintain your system. If you give it all the care it requires to function properly and detect issues early, you can extend its lifespan by several years. Conventional heaters generally have shorter lifespans than tankless water heaters. For a conventional unit, you can expect it to last somewhere between 8 and 12 years, while on-demand units may last upwards of 20 years when properly maintained.

This is something to consider when choosing between these two styles. Though tankless units tend to have a higher upfront cost, that price difference can easily pay for itself through its longer lifespan.

Is Water Heater Installation Difficult?

For our certified plumbers, Edmonton water heater installation is a walk in the park. For homeowners without plumbing knowledge or experience, this is no DIY project. Though you may not think of your water heater as being dangerous, if installed incorrectly, it can be a serious hazard. The biggest risk is pressure build-up due to improper installation. If your pressure release valve isn’t fitted properly, the tank could explode, and any damage or injury that results won’t be covered by the manufacturer.

When it comes to water heater installation, Edmonton homeowners shouldn't risk attempting it on their own as there's too much potential for injury or damage in the hands of someone who is inexperienced. Though you may be tempted to do so to save money, remember that correct installation and regular maintenance provided by a qualified Edmonton plumber will save you the most money in the long run.

When Is Repair Better Than a Replacement Installation?

The decision of repair versus replacement is not always an easy one, but it usually comes down to cost. If you experience issues with your system, simply give our plumbing company a call and we’ll be happy to come over and take a look. We always strive to provide our customers with the most budget-friendly option, and if your unit can be repaired, we’ll do so. Sometimes all you need is a new heating element or a thermostat replacement.

On the other hand, we may not recommend hot water tank repairs if your system looks as though additional problems may come up in the near future. If you’re constantly making repairs to prolong its life, you could end up spending more than you would to just replace the system. There’s a good chance that systems have also become more efficient since you last invested in water heater installation. Edmonton plumbing professionals will tell you that factoring the cost savings of replacing your current system with one that’s more energy efficient can make replacement a better option than repair.

How Do I Maintain My New Installation?

There’s no doubt that when it comes to water heater installation, Edmonton homeowners, and those everywhere else for that matter, are paying a fairly hefty expense. That’s why it’s important to choose an energy-efficient system that will help pay for itself by reducing your energy bill each month. Another way to get the biggest bang for your buck is to make sure you take the time to do regular water heater maintenance. If you opt for a tankless style, there isn’t much you have to do, other than get it serviced about once per year. For conventional systems, there’s a little more work involved:

  • Regularly drain and flush out the drum to remove sediment. The water is moderately hard in Edmonton, so sediment and scale can easily accumulate. A component called a ‘sacrificial anode’ corrodes in the tank to prevent the drum itself from deteriorating, but it’s still a good idea to regularly remove sediment buildup.

  • Check your anode. If it works properly, this anode will eventually deteriorate. It’s important to replace it when this happens, or those corrosive minerals will start to eat the inside of your tank instead.

  • Check the pressure release valve yearly. It’s important that this stays in good working order to ensure a way to relieve pressure if it builds up in your tank.

Trust Our Experts With Your Water Heater Installation, Edmonton

Water heater replacement can be a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of our professional plumbing experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton, replacing your current system with a new one has never been more straightforward. Whether you live within the city limits in a community such as Pleasant View or Riverbend, or you’re located in one of the surrounding areas such as Sherwood Park and St. Albert, we’d be honored to assist you with your Edmonton water heater installation.

To find out more about water heater installation, Edmonton property owners can feel free to get in touch with us by phone or by filling out our online job estimate request form for plumbing services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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