Limoges is a small, bustling Ontario town that is home to Canada’s largest themed Calypso waterpark, which tourists flock from all over to visit during the sweltering hot summers. We know that apart from recreational and leisurely water activities including wave pools, waterslides, and kiddie pools, Limoges residents are responsible homeowners who always aim to keep their homes’ freshwater and wastewater pipes intact. Our expert plumbers in Limoges are also convinced that property owners are participants in preventive maintenance and rely on an accredited plumbing company to perform regular check-ups.

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At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa our authorized, local, and fully insured Limoges plumber undertakes all your drainage line problems from a sewer line repair to a busted sump pump or backwater valve. Our professional plumbers are dutiful in expressing their amazing skills and style for a wide variety of plumbing inspections, repairs, and installations, according to industry standards.

Our Leading Limoges Plumbing Services

As an independent and local business contractor that serves not only Limoges but the nearby areas of Kanata, Nepean, or Orleans. We are always ambitious to provide genuine and effective solutions and do this only of course after actively listening to your difficulties and offering the most long-lasting solution. Our experienced team members always adjust to your busy schedule and arrive uniformed and prompt ready to go. There's no need to ask your neighbours or franctically search online for a "plumber near me" considering we provide one of the best and most exceptional plumbing services in your area. For those who remain hesitant, we offer a no-obligation consultation where we can explore options for updating your home’s plumbing system. We always best advise you to seek out an accredited plumber. Limoges residents should never compromise on their home's fresh water supply and wastewater disposal system as it's literally your lifeline.

All the Gizmos and Gadgets: How Our Limoges Plumbers Do Repair and Replacement

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

If your sewer line happens to be cracked and fractured, our plumber in Limoges can mend it into pristine condition. Our trenchless pipe repair service utilizes minimally invasive methods, including sewer pipe relining or pipe bursting. There is no need to dig up a muddy ditch in your backyard too! For the former, if the damage is minor, for example, small cracks or holes, we will proceed to reline the pipe with an inflatable pouch.

Our Limoges plumber will insert a flexible tube spanning the entire length of the pipe which contains the pouch. Once the lining has been adjusted to the old pipe, your expert plumbers in Limoges will blow up the pouch to its peak, so it pushes up against the inside walls of your pipe. Once the inflatable pouch hardens and cures in place, the pouch is removed and in its place is a strong and sturdy new pipe lining that is free of any damage that would normally result in a leak. For the latter, if the damage is extensive along the entire pipe, for example, with gaping holes we will attempt to do a replacement using hydraulic bursting.

Your Limoges plumber threads in a new pipe by bursting the old one into bits and pieces, section by section, and making room for a new one. This isn’t exactly complicated if done by a pro and can be completed within a standard business day.

Water Heater Repair

We all rely on our hot water supply, whether it’s to relax in a hot bath or shower or to do the dirty dishes. If you have a hot water tank, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s one of the highest energy users aside from your HVAC system. Whether you have a 50-gallon or 80-gallon unit, storing heated water requires a fair amount of energy consumption. Whether you have a tank-based or a tankless water heater, both have maintenance requirements that involve periodic flushing, cleaning and inspection.

Warning signs that you need water heater repair include:

  • Uneven temperature
  • Drop in water pressure
  • Discoloration
  • Odd noises inside unit
  • Clogged drain valve
  • Water leaks

Of course, some telltale signs also indicate that it may be time for a replacement. For example, your system is over ten years old, and the tank is leaking due to rust on the interior. But don’t fret! When hiring Mr. Rooter’s knowledgeable, certified plumber, Limoges homeowners will receive a hassle-free, comfortable experience and quality products for their new water heater installation.

Popsicle Pipes: Frozen Pipe Repairs

Sometimes what leads to a pipe repair and replacement is frozen pipes. If Limoges happens to encounter a cold snap in the thick of winter there is the likelihood that the frigid weather will increase the pressure inside of your pipes and result in leaks and bursts. If temperatures happen to fall below 14 °C, and you haven’t winterized non-heated areas of your home, such as your water heater or outdoor faucet, you could face the wrath of Old Man Winter by your pipes cracking up and leaking out. For that reason, we recommend plumbing insulation and winterization services with an experienced plumber. Limoges plumbers will use high-quality insulation materials to cover your supply lines, drain lines and even put a blanket around your hot water tank. It’s also crucial to winterize your hose bib during the winter; the process includes draining it and turning off the shut-off valve.

Additional Plumber Limoges Services

A sink filled with brown water in a Limoges home.

As your most versatile plumber, Limoges homeowners can rely on us for a wide range of preventative plumbing maintenance, and plumbing installations and repairs. We are committed to delivering guaranteed workmanship and highly considerate customer care. When in need of a skilled plumber, Limoges residents can also reach out to us for the following:

  • Sump pump services
  • Backwater valve maintenance
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Basement flood mitigation
  • Leaking toilet repair
  • Boiler service
  • Water line repair
  • French drain repair
  • Commercial plumbing service
  • Slab leak repair
  • Water softener system
  • And much more!

When it comes to maintaining clean water supply and directing wastewater away from your home, you can always rely on Mr. Rooter’s excellent, certified plumbers. Limoges homes are in safe hands!

Need a Trusted Plumber? Limoges Residents Choose Mr. Rooter!

Our credible Limoges plumber has surefire techniques for plumbing repairs and replacements no matter the ruse. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa, we contend for quality workmanship and phenomenal customer satisfaction as endorsed by our fair estimates and transparent, upfront pricing with no hidden fees, especially for 24/7 emergency services. If a plumbing problem has made your daily grooming routine topsy-turvy, we’d be more than willing to restore your plumbing system to proper order and give advice on how to leave your drain lines unscathed.

Contact our friendly team to schedule a no-obligation consultation or service appointment as our friendly customer service representatives are on standby.

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