Situated at the bend of the Ottawa and Madawaska rivers, Arnprior has brilliant historical relevance and has been one of the early routes and key hotspots for the fur trade hundreds of years ago as the river channels were accessed by canoe. Apart from being a powerhouse for a host of facilities from lumber mill production, hydropower generation, aerospace exploration, and farming it’s a short commute away from Canada’s capital region. Like any small Ontario town that is proud of its heritage, it makes sense that Arnprior residents showcase as much admiration for their humble abodes by practicing preventative maintenance for all their plumbing needs.

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At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa our accredited, licensed, and fully insured Arnprior plumbers can take care of all your freshwater supply and wastewater drain line issues from cracked and leaky pipes from cold temperatures to generic clogs and a broken garburator. Our professional plumbers are determined in proving their skills and advanced approaches for inspections, cleanings, repairs, and replacements.

Our Admirable Arnprior Plumbing Services

As a locally owned and operated business we travel not only to Arnprior but many areas near Ottawa, such as Kanata, Stittsville, and Mississippi Mills. We are strong proponents of providing accountable and practical solutions and always genuinely listen to your pain points for accurate and effective solutions. Our experienced team members are not just run-of-the-mill contractors looking to make a quick buck or upsell you any product or service.

We offer a no-obligation consultation in which we can dialogue and teach you more about how we can update your home’s plumbing system. And if you’re still hesitant rest assured that our transparent, upfront pricing is backed by a parts and labour guarantee, so if anything breaks down again we will return and make the necessary adjustments at no additional cost.

Don't give yourself the hassle of looking online for a "plumber near me" as given the fewer options in Arnprior as is we assure you we are one of the most excellent. Rather than relying on amateur contractors or DIY repairs, we always advise you to seek out a trustworthy plumber. Arnprior residents should never compromise on their home's fresh water supply and wastewater disposal system.

Pamper Yourself with a Streamy, Hot Refresh: Water Heater Repair or Installation

Are you all tapped out for hot water? If you’re getting prepared for your daily rituals only to find ice-cold water prickling your skin it’s most likely that your water heater is busted or deteriorating as you are finding it takes longer and longer to stoke hot the water running from your tap or showerhead. The average water heater lasts about a decade before it starts to become glitchy and sooner than you know it you’ll require a water heater repair or installation.

During our consultation, we can discuss options for customizing your ideal water heater. We can even best advise you on how to perform routine maintenance and regular cleanings based on the type of water heater your own. For example, a classic tank-based gas unit requires semi-annual flushing to remove built-up sediment.

Don’t get complacent and haphazardly assume your water heater is recharging itself for dispensing hot liquid when it’s actually about to go kaput. Call us today for a water heater service!

Crisis Communication: Emergency Plumbing Services

A plumbing crisis seems to occur at the most inopportune of moments like when having guests over for the holidays. Although there are potentially numerous problems that can unexpectedly pop up, our expert plumbers always have a trick or two to create a strategy for damage control from burst pipes and malfunctioning water heaters.

For example for a clogged drain emergency, first, your skilled plumber will conduct a plumbing diagnosis and inspection and carefully examine the health of your plumbing system, and assess all plumbing fixtures, drainage pipes, fresh water supply lines, and emergency devices like your backwater valve that stops raw sewage from being upchucked into your basement or your sump pump, which battles flooding from heavy rainfall. Because clogs are the most common household plumbing problem you'd be surprised to find out how many locations they can emerge in. Sometimes we can’t simply eyeball it so we’ll proceed to do a video camera inspection by inserting a small, waterproof camera in your drain lines and carefully maneuvering it around twists and bends to capture footage. The camera’s signal receiver helps to differentiate hot spots, for example, it can tell bigger clogs apart from smaller ones and allow us to prioritize. We’ll use all of this information to compile a verified report of recommendations and understand the nature of the plumbing emergency.

Next, if we happen to encounter a nasty clog that is blocking up your drain lines we’ll use a few tactics including using a drain snake or auger to loosen the debris. And if it simply won’t budge our failsafe method is to use HydroScrub® jetting which uses a highly pressurized stream of water, up to 3,500 PSI, to pulse away sticky debris and residue stuck to the inside of your pipe’s walls and is considered the root cause of your clog. The clog is readily pushed into your home’s sewer lateral and onwards into your municipal sewage system. And last but not least, if we find that your pipes have cracked and fractured under the extra pressure from the pesky clog that was just blasted away we can perform a pipe repair service using either one of two approaches: pipe relining or pipe bursting. Truly, the Mr. Rooter Plumbing experience is your one-stop shop for all your plumbing problems.

Your Eco Footprint: Biodegradable Drain Care

Are you a budding eco-enthusiast looking for a chemical-free approach to cleaning your home’s drainage pipes? At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa, we are big advocates for being environmentally friendly and always consider our eco-footprint by being sustainable, whether that’s offering a burst of water from HydroScrub® jetting or tweaking your water heater’s components like the pilot light, thermostat, and pressure-relief valve so it’s functioning once more and you don’t have to discard yet another heaping pile of metal to the landfill.

Our BioChoiceES solution is a natural-based solution that contains enzymes that scour away clog-causing substances through a live vegetative bacterial culture that readily consumes organic waste like oil, grease, soap scum, and more. If you have bought into the false advertising of conventional store-bought chemical drain cleaners you’ll soon realize that the chemicals can eventually corrode your pipes and are ineffective as they only slightly loosen the blockage. Plus they will weaken the structural integrity of your drainage pipes and make them more susceptible to cracks and eventually leakages On top of this you get to waft and inhale the toxic fumes from these chemical drain cleaners which impacts your health.

Mr. Rooter Is Your Best Choice for Expert Plumbing in Arnprior, ON

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Our reliable Arnpior plumbers have tactics for plumbing repairs and replacements no matter the situation. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa, we champion our values of quality workmanship and exceptional customer satisfaction for everything from routine drain repair to new water heater installation.

Don’t allow your daily routines to get jumbled up due to a nasty clog! Reach out to us to schedule a consultation or service appointment as one of our polite customer service representatives are on standby and sincerely awaiting your response!

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