Stittsville has a rich history that dates back to Canada's colonial era. Those familiar with the town's history know that Stittsville's residents have suffered from catastrophic damage in the past. Massive incidents like The Great Carleton Fire of 1870 aren't so common today, but major repairs continue to be a problem for people in Stittsville.

Plumbing issues are common for everybody living in Stittsville. Those living in older homes are more likely to experience major plumbing issues, but even people living in newer buildings are susceptible to problems like frozen pipes, clogs, and mainline blockage.

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Few plumbing fixtures last forever. Many of the essential systems in Stittsville buildings only last as long as ten to twenty years before they start showing signs of their age. The end result of those faulty fixtures is frequent failure — followed by complete dysfunction. Those dramatic results will come quicker if you don't get timely repairs and routine maintenance from local plumbers like Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa.

We're your locally owned plumbing service provider! If you're searching for Stittsville plumbers, you’re in the right place! Our team of licensed plumbers is ready to solve your problem with a wide range of plumbing services. We're dedicated to serving all our neighbours throughout the National Capital Region, and that includes offering all our popular services to the people of Stittsville.

Stittsville Plumbing Repair Service

Timely repairs are one of the most important services that people in Stittsville need, and every knowledgeable plumber on our team is an expert when it comes to providing reliable, guaranteed repairs for all kinds of plumbing.

Fixture failure is common for any system that gets used every day. The different parts of your toilet, hot water heater, and even your faucets are all slowly degrading with every flush and every sink full of dishes. You shouldn't worry though. The professionals at your local plumbing company will keep everything working properly. Whether you need toilet repair or solutions for an aging hot water heater, we’re here to fix your fixtures!

We Fix:

  • Leaking, frozen, & burst pipes
  • Dripping faucets
  • Toilet leaks
  • Clogged sinks
  • Hot water heaters
  • Sump pumps
  • Buried water lines
  • And much more!

Trenchless Repair Technology for Stittsvill

Are you worried about needing invasive repairs for sewer main damage or your water supply line? Digging a trench to access underground pipes does cause significant damage to landscaping. Even just cutting away drywall to access hidden pipes creates additional costly repairs.

If you live in Stittsville, you don't have to worry about the additional costs associated with invasive repairs. Our efficient plumbing solutions include advanced equipment for providing trenchless services like pipe lining and pipe bursting.

Our non-invasive plumbing technology makes major repairs less invasive and more efficient. If you're suffering from severe sewer damage, getting immediate assistance is important for minimizing damage, but you'll also benefit from choosing a professional plumber that utilizes trenchless technology.


  • It's much faster than traditional solutions
  • It causes less damage to other parts of your property
  • There’s less of a mess
  • It cuts costs
  • The results are long-lasting & extremely effective

Stittsville Drain Cleaning

Most people experience drain issues at some point during their life. Even communities like Stittsville are overflowing with clogged toilets and backed-up sinks. All drain pipes are susceptible to blockage, and they'll all be affected by natural build-up eventually. It's an unstoppable effect of using your plumbing.

You can decrease the effects of blockage — and your risks for stubborn clogs — by never flushing harmful materials like wet wipes and grease, but even safer products still cause jams. Soap scum, slime, and even just the natural minerals in Stittsville's water all contribute to blockage over time. Eventually, that grime will cause tough clogs and block your entire drain — unless you get regular drain cleaning service.

Blockage Build-up Warnings Include:

  • Frequent clogs
  • Gurgling toilets
  • Offensive odours
  • Slow drains
  • Wastewater backups
  • Sewage backups
  • Sink flies

Sewer System Backups in Stittsville

Some clogs don't start at the top of drain lines or in easily accessible components like p-traps. Your main sewer line is also vulnerable to drainage issues. Everything you flush away travels through that one pipe, which means that it gets affected by everything from your kitchen, bathroom, and other drains, but that's not all. Given that your main sewer line is outside and underground, it also has to contend with external issues like tree root penetration.

With so many sources of blockage, it's not surprising that clogs appear in sewer pipes. When tree roots puncture pipe walls, they spread out like debris nets and make those issues even more common. Clearing sewer blockage isn't possible with standard solutions, but people in Stittsville can always get professional help to completely clear their sewer main — and fix any damage — before those issues result in a plumbing disaster.


Every experienced plumber keeps a wide variety of equipment around for any situation. Out of all our trusted plumbing solutions, we like using HydroScrub® jetting equipment most of all. Using powerful jets of pressurized water, we blast away grime and obliterate blockage — our equipment is even strong enough to cut away roots!

Commercial Plumbing Services for Stittsville, ON

We aren't just your local residential plumbers. Stittsville's businesses need a high level of service for keeping their pipes, drains, and fixtures working properly, and our team can provide that exceptional service!

If you need a fully licensed, and insured plumber to work on your complicated commercial systems, we’re here for you! Our team has experience working with commercial systems and providing reliable solutions for problems in many different businesses, across many industries. If you need maintenance, inspections, repairs, installation, or replacement service, we have specific solutions for your commercial property.

Our Commercial Expertise Includes:

  • Kitchen, utility, & floor drains
  • Public washrooms
  • Grease traps
  • Backflow prevention devices
  • Heavy-duty sinks
  • Industry-specific drainage
  • Routine maintenance
  • Emergency services

Emergency Services

It doesn't take long for common leaks to become unique disasters. Time is an important factor for all plumbing repairs. Those failing fixtures won't wait until you're ready for them. They can strike any time, and fixing them quickly is the only way to reduce their negative effects.

As your local plumbers, we stay available 24/7 to help with sudden plumbing emergencies. Our emergency services are always available — at no extra cost. Our first priority is making sure that everything in your property is flowing properly, and we always provide a safe, worry-free experience. If a water stain on your ceiling is rapidly increasing — or if you spot any other serious warning signs — we’re ready to help, any time of the day or night!

Plumbing Emergency Warning Signs Include:

  • Multiple back-ups across every room
  • Clogs that can't be cleared
  • Wastewater backing up into other drains when toilets flush
  • Black, revolting sewage seeping out of drains
  • Repulsive sewer odours
  • Damp stains spreading across walls & ceilings
  • Hairline cracks that start at your foundation
  • Isolated flooding in your lawn
  • Unusually high water bills

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All our services, parts, and work are fully guaranteed, and each of our professional plumbers is fully trained, certified, and licensed. Many of them have been helping people in and around Ottawa for years!

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