7 Signs You Need Ottawa Sewer Pipe Lining Service

7 Signs You Need Ottawa Sewer Pipe Lining Service

Plumbing leaks are a costly headache. These leaks may be small, but they can waste at least 90 gallons of water each day. Not only is this going to damage your wallet from a hefty water bill, but it can also cause a lot of issues within your entire sewage system.

How can you know for sure if you need sewer pipe lining services? Read our guide to know the seven signs indicating it’s time to call an Ottawa plumber today.

1. Strange Smells Around the Home

Sewer pipe problems can be a smelly issue. People who have smelled sewer before know it is a distinct smell that you think you can't miss. However, when the smell is coming through the house, it may not be as noticeable.

In some cases, the home may smell musty or have a mildew odour. It can be an unmistakable smell in other cases.

Pay close attention to any odd smells around the house. The drains especially should be checked for any sewage smells. A nasty smell is a common sign that you need a sewer line repair. You should call Ottawa plumbers right away if you suspect the pipes in your home are causing bad smells.

Sewer pipes that are properly maintained and in good shape will keep the smells inside. Keeping these smells inside the pipes is a benefit of replacing your sewer line when necessary. Keep those smells out and enjoy a well-working sewer line.

2. Gurgling Noises From Toilets

Yes, your toilet makes noise when you flush it, as it should. But, any noise when it is not in use is cause for concern.

The noises you should look out for are sounds of running water, bubbling sounds, or gurgling noises. Any of these noises could mean you have a damaged sewer line.

A bubbling noise is usually a precursor for a sewage backup in the home. So, if you are hearing that noise, you're probably dealing with a clog in your sewer line. The clog keeps the water from going into the sewer, so it gets pushed up back into the toilet.

The air bubbles come up with the water making a bubbling noise. This noise may seem like a small issue, but if you don't get it repaired, you could end up with more sewage issues later on. Plumbing services in Ottawa can unclog the line or find other issues that are occurring from the bubbling.

You can help prevent backups in your sewer line by following a few set of rules. These tips include:

Properly Disposing of Grease

A heat-resistant container should always be used to properly dispose of grease. Never put hot grease or grease that has been cooled off in the drain. Even washing grease down the drain with hot water will not help.

The grease will solidify in the drain after it cools. This can eventually cause the main sewer to clog.

Properly Dispose of Paper Products

Paper towels, hygienic wipes, feminine products, and diapers do not deteriorate quickly. This can cause a lot of problems within the sewer line and the city's mainline.

Periodically Cut Tree Roots

Believe it or not, tree roots can cause issues within the sewer line. To combat this, you need to have the roots cut by a professional regularly.

Replace Line With Plastic Pipe

If you are still having issues with tree roots, you can get plastic piping. Plastic pipes can prevent tree roots from coming in the line.

Correct Illegal Plumbing Connections

Your sanitary sewer line should not have a french drain, sump pumps, or any other type of flood control system connected. Connecting these systems is illegal and can make debris clog your line. A plumber can correct any illegal connections that may have pre-existed.

Install a Backwater Prevention Valve

A backwater prevention valve can be installed into the sewer line, and in some cases, the drain line. This can be installed in a residential or commercial building to prevent sewer backflows.

This device, when properly installed and maintained, will get sewage out and not let it come back in. Only qualified plumbers will be able to install a backwater prevention valve.

3. Drains Aren't Working

If your drains just aren't draining, you could have an issue. A very common issue in the world of plumbing is a clogged drain. Even though they are common, they can still mean you have serious issues with the sewer pipe lining.

You won’t know how bad your clog is until you call plumbers in Ottawa. It's the only way to figure it out.

Don't try to unclog the drain yourself using a chemical drain cleaner. This can cause more damage to your overall plumbing system. Normally, these cleaners won't be able to fix the problem anyway.

A minor clog can be removed quickly and easily by your plumber. It won't even cost you a hefty bill.

Drains that are moving slowly because of a sewer line issue can only be fixed by a professional. Don't even think about googling DIY fixes because you won't be able to get it done and will risk making the problem worse.

4. Very Green Lawn

If your lawn is super green, that could be a bad thing. No matter how pretty and healthy it may look, it could be the effect of a sewer line problem.

Sewage can do incredible things for the plants and grass surrounding your home. If your lawn is looking suspiciously lush out of nowhere, it could be from a problem underneath the soil.

If your lawn was once patchy but is now lush, this may be a sign. If your lawn is fertilizer free, but see plants growing more and more, this could mean you have sewer issues.

A sewer line replacement may be necessary if you wait too long to get this issue fixed. Green grass may be nice, but at some point, the sewage will get backed up into your home. If you suspect something is wrong by looking at the changes in your lawn, call a plumber right away.

5. Mouldy Walls

A damaged sewer pipe lining will increase the humidity in your home and cause mould problems. Mould and mildew can grow on your walls in the home, even in areas that don't have plumbing fixtures.

Look for discoloration issues on the walls or spreading colours coming from the bottom of the toilet. These are signs that you need an immediate appointment with your plumber.

Sewer pipes are not the only cause of mouldy walls. This issue can occur because of problems with your HVAC system.

Call your plumber first if you aren't sure. Ottawa plumbers are able to rule out plumbing issues if that is not the case. The problem can be fixed for good once you get a professional opinion.

6. Soft Spots Outside

If you are noticing unusual puddles or soft spots around the yard, you could have sewer line issues. A properly watered landscaping will dry up moisture within a few hours because the water runs down to the roots.

If puddles remain long after watering, you should call a plumber. Seeing puddles and soft spots in areas of your landscaping usually mean you have a problem with your sewer line.

You may not notice these puddles and soft spots easily just by looking. After a watering session, walk around the yard. If you feel any soft spots or hear squelching noises when you step, the sewer line may have leached into the soil.

7. Increase of Pests

Rats and mice running around the home are never welcome. These unwanted critters have a way of showing up when your sewer line is compromised.

When your sewer system is damaged, your sewage has a way of remaining in places it shouldn’t — your home! However, this is a sought-after oasis for vermin.

If you don't get this plumbing issue fixed, chances are, the pests will begin nesting in your walls. This will cause an entirely different issue that you will have to deal with. You should call your plumber and a pest control specialist to get the issue taken care of immediately.

A pest control expert will be able to deal with any infestation that has happened anywhere around or in the home. The plumber can then fix the sewer line damage that attracted the pests in the first place. This will keep them from coming back after pest control professionals have taken care of them.

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Get Sewer Pipe Lining Services Now!

If you are dealing with any of these seven issues, you may need sewer pipe lining service. Our Ottawa plumbers can provide you with the services you need. Once your plumbing job has been completed, you can enjoy a free plumbing diagnosis and inspection complimentary of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa.

For more information on sewer pipe lining services, contact us and request a job estimate quote today.