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When your boiler isn’t working the way it should, the best way to take care of it is to call Mr. Rooter® Plumbing. Why are we a better option than other plumbers? Because we provide durable repairs at flat-rate prices—providing our customers with peace of mind. Also, because we provide repairs on the first visit, the solution to your boiler problem is always just one phone call away.

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Boilers are a great, energy-efficient way to keep your home warm. Relying on the flow of hot water through pipes in your walls and floors, boilers use radiant heat rather than blowers to keep your home heated. This means more consistent warmth with no draft through your house. However, this also means your home’s heating is vulnerable to leaky pipes or an aging boiler.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing has the tools and experience to quickly assess your boiler, diagnose your problem, and provide the exact repairs you need. With 24-hour emergency service, our plumbing experts can keep your home warm at any hour of the day. For proactive homeowners, our maintenance service makes sure you’re not blindsided by boiler issues. Whether you need repair or replacement, we have the licensed  and insured plumbers you need to get the job done.

Call to schedule service with our team. We offer in-home estimates for boiler installations, so give us a call as soon as possible!

What's Wrong With My Boiler?

Without consistent maintenance, years of buildup can cause boilers to fail. Mineral buildup creates pressure in your pipes, causing leaks on a frequent basis. Your boiler can also be made less efficient through air in your pipes. If your boiler is older than 15 years, your pump could be about to fail. Any of these factors could lead to less effective heating—or no heating at all.

Common boiler problems include:

  • Little water in the system
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Leaking pipes or radiator
  • Broken pilot light

Repairs for your boiler are just a phone call away. Our licensed  and insured plumbers are ready 24/7 to make sure your home is warm and comfortable. Call or request an online appointment today!

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