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Get in touch with our plumbing professionals for any type of system repair. Here at Mr. Rooter Plumbing, our emphasis is excellence in service and customer satisfaction means that you can rely on us completely—even for the most challenging of plumbing tasks, such as a damaged sewer line repair. Just give us a call to learn more about our services and standards.

Repair for Damaged Sewer Lines

Our licensed plumbing specialists are trained and experienced in both residential and commercial plumbing services. We know that damaged sewer lines are a major problem. Fortunately, you have the Mr. Rooter Plumbing team on your side! We use the best techniques and the most advanced equipment to resolve these severe plumbing issues, so you can expect fast, efficient resolution.

Sewer pipes are often expensive issues to resolve, and they can also pose a health risk. It’s important to know the signs of sewer pipe damage so that you can obtain professional help quickly—before the problem escalates further or impacts your health.

What Causes Damaged Sewer Pipes?

There are different problems associated with different types of sewer pipelines:

  • Cast iron pipes can get corroded and lead to rust and breaks.
  • ABS / PVC plastic pipes can crack if water temperatures are too high.
  • Clay pipes are susceptible to cracks when the earth moves if they are not correctly installed.
  • All pipe types can be broken by water pressure and/or ground pressure.

Need Sewer Line Replacement?

Whether your sewer line is posing a health hazard or needs to be replaced for better performance, our licensed plumbing experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing can advise you on what options are best for your household and your budget. We work openly with you so that you are completely satisfied with our sewer line replacement services. You can trust that we will never try to upsell an unnecessary product or service while working on your home—in fact, we offer completely upfront prices! In addition, we offer alternative sewer line repair and replacement methods that are less-invasive than traditional methods involving a lot of digging and refilling of your yard and landscaping.

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Not only does our team make sure that every client receives the best service, we also take the time to explain the problem and how we can fix it. We provide all the information you need and make sure to thoroughly answer all your questions.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing also provides on-location estimates for every project before we start. Call us at (855) 591-0128 today!

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