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Have you ever been bathing or showering and had the sneaking suspicion that you’re damaging your walls? If your tub is bordered by standard drywall, that may be the case! Thankfully, installing a tub enclosure can keep your home safe from mould and water damage while improving your bathing and showering experience.

If you don’t already have a tub enclosure, don’t worry! The experienced professionals at Mr. Rooter® Plumbing are here to help you with all your residential tub enclosure installation needs.

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So what exactly is a tub enclosure? Bathtub enclosures, also called bathtub surrounds, are large covers that attach to the wall to protect it from water, soap, and other damage. Depending on the bathtub’s location, they can even improve privacy.

Tub and shower enclosures can be made of a variety of different materials. Some of the most common materials are:

  • Fiberglass
  • Marble
  • Composite stone
  • Tile
  • Moulded acrylic panels

The choice of material largely boils down to cost and aesthetics. Materials like marble and composite stone are generally more expensive, while materials like fiberglass and acrylic panels tend to be more affordable. Each material provides the same benefits for your bathtub.

Tub surrounds do more than just protect your walls; they improve your washing experience. Many tub enclosures come with optional shelving that can add storage or handrails that make for a safer bathing experience. There are even tub enclosures that add a sliding glass door to your bath shower combo. These eliminate the need for a shower curtain and reduce the likelihood of water spilling onto your floor.

No matter which tub enclosure material or design you choose, the helpful professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing will install it correctly and efficiently. If there are any issues with the enclosure post-installation, simply let us know and we’ll come and fix it at no charge. That’s our Neighbourly Done Right Promise™!

Tub Enclosure Installation FAQs

What factors influence the cost of tub enclosure installation?

The primary factors that impact the cost of a tub enclosure installation are the size of the tub, the material of the enclosure, and the layout of the washroom. Some layouts don’t fit standard tub enclosures, which can lead to higher costs. Generally, materials will be the primary driver of cost fluctuations.

What are the benefits of a tub enclosure?

Tub enclosures are primarily useful for protecting your walls from water damage. When you shower or bathe in a bathtub without an enclosure, it’s easy for water to splash onto the walls. While some water on your walls isn’t a cause for concern provided that they are properly treated, repeated water exposure can cause problems. Another benefit is that your painted surfaces don’t suffer from soap stains and other unsightly marks.

In addition to these primary benefits, some enclosures include rails that make bathing safer and more accessible. Some also include shelving that eliminates the need for a shower caddy.

Do I need a professional to install a tub enclosure?

Tub enclosure installation is a complex task that is best left to professionals. The enclosure must be installed properly to avoid mould growth and other issues that can occur if the enclosure is not properly sealed.

Can tub enclosures be repaired?

Yes, a tub enclosure that has been damaged or is no longer sealed properly can be repaired. We recommend hiring a professional to help with any tub enclosure repair needs. In the event that repairs are not possible, tub enclosure replacement may be necessary.

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