Residential Septic System Services

Septic System Repair and Service

Your septic system goes largely unnoticed. Until, of course, something goes terribly wrong. When that happens, it's’ important to address the problem immediately. Septic systems handle all sorts of bacteria and other dangerous substances that can compromise the health and safety of your family and pets if left untreated. So when there's an issue with your system, every minute counts.

Septic Tank Pumping

A well-maintained septic system is clean, odorless, and runs smoothly—all because it undergoes a septic pumping service every three to five years. Does that sound like your septic tank? If not, it might be a good time to re-evaluate your septic system maintenance plan.

Septic Drain Field Installation

About 15% of Canadian homes rely on private septic systems to process household waste. That means millions of Canadians count on their septic tanks and leach fields to keep their homes running normally. When something goes wrong with any part of a septic system, there’s no time to lose. Untreated septic issues can lead to sewage backups inside or outside the home.

Septic Drain Field Service and Cleaning

Drain field pipes play an important role for homes with septic tanks. The septic system depends on the drain field to efficiently distribute waste back into the ground, which helps prevent septic backups. Mr. Rooter® Plumbing is the licensed local plumber you need for effective drain field services.

Septic System Installation

Mr. Rooter provides residential Septic Tank Installation and Replacement services. Contact us for more information!

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