Commercial Septic Services and Repairs

Off-the-beaten-path businesses often rely on septic systems for waste management. That means you also deal with commercial septic system maintenance. Mr. Rooter® Plumbing keeps everything running cleanly (and the toilets flushing smoothly!) with regular service and repair on your business’s septic tanks.

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Types of Commercial-Grade Septic Tank Treatment We Offer

When you call us to your business, we provide prompt, reliable service for your septic system. Call us for general maintenance and repairs, including:

  • Septic tank installation and replacement
  • Septic pipe repair
  • Tank pumping
  • Component repair and replacement
  • Blocked pipe clearing
  • Root damage repair
  • Compartment overflow repair

Signs You Need to Call for Septic Tank Repair

So, you get your tank pumped when you’re supposed to. How do you know when you need to call someone in for repairs? Here are some signs that something’s wrong with your septic tank:

  1. Sewage smells. You shouldn’t smell strong scents of sewage from your septic tank if it’s in good health. You most likely lost your fresh-smelling air to an overflowing tank.
  2. Standing water above your system. An overfull tank often causes standing water around your tank or drainage field. You may also notice that your grass is greener above your tank, pointing to leaking water.
  3. Dying grass or plants. If your grass is dying instead of flourishing, that’s a sign your tank is leaking untreated wastewater.
  4. Low flush power or slow-draining water. Clogged drains or backed-up tanks lead to water not draining correctly since it has nowhere to go. A sluggishly draining sink or toilet points to a blockage.

Finding Commercial Septic Service Near Me

Get things flowing freely and cleanly with professional plumbing services to address any issues in your tank. When you schedule an appointment, we send in plumbers who provide fast and easy service to get your business back to normal as soon as possible. Request an estimate online for regular maintenance or get emergency service 24/7 when you call us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repair my own septic system?

No, we do not recommend you repair your septic system yourself. Commercial septic systems are large and often have more complicated moving parts to keep things flowing. Trust your septic repairs to professionals with years of experience instead of accidentally damaging your system during upkeep.

How often do I need septic tank service?

It depends on the size and configuration of the septic system, as well as wastewater flow rate. On average, a large business with heavy, consistent waste flow should get its tank serviced every year. A smaller workplace with inconsistent or lighter washroom and water use can wait up to three years between services.

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