Well-known for being a high-tech suburb just outside Canada’s capital, Kanata is a small, hustling, and bustling town established at the bend of the Ottawa Valley and close to the Ottawa River. We know that amidst the innovation and excitement, some of the fastest-growing communities in Ontario have made Kanata their home. Apart from the novelty galore the town boasts, Kanata also offers endless outdoor recreational activities year-round, from wide open green golf courses to public swimming pools and retro cycling bike paths to rustic hiking trails. In wintertime, the leisurely enjoyment continues with a visit to the ski club or snowshoeing on the glorious Ottawa West Winter Trail. So, there is truly something for everyone. Being such a great place to live, that's why we know residents in Kanata invest in themselves as they know they deserve the very best, especially when it comes to responsible homeownership. This is where having a trusted Kanata plumber is crucial. 

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa, our certified, licensed, and fully insured Kanata plumber handles all your fresh water supply and drainage pipe needs, from leaky faucets to clogged drains or a faulty toilet. Our professional plumbers are eager to showcase their skills, knowledge, and tactics for professional inspections, cleanings, repairs, and replacements. 

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Our Kanata Plumber Is At Your Disposal

We are a locally owned and operated business, and apart from Kanata, we also serve nearby areas of Barrhaven, Nepean, Vanier, and beyond. Mr. Rooter Plumbing advocates for our clients by actively listening to their pain points and conjuring up effective and authentic solutions as all Kanata residents choose to vote with their dollars. Our competent team of Kanata plumbers will adjust to your convenient schedule, including accommodating any holidays, weekends, or 24/7 emergencies, as we understand a plumbing crisis occurs at the most inopportune moments. Upon arrival, our expert emergency plumber in Kanata will conduct a thorough plumbing inspection before proceeding any further. 

If you’re still hesitant about committing to a plumbing service, we even offer a no-obligation consultation and parts and labour guarantee so if you remain unsatisfied with the result, we will return within the date of services rendered to make the proper adjustments. Some shoddy plumbing contractors don’t offer an examination of your home’s plumbing system and charge you exorbitant costs in hidden fees. There’s no need to ask your neighbours or search online for a Kanata “plumbers near me” as we are a qualified plumbing services provider. We only offer transparent, upfront pricing and will never upsell you a product or service. We always best advise you to inquire about a credible, local Kanata plumber. You should never bargain away their home’s plumbing system as you could compromise your safety. 

Kanata Plumber As Inspector Gadget: Specialized Plumbing Tools And Techniques 

By definition, our skilled Kanata plumbers will conduct an extensive observation of your home’s plumbing fixtures, drain and vent systems, water pressure in your filtration systems, supply and drains lines, main shut-off valve, and more. Depending on what your plumber in Kanata discovers, they will set the best course of action. For example, for a nasty clogged drain, they will utilize a few key techniques. Your trained Kanata plumber is well-equipped with the appropriate tricks up their Mr. Rooter Plumbing sleeves and will try out a wide variety of solutions, from drain snaking to video camera inspection, soil probes, infrared detection, and pressure testing. For example, one combination they may use to get rid of a clog in your bathroom sink is video camera inspection and drain snakes. 

Your Kanata plumbers may not have X-ray vision, but a drain camera inspection is the next best thing. These specialized video cameras are small, waterproof cameras attached to a flexible cable and bright LED light, and these devices help determine your sewer line's condition. The camera is inserted in your drain lines and carefully navigated around the twists, turns, crevices, and bends until it encounters the location of the blockage. The live footage is displayed in real-time on a CCTV monitor for you to witness as your Kanata plumber points out the aftermath of the clog, including any cracks, fractures, and resulting leaks in your pipes. Apart from the clog, they may encounter other disastrous things like invading tree roots, too. 

After the drain line inspection, if your plumber in Kanata finds the clog is shallow, they will attempt to use an auger to drill through the blockage. A long, slender cable with a pointed end is interested in the drain pipes again, and once it encounters the blockage, it deeply penetrates it using a spiraling motion. Once it completely cinches the blockage, it slowly pulls backward, bringing it out towards the pipes. Although you can buy conventional and drill augers from your local home hardware store, it’s ill-advised as if you don’t have the proper hand-eye coordination or dexterity, you can readily damage and scuff your pipes. Plus, if you don’t do it properly, you may only break off bits and pieces of the clog and only loosen it rather than completely remove it. Instead, relying on an expert plumber to take care of this sticky situation. If augering doesn’t work, they have other innovative methods, for example, hydro jetting, to blast the clog away. 

How Your Kanata Plumber Handles Tree Roots Intrusion 

If your plumber encounters tree roots during the drain camera inspection, they will suggest removing them to prevent further complications. If large billowing canopies border the outskirts of your home, they are bound to one day invade your home’s sewer line. Because tree roots grow horizontally rather than vertically, they can grow a vast distance from the tree’s trunk deep underneath your home’s plumbing system. As soon as they detect humidity and moisture from a fractured pipe, these pesky tree roots expand onwards towards your drain pipes and wrap around only to pierce and picture your pipe’s walls. Once they’ve nestled into the pooled wastewater inside your pipes, they’ll use it as a source of nourishment and sustenance as the roots begin filling the full length of your drainage pipes. Not only will your pipes become suffocated, but the added pressure will make them rupture, resulting in further leaks. But no probs when you hire your professional plumber. Kanata homeowners will get valuable information from the drain camera inspection, during which we’ll suss out the root cause and the troublesome spot. Using high-pressure water jets, our skilled plumber in Kanata will effortlessly blast all the roots away. Hydro jetting breaks and snaps off these roots, leaving your drainage pipes clean and clear. If the damage is severe, we’ll go the extra mile to give your pipes the quick fix with a pipe repair, either a relining or busting service, as one of our specialization areas is trenchless sewer line repair or replacement.

What Else Should You Expect From A Professional Plumber? Kanata Residents Can Benefit From: 

  • Professional drain cleaning services for any clogged drain issues
  • Effective toilet repairs for running toilets
  • Slab leak repairs for broken lines underneath your slab foundation
  • Sump pump repairs when float switches are stuck, or the discharge pipe isn’t effectively directing excess water away from your home
  • Clogged dishwasher drain hose or other issues concerning drain line piping
  • Backflow prevention installation so your indoor and outdoor faucet provides you  
  • Burst pipe repair for cracked water lines due to water hammer, increased pressure or corroded pipes. Or leaky pipe repairs due to cracks or loose joints.
  • Water heater repair or installation, whether you need to replace your current hot water tank or want to upgrade to a tankless water heater
  • Frozen pipe repair includes professional thawing and insulating your plumbing system

When hiring Mr. Rooter Plumbing’s qualified plumber, Kanata residents will get the peace of mind of knowing that our experienced technicians will go above and beyond to meet their plumbing needs. Not only will unnoticed broken pipes have a negative impact on your water bills, but they’ll also put your family and home at risk. Thus, your local Kanata plumbers are committed to delivering exceptional workmanship and superior customer service.

Looking For A Kanata Plumber Near Me? Mr. Rooter Plumbing Is Your Go-To Choice

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Our trustworthy Kanata plumbers have foolproof techniques for plumbing repairs and replacements, no matter the stumbling block. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa, we aim for quality workmanship and outstanding customer satisfaction. 

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