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Low water pressure is a widely discussed plumbing problem in Ottawa, ON, but a less discussed—and equally important—problem is high water pressure. Though some homeowners enjoy high pressure in their showers and kitchen or bathroom faucets, intense pressure can lead to all kinds of problems. Some of the main issues include leaking pipes, plumbing fittings and appliances that deteriorate and fail before their time, unnecessarily high utility bills, and clunking pipes. If you think your home may have excess pressure, investing in pressure reducing valve installation in Ottawa is a great solution.

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A pressure reducing valve with a pressure gauge installed in a residential plumbing system in Ottawa, ON.

Pressure reducing valves (PRVs), also known as water pressure regulators, reduce the amount of operating pressure that flows in from your service line to the rest of your home. An experienced Ottawa plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa can efficiently install these devices to help you avoid costly repairs due to high pressure down the road. To book an appointment for pressure reducing valve installation in Ottawa or to get a replacement or repair, call us. We’re ready to go full steam ahead in making your home’s plumbing system work for you!

Looking for more information first? Check out our helpful article on our PRV installation service below. If you still have questions at the end, feel free to get in touch, and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Why You May Need Pressure Reducing Valve Installation in Ottawa

One of the long-term problems you may experience with plumbing is water pressure variability. Weak PSI (pounds-force per square inch) is identifiable through plumbing fixtures that produce a weak flow of water, clothing that comes out of the washing machine still dirty, and dishwashers that must be run for longer to get dishes clean. This issue in and of itself is frustrating enough to encourage homeowners to call a plumber, but when it comes to high PSI, you may be less inclined to do something about it.

High PSI won’t interrupt your day-to-day routine and may even allow you to complete certain tasks more quickly. However, this greater efficiency isn’t often worth the havoc high PSI can wreak on your plumbing system. Though higher PSI may be appropriate for industrial applications, it’s generally recommended that residential homes and institutional facilities maintain a PSI of somewhere between 40 and 80. When incoming water enters your home, it does not always fall in this range. In some cases, the delivery pressure can be between 150 and 200 PSI. This excessive pressure has the following effect:

  • Noisy pipes. When water flows through your pipes at a high PSI and then is immediately halted when you turn off your tap, a phenomenon called a 'water hammer' might occur. A water hammer produces a loud bang as the water hits the shut-off valve at high speed and force. Not only is this sound annoying, but it can lead to broken pipes as well.
  • Damaged fixtures. Downstream appliances and fixtures in your home aren’t built to withstand such high PSIs. In residential applications, hose bibs (the connectors for common garden hoses), faucets, shower heads, hot water tanks, washing machines, dishwashers and more can all break down and develop leaks due to water pressure issues. Damage to appliances is sometimes avoided due to water pressure regulators within the appliances themselves, but not all units come with this added protection.
  • Pressure differences. Do you sometimes have high PSI and other times struggle with a lack of pressure? Though the name ‘pressure reducing valve’ suggests that these devices only lower PSI, they’re designed to regulate PSI and produce a constant pressure. By ensuring your water supply is delivered at consistently safe levels, less PSI will be placed on your pipes, joints and fixtures.

How Pressure Reducing Valves Work

To understand how pressure reducing valves in Ottawa work, you first need a rudimentary understanding of how your home’s plumbing system works. Under the streets of your Ottawa neighbourhood, the main sewer line and clean water line deliver water and collect wastewater from residential and commercial buildings. Between your main shut-off valve and the city’s lines are a sanitary sewer line that your sinks, toilet and showers drain into, as well as a service line that delivers cold fresh water into your property. A water meter measures the intake and transmits this data to your utility company, which then uses this information to generate your utility bill.

The main shut-off valve is the location at which all water enters your home. From this point, it branches off. Some goes to your water heater, while the rest goes to your appliances and plumbing fixtures. If the distribution pressure is high upon entry to your home, it will be high when it flows through the rest of your water pipes, fixtures, and appliances. To fix this, our licensed plumbers can install a PRV right next to the point of entry into your home.

There are multiple components to a PRV, some of which include:

  • Inlet port. The point at which the inlet flow enters the valve. An inlet pressure gauge may also be present, depending on the valve purchased.
  • Outlet port. The point at which water exits the device at the appropriate transmission pressure.
  • Spring-loaded diaphragm. This component (also called a loading element) restricts the flow when PSI is high and stops an additional increase of pressure. Likewise, it increases the flow when PSI is low.
  • Adjustment screw. This screw can be tightened or loosened depending on how much the diaphragm needs to open or close to alter the downward pressure. The screw alters the amount of tension on the spring. An external sensor may also be used.

Our Pressure Reducing Valve Installation Service

If you’re currently dealing with inconsistent or uncomfortably high PSI, you may automatically assume that your home does not have a PRV. These devices have been installed in new homes for several decades. If your home was built before the 1980s, it’s possible that you don’t have one installed. On the other hand, if your home was built in the 1990s, you likely already have one. PRVs don’t have an overly long lifespan, so chances are that even if you do have one, it needs replacement.

When you hire one of our experienced plumbers for pressure reducing valve installation in Ottawa—including the communities of Gatineau, Nepean, Kanata and more—you’ll receive professional plumbing services that are done right the first time. PRV installation is a tricky business and requires expert knowledge to do properly. Our workmanship and parts are guaranteed, so you’ll have peace of mind that you won’t have to pay for multiple service appointments to get the job done right.

As certified and licensed plumbers, we have the knowledge and expertise to:

  • Measure the supply pressure
  • Calculate flow rates to determine the right PRV for your home
  • If needed, complete the installation of pipes required to support your new PRV
  • Set a value for controlled pressure through the frequent adjustment of the adjustment screw and testing of the new downstream pressure

Once we’ve completed your service, we’ll verify that there's a noticeable decline in PSI, ensure that we clean up after ourselves thoroughly and take the time to answer any questions you may have. Should you have any questions or concerns following your service appointment, we encourage you to contact our office.

Prolonging The Life Of A Pressure Reducing Valve in Ottawa

If you’ve owned your home for a decade or more, chances are that you’ve dealt with a faulty pressure regulator—or you’re about to be acquainted with one. Many homeowners and business owners in Ottawa assume that hiring an experienced plumber for maintenance is an unnecessary expense. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa, we’re firm believers that preventative maintenance is key to saving money over the long run. As far as pressure reducing valves are concerned, the longer you can keep yours in great condition, the less frequently you’ll have to replace this device. One of the major benefits of an annual plumbing inspection is that it can help you catch problems that can be easily fixed before worsening and requiring replacement.

To prolong the lifespan of your new pressure reducing valve installation in Ottawa, we suggest doing the following:

  • Cleaning out sediment and debris within the device’s integral strainer
  • Looking for signs of wear and tear, such as missing seals and leaks
  • Addressing signs of damage or deterioration immediately by calling a professional plumber

While you can do the above maintenance and inspection tasks above, most homeowners in Ottawa prefer to hire plumbers to perform maintenance for them. In an emergency, thread tape and brush on the thread seal can be used to fix a leak temporarily.

FAQs For Pressure Reducing Valve Installation in Ottawa

Can I Do A Pressure Reducing Valve Installation in Ottawa By Myself?

While property owners may be physically capable of installing a pressure reducing valve on their own, this is not recommended. There are many reasons why you should choose a plumber instead of doing installations and repairs yourself, the most important of which are your safety and installation quality.

A pressure reducing valve installation in Ottawa is complex work. Fiddling around with this project on your own could take hours or even days, whereas a professional plumber will be able to do the job in a fraction of the time. All plumbing work must also be done to code, and unless you’re an expert in plumbing code within the city of Ottawa, your installation may not be code compliant.

How Much Does Pressure Reducing Valve Installation in Ottawa Cost?

The cost of pressure reducing valve installation in Ottawa depends on the type of device you choose as well as the plumbing infrastructure you currently have in place. We’re proud to be one of the few professional plumbing companies that not only offer upfront pricing but also charge by the job rather than the hour. We’ll never charge you overtime for a job that takes us longer than anticipated.

Though we can’t give an exact quote without taking a look at your property first, most of our customers find that the amount they’ll save on utility bills as a result of getting a pressure reducing valve installed far outweighs the cost of the device and labour to get it installed.

How Long Does A Pressure Reducing Valve Last?

Compared to other types of plumbing infrastructure, pressure reducing valves have a relatively short lifespan of only about five years. A major factor in service life is how much you use your PRV and how high your incoming water pressure is. One of the reasons why plumbing maintenance in Ottawa is important is because it can stretch the lifespan of your PRV further. Even if you only get one extra year out of it, that’s one extra year you can go without replacing it.

Will A Pressure Reducing Valve Be Enough To Stop Water Hammering?

In most cases, water hammers can be stopped with pressure reducing valve installation in Ottawa, ON. This is one of the least invasive strategies, but some additional options to consider include:

  • Installing a water hammer arrestor within your plumbing system
  • Installing an air chamber
  • Adding elbows and expansion loops

What’s The Difference Between A Pressure Reducing Valve and a Pressure Relief Valve?

Though they sound very similar, a pressure relief valve is not the same as a pressure reducing valve. Whereas a PRV regulates PSI, a pressure relief valve is intended to release pressure beyond the safe level within a device. For example, hot water tanks tend to have pressure relief valves to release PSI that builds beyond safe levels to avoid explosions. Pressure relief valve failure can therefore be a significant safety hazard.

Likewise, a check valve differs from a PRV in that it is a one-way system that opens and closes to allow or prevent water flow.

Say Goodbye to High PSI With A Pressure Reducing Valve Installation in Ottawa, ON!

As a locally owned and operated professional plumbing company, we're passionate about providing residents within and around the Ottawa area with top-quality plumbing services. Whether you'd like to book an appointment for pressure reducing valve installation for a later date or require emergency services, we encourage you to give us a call today. Additionally, if you have issues with a leaky faucet, your water heater, or your sump pump, then we'd be happy to fix those too! We look forward to serving you with all of your Ottawa plumbing needs!

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