Trenchless Water Line Replacement in Vancouver

Why excavate your backyard or put your home's foundation at risk if you don't have to? Trenchless water line replacement in Vancouver has become the go-to method for severely damaged pipes located underneath your home. This minimally invasive service is completed quickly and only requires the digging of two small holes. If you're interested in saving time, money, and mess, ask your Vancouver plumber about this valuable service today.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver is the easy choice for the job. Our plumbing experts are the ones you want by your side to detect leaks in your water line and recommend a suitable replacement method. What's more, we back all of our services with our Done Right Promise to give you total peace of mind. Read on to discover more about our method for trenchless water line replacement in Vancouver and find out if it's the right choice for your home.

About Our Vancouver Trenchless Water Line Replacement Service

The traditional method of water line replacement involves breaking through the concrete slab underneath your home, digging a trench in your backyard, or moving landscaping features to access the affected pipe. While this method is still used today for pipes that are beyond trenchless replacement efforts, most of the time, it's not necessary. How can we tell if a trenchless method is right for your home? It all starts with an inspection.

Water Line Inspection

Your home's water line runs from the city's water main, under your yard and your home's foundation, and then disperses into a pipe system through your home. While it's common to get leaks in the pipes underneath your sink and behind your walls, major points of damage often happen underneath your home and yard–and they're much more difficult to resolve than the others. If you suspect you have a damaged water line, that's when you'll call us.

Signs such as low water pressure, mouldy smells, water spots, and rising utility bills indicate you have a crack or burst pipe, but how can we tell which area is affected if we can't physically see it? That's where our thorough water line inspection comes in. Using cutting-edge technology, we can properly locate the area of damage and proceed with the right resolution.

To get a good look at your pipes, our technicians will insert a high-definition video camera down into your pipes. Recording the footage as it snakes through your water line, we will be able to spot the type of damage and its location. If we do not find anything with our camera, but still suspect a leaky pipe, we'll use other leak detection equipment such as infrared technology to locate all possible sources of leaks.

In many cases, a full pipe replacement isn't necessary, and we'll recommend a swift water line repair process instead, such as trenchless pipe relining. In the event that you have a broken water line that cannot be repaired by trenchless pipe relining, trenchless water line replacement is the next best option.

Trenchless Water Line Replacement

Traditional pipe replacement requires the excavation of your backyard or jackhammering the concrete slab to reveal your water line. This, of course, depends on the location of your pipe damage, but as you can imagine, it's an incredibly invasive process that takes more than a few hours to complete and more like a few days. One of the many benefits of trenchless water line replacement in Vancouver is that the process can usually be completed in a single day, given that we do not run into any major issues.

How exactly does it work? Also called pipe bursting, trenchless water line replacement bursts apart the affected section of pipe in your underground water line. Only two small holes will need to be dug, one to feed the hydraulic device into your old pipe while it drags in the new pipe, and the other for the device to exit from. As the device makes its way through your old pipe, it will burst it apart, creating space for the new pipe to slide into place. After the pipe has been replaced, we'll backfill the two small holes and clean up our mess.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing: The First Choice For Trenchless Water Line Replacement in Vancouver

In the world of plumbing, expertise reigns supreme. Choosing a plumber with ample experience in the industry is an asset you'll thank yourself for down the line. Because trenchless water line replacement isn't a service you want to be completed a second time, it pays to pick a company that knows what they're doing and can guarantee a job well done.

When choosing Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver BC for your trenchless water line replacement, you'll feel total peace of mind over the quality of our workmanship. Not only will we complete the service correctly, but we'll do it in a timely manner with the utmost respect for your time and property. With our upfront prices, you'll know the price of the job before we even begin, and with our guaranteed parts and workmanship, you'll know our replacements will last.

Offering a comprehensive selection of plumbing solutions, you can rest assured knowing we have your back through sewer line repair, clogged drains, drain cleaning, and emergency plumbing services. To learn more about our services, team, or values, check out our customer reviews or reach out to our friendly customer service team today.

FAQs - Trenchless Water Line Replacement in Vancouver

What Causes Damage to My Water Line?

Unlike your sewer pipes, your water line doesn't get flooded with wastewater and debris. In situations that lead to sewer line replacement, pipes often become damaged due to clogs, but that's not a common problem for water lines. A few of the most frequent issues that call for water line replacement include:

  • Corrosion. Pipes corrode with age, and as they do, they begin to wear down, thinning the material until it begins to form a hole. Once a hole is formed, the leak will be continuous if this affected pipe is far enough down your water line.
  • Tree roots. Tree roots need to look for water, and your water line is a fantastic option. Roots are incredibly strong and bust through your pipes, eventually forming a blockage. This can cause leaks and restrict water flow altogether.
  • Frozen pipes. When the temperature of the soil reaches freezing, your pipes will freeze, too. If the change in temperature is sudden, they can crack and spring a leak.
  • Soil movement. Soil shifts with changing temperature and vibration. As soil shifts, pipes can too. This can cause them to become damaged or crack–especially if they're old.

Why is Trenchless Water Line Replacement a Good Alternative?

Compared to traditional water line replacement, our trenchless alternative has quite a few benefits that make it the better choice when possible. Trenchless methods may not always be the best option for your pipes, and that's why an inspection is always the first part of our process.

If trenchless replacement is possible, you'll enjoy perks such as lower project costs, a shorter completion time, and minimal excavation and invasion of your property. With trenchless water pipe replacement, your service will be completed in a single business day and only two small access holes need to be dug.

When is Trenchless Water Line Replacement Not the Best Solution?

Trenchless water line replacement is not the best solution in every case. There are two main instances where a trenchless method is not ideal.

  1. Your water line has been invaded by tree roots. In search of water, tree roots will eventually bust through your pipes, growing downward and obstructing the passage of water. Trenchless technology will not be useful here as the root will need to be removed before a new pipe can be slid into place.
  2. Your water line wasn’t installed properly. If your pipes were not installed at the right grade, the water cannot flow properly into your home. To resolve this issue, we'll need to dig down to the pipes and set them at the correct angle.

Forget The Mess! Get Trenchless Water Line Replacement in Vancouver By Calling Mr. Rooter Plumbing Today

When your property has pipe damage, you need the help of a professional team to resolve it. But unlike inexperienced teams that may recommend an unnecessarily invasive process, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver BC will always start our water line service with video inspection. This lets us get to the root of the issue quickly and correctly and ensures we recommend the right course of action to repair or replace your water line.

Do you suspect you need trenchless water line replacement in Vancouver? Get in touch with our friendly team right away. We’re proud to serve North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Killarney, and the surrounding areas with the exceptional plumbing services you’ve been looking for.

Don't wait for water damage, foundation cracks, and mould to spring up underneath your home. If you have noticed higher-than-normal water bills and water meter readings, you can count on our qualified technicians. Contact us today!

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