Professional Vancouver Water Heater Repair

Visualize waking up from a deep slumber feeling well-rested and slightly dazed. You head into your bathroom to turn on the tap to cleanse your face of all the overnight dead skin cells and allergens as part of your daily skincare routine. But yikes! You’ve just splashed icy cold water and felt a pang of a hot flush on your face. Let’s face it–you never asked to be shell-shocked as you expected piping hot water to flow out of the faucet and didn’t expect to start your day off topsy turvy. You may not have a refreshing, mineral hot spring in your backyard nor a steamy, invigorating sauna to open up your bodily senses. But you likely own a hot water heater that has probably become inadequate over time due to a lack of proper upkeep including routine maintenance and the occasional cleaning and repairs.

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A credible, licensed, and fully insured Vancouver plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver is at your behest for a water heater repair, Vancouver residents who are not complacent will reap the benefits of a water heater repair and feel not only fresher, lighter, and cleansed but also save plenty of bucks on your soaring utility bills after you discover how much more efficient your water heater has become.

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Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver is a local and independent franchise that always aims to offer the triple threat of excellent products and services, quality workmanship, and outstanding customer satisfaction. If you are still indecisive be rest assured that we offer not only a no-obligation consultation alongside transparent, upfront pricing. And yet, if you are hesitant please note that our one-year parts and labour guarantee ensures that you will return to make the proper adjustments if your water heater goes kaput.

Why A Well-Performing Water Heater Is Important

Although water heater units have a long expiry date, 15 years for electric-powered and 10 years for gas-powered, eventually they will begin to deteriorate showcasing signs of discolored rust and corrosion due to sediment build-up or perhaps the size is too small to generously accommodate more household members. Mostly, replacing your old water heater with a new one is recommended, but in specific situations, tweaking the nuts and bolts on your unit will be enough via a Vancouver water heater repair service. Many Vancouver homeowners' first impression of a busted water heater however is not to call a professional plumbing company as incorrectly assume it has to do with their utility service provider. They end up contacting their utility provider's hotline which dispatches an emergency on-call technician. When they finally arrive belatedly they’ll advise you to find a contractor for a repair service anyways. Apart from reigniting your pilot light, there’s not much they can do or are willing to do. And then there’s the other false assumption that you should wait a short period after using up all the hot water during your shower as you have somehow exhausted your unit’s hot water supply and need to wait patiently for it to recharge. That couldn’t be more wrong! This actually indicates your water heater is slowly but surely decaying which is bound to fall apart over time.

Our Verified Water Heater Repair Service

Adequate heating is a privilege that nobody should have to worry about. If you are keen on preventative maintenance and participating in routine inspections and cleanings there is a slim chance you’ll readily run out of hot water anytime soon. However, once your unit is at the end of its lifespan it will begin to exhibit malfunction from glitchy components or faulty mechanisms that have become defective for example the pilot light, temperature, and pressure relief valve or thermostat. Vancouver residents can only rough it so long before they require a water heater repair. Despite what needs to be revamped our experienced team members at Mr. Rooter Plumbing are well-adept with the skillset, techniques, and knowledge for any plumbing problem. Our expert plumber goes above and beyond in customizing a solution for you based on your preferences for a tank-based or tankless version and a gas-powered or electric-powered unit. Atop of this, we can discuss bonus add-on features that will make your water heater more effective.

Our Approved Repair Process

If you suspect your water heater is just chugging out the last morsels of heat, you are ill-advised to out rightly ignore this plumbing dilemma and instead ask one of our skilled technicians for help at your earliest convenience. Again, for those of you concerned about the expense of a professional plumbing repair you should realize that getting a quick fix on your unit is cost-effective as you can squeeze out hot water for a few more years not to mention save on your water and electricity consumption in the long run. Plus, Vancouver homeowners will get the self-satisfaction of knowing their water heater is at its best performance during frigid, freezing months in the thick of winter. Here are some options we take into consideration for a Vancouver water heater repair.

Versions Of Water Heaters

Vancouver homeowners have the option of choosing either a conventional tank-based water heater or a modern tankless water heater. Nevertheless, whichever one you choose both can be powered by gas or electricity but they have different approaches to how they do so. Tank-Based: Tank-based units, for example, heat up a bundle of water beforehand and store it inside the unit until it’s ready to be distributed to your tap. The only downside is that there is usually a short rest period in which the unit needs to recharge before it dispenses hot liquid again. We would recommend it for households that have fewer people.

Tankless: Tankless units have instant hot water on demand and readily deliver hot water whenever you need it. The best part is there is no recharge period unlike its gas counterpart and if you use up all the hot stuff, the unit will be immediately refilled with cold water only to be ignited again to the mandatory threshold level. We suggest this version if your household has many family members, although beware it comes with a higher price tag.

Types Of Water Heaters

The likelihood is that you have either a gas or electric water heater in your home and both have their pros and cons. Gas: A gas-powered heated system is flared by a burning fire at the base as it bursts hot air through a chimney sweep and ripples throughout the heater. The hot steam is transferred through your water supply and flows out as soon as you turn on your faucet. As hot water is dispensed, cold water is diverted back into the heater to be kindled once more. Yet if you continue to not receive hot water right away it could be that there are glitchy mechanisms and you’re in need of a Vancouver water heater repair. Or it can also mean it’s the required rest and recharge period. Either way, your expert plumber can properly diagnose and inspect the matter. Lately, if you’ve been concerned about the skyrocketing cost of living and inflation, a gas unit is more affordable with lower upfront installation costs and you’ll never have to worry about a power outage cutting off your water supply. One downside is that you must remain vigilant about practicing routine maintenance because gas versions require the occasional cleaning to remove sediment build-up including limescale deposits and carbon soot. If you’re not motivated to do this chore your unit will corrode and eventually you’ll see discoloured rust Electric: An electric-powered heating system re-transfers cold water to the dip tube and ignites it using thermal energy via the heat-out pipe. Water is enflamed hot as it pulses through your drain lines directly into your tap. Despite electric units being more expensive to install; you don’t need to bother yourself with as much consistent upkeep compared to gas units. Electric units don’t easily rust or break down and you save more cash on your monthly utility bills whilst championing your reduced eco-footprint due to energy efficiency. The only downside is that they take a short period to start up but once they do they launch bountiful hot water full guns blazing.

Why We Are The Valid Choice For Water Heater Repair

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The fear of missing out on hot water is all too real! Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver sets the precedent for water heaters as our plumbers are well-equipped to refurbish your unit for water heater repair, installation, and maintenance. As an added perk we even offer 24/7 emergency services and adjust to your flexible schedule as we understand nobody wants to be rudely interrupted with a nice shower first thing in the morning.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heater Repair

What Is The Most Common Problem With Water Heaters?

Water leaks are the most persistent problem you’ll face with any water heater regardless of version or type. And of course, any leak that is unattended will result in corrosion of your tank and create microscopic hairline cracks or fractures.

Can I Flush A Water Heater Myself?

Yes–it’s important to flush out your tank-based heater occasionally. You can do this using a few different tactics. One method is to open and close the drain valves a few times to remove all the sediment. Or you can use compressed air to force the sediment debris out of the drain. And finally, do a test run to confirm all sediment has been flushed by first turning on the cold water spigot that connects to your tank. Allow the cold water to flush out for a few minutes until the water exiting the hose is clear. If the water is discoloured in any way it means you still have leftover sediments to remove.

Can A Water Heater Be Installed Incorrectly?

Yes! An incorrect installation can result in corroded gas connections, electrical shorts, and gas leaks due to the excessive build-up of pressure within the unit itself.

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Our trustworthy and around-the-clock uniformed team members will arrive promptly at your doorstep lickety-split to ignite your water with a Vancouver water heater repair. Vancouver homeowners who can feel their skin crawl with goosebumps at the thought of being splashed awake by icy, cold water shouldn’t delay! Whether you’re in Vancouver or nearby areas of North Vancouver or West Vancouver as we are ready to scorch your water heater into pristine condition. Reach out to our courteous customer service representatives to book a consultation or service appointment or to simply learn more about residential and commercial plumbing as we excitedly await your call!

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