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Vancouver Drain Cleaning Services

You should consider using the services of our local Vancouver drain cleaning and plumbing experts if you are looking for ways to clear out clogged drains and to prevent any blockages in the future. We are the company you need, call (604) 433-5555 today for prompt & professional plumbing service in Vancouver!

Trustworthy, Efficient Residential Drain Services in Vancouver, BC

If you have started to notice a rotting smell in your Vancouver home, this could be because your drains are clogged or dirty. This will often cause water to pool in your tubs and sinks, which is where the smell comes from. Needless to say, hosting guests becomes difficult when this happens. However, it is not only your social life that will suffer, as sewage back-up fumes can be detrimental to your health. To make sure you don’t have to worry about these potential issues, select Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver for your drain cleaning service today. We provide our services in Vancouver, so please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling (604) 433-5555 any time.

We have the experience and knowledge that is needed to handle complicated or simple drain problems. We are going to be able to tell you the root cause of the issue, guaranteeing a solution at no cost to you. A guarantee will give you complete peace of mind. Our exceptional staff give us confidence, as all of our technicians are insured, bonded, and licensed. When you need Vancouver plumbers, there is no one better. Our Vancouver plumbers are friendly, professional, and efficient.

You can easily reach our plumbers at (604) 433-5555 or visit our Request Job Estimate page to request an in-home estimate.

How To Know When It’s Time for a Drain Cleaning

As time goes on, your drains and your pipes can end up being clogged with lots of different types of build-up, which can cause damage. There are a lot of myths out there regarding drains and what does and does not clog them up. A lot of people are shocked to hear about some of the biggest offenders. For example, did you know that oil and grease is one of the worst things in terms of clogging up drains? The problem with grease is that it hardens when it cools. Therefore, it can end up building up on the side of your pipes once it cools, meaning it does not escape out of the other end.

The same thing can happen if you decide to flush food down the toilet that expands when it comes into contact with water. Pasta, rice, and quinoa are all prime examples. If this is the sort of information you are only learning about for the first time, you should definitely consider calling us today to get your drains cleaned.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common errors that people tend to make that ends up in them needing their drains cleaned:

  • Flushing food down the toilet. This food will get harder, layering onto the walls of your pipes and causing blockages.

  • Pouring grease down the kitchen sink. A liquid may seem harmless but it does not stay liquid for very long. It will build up and clog your drains. You need to prevent grease from entering your drains as much as possible. You may think a little teaspoon won’t hurt, but it will all make a difference in the end.

  • Small toys end up down the toilet. This is a problem that a lot of parents can relate to. If you have small children, there is no telling what could end up down the loo!

  • You can hear gurgling noises. This happens when there is only a very small passage for waste to get through. This sound means it is likely that you have a build-up and you need your drains cleaned.

  • Water is standing in your sink before it flows down the drain. This means it is likely you have a problem with a clog.

  • You have noticed that your toilet is taking longer to flush at the moment than it usually does. This tends to mean that there is the formation of a clog. It is better to catch it now before any serious damage happens.

  • You regularly host guests. It can be difficult to know whether or not your guests are going to be respectful and be aware of what they should and should not put down the toilet and general plumbing maintenance requirements.

  • Moving into a new home can also be an issue because you do not know how much the previous owner cared for the existing plumbing.

  • You may also need Vancouver plumbers if there are bad smells coming from rooms that have openings to drains.

  • It is also important to make sure you put all female hygiene products in the bin rather than putting them down the toilet, even if they do claim to be flushable.

If you suspect your drains have endured one or more of these common errors, it may be best to schedule a drain inspection or service to fix any potential issues before they become expensive emergencies.

Contact us at (604) 433-5555 for prompt & thorough drain cleaning service.

What to Expect from One of Our Drain Cleaning Services

You may be wondering what you should expect when you get in touch with us for our drain cleaning service. We know that you are probably going to be feeling stressed when you pick up the phone. After all, a plumbing problem is not exactly something to get excited about! Because of this, we have made sure that our staff are trained to be as courteous and helpful as they can throughout the entire experience; from the moment you pick up the phone until the moment that we leave your property.

We will send one of our certified plumbers to your home to evaluate the situation. We will also arrive in the Mr. Rooter uniform, so you will know it is us! We will inspect the issue and let you know the problem. We will explain how we are going to rectify it and we will provide you with a quote before going ahead and starting the job. So there will be no nasty surprises when using our Vancouver plumbers.

When you have agreed on the work that we have proposed, we will start working right away. We tend to use one of two methods when cleaning drains. One method involves safe high-pressure water jetting. This involves using industrial-grade equipment, which will remove anything that has become sealed to your pipes, sending it away for good. This will leave your drains sparkling clean. However, sometimes it can be better for an obstruction to be removed physically from the pipe. We will utilize a plumbing auger if this is the case. This will be inserted into the drain. It will then be twisted into the obstruction and we will pull it back, getting your drains back in working order. We can also enter your drains with a camera so we can determine the issue.

We always clean up any mess that we have made once the job is done. We will treat your property as if it were our own. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask us along the way or before we leave. And as always, all our workmanship and parts are guaranteed - so you can have the peace of mind that when you call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver BC, you are in the best of hands. Contact us today to experience the Mr. Rooter difference today!

Our Environmental Values

Not only do we value the safety of your family but also the environment too. This is why we never use harmful chemicals. We only use the most effective and safest methods when cleaning the drains in your home. All of our methods do not contain damaging or toxic chemicals that could harm your health or corrode your pipes. The HydroScrub® Jetting we mentioned above is completely safe and non-toxic, as is the use of our cable machine drain augers.

If we do ever need to utilize a liquid drain maintenance product, our choice is Total Drain. This is a bacteria culture product, which is completely biodegradable, it provides a safe and environmentally-friendly drain maintenance that restores your plumbing system’s condition. This drain care treatment utilizes bacteria for consuming the contents that tend to usually be found in clogged drains, such as grease, oils, fats, and organic material. It is an exceptional product in terms of preventing drainage problems in the future.

What Causes Damage and Obstruction to Drain Pipes?

Until a certified plumber assesses the problem, it is difficult to say what the issue is. There are a number of different ways that we will discover what the issue is. However, this is not something that can be done without the correct technology, training, and equipment. While clogs may be common, there are a number of other issues that can happen. This includes environmental obstructions like pipes that have not been installed properly to tree roots growing into your drains.

What is vital to bear in mind here is that obstructions like this are not related to how well your plumbing is maintained from inside your home. Of course, there is no denying that it is important to maintain your drains properly. However, even if you do this, sometimes problems can happen from the other end, which is unfortunate.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver, the services that we offer will solve your immediate plumbing issues but they will do a lot more than this too! We will ensure you are able to maintain a home that is comfortable and functional in the long run. This does not matter whether you are trying to act preventatively, you are dealing with an on-going plumbing problem, or you have a clogged drain; we can help get to the bottom of the issue as well as ensuring you do not have any problems in the future. We genuinely care about you and your property, and this is why we are so concerned about providing specialized and effective customer care and service throughout. But don’t just take our word for it, see what local Vancouver homeowners have to say on our Google reviews page.

There are a number of standout features of our service. This includes all of the following…

  • We provide a 24-hour emergency service - One thing we know is that plumbing issues cannot wait until it’s a convenient time for you. From morning to night; we are always here to help! This includes holidays and weekends too.

  • Guaranteed parts and repairs - We confidently guarantee all of the work that we carry out because we know that our plumbers do an outstanding job. We always use premium quality parts on your property too.

  • Our reputation and trustworthy name - We have been in business for many, many years now. We are delighted with the reputation that we have managed to build up and we are sure that this will put your mind at ease.

  • Scheduled appointments - We are not going to make you wait around all day for us to arrive. You won’t need to take a day off work. We will schedule a certain time to arrive at your home, and we will do everything we can to stick to it as accurately as we can.

  • Competent, courteous staff - We train our Mr. Rooter Vancouver family to ensure the customer is always put first - all of the time! Our staff genuinely care about the customers they meet and work for, and it shows.

  • Upfront prices - We will always provide you with a quote before we start the work. Our prices are based on flat rates. This means that you are never going to get any nasty surprises when you receive your invoice.

If you are encountering any problems with clogged drains at your home, make sure you turn to the experts for assistance. Get in touch with Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver today to get an estimate from one of our trusted certified plumbers that will provide you with complete peace of mind.

Call (604) 433-5555 today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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