Reliable Leak Detection Service in Vancouver, BC

If dripping faucets give you nightmares, you certainly don’t want to experience leaking pipes that are buried behind walls, underground—or worse—underneath slab concrete. Plumbing leaks are often related to broken pipes or fixtures that you need to replace if repairs aren’t the long-term solution to preserving your plumbing system. In many cases, these destructive leaks go undetected for a long time until we see an increase in our water bill. While this is an insidious problem, a burst pipe could trigger a basement flood that catches your attention immediately.

You can rely on your Vancouver plumber at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver to provide quick and efficient leak detection services before anything spirals out of control and causes costly damage and repairs. We have expert tools that can detect tree root infiltration, sewer damage or corrosion. We will help you identify any early warning signs and offer preventative measures to stop any disaster from happening. Taking immediate measures will keep you and your family safe from contamination and promote your plumbing system’s health. Our uniformed experts are licensed and insured, bringing many years of experience in Vancouver leak detection services and repairs, which makes us the most trusted plumbing company in Vancouver and nearby areas.

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What Is Vancouver Leak Detection Service?

Vancouver plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing are the experts in leak detection service. But you may wonder how you would even know you need service if you’re not aware that one of your pipes is damaged. Detecting damaged pipes often starts with you at home. You know your home the best and if there is anything that disrupts your equilibrium, you will know and get down to it.

We will get to the warning signs once we have established a rough idea of where your water supply lines and drain lines are located. If you own a property that has a lower level or basement, we highly recommend that you acquaint yourself with any visible plumbing lines that you see. Whether your basement is fully or partially finished, there should be a separate room (i.e., a boiler room) that holds all your home’s systems: hot water tank, HVAC system and plumbing. You will notice a piping network going in different directions and disappearing into walls and ceilings. From what you can identify, you will be able to determine your pipes’ sizes and materials and which areas in the house they connect to. For instance, knowing that your water lines are buried behind your kitchen walls will increase the chances of you detecting water leaks behind walls solely through listening.

Also, locate your water meter and shut-off valve so you can acquaint yourself with how they work. This way, you can check at home whether you might need leak professional detection services in Vancouver.

How Does Professional Leak Detection Service Work?

You will be pleased to hear that your certified Vancouver plumbers use non-invasive leak detection technologies to inspect buried lines. Our plumbing diagnosis and inspection tools include advanced leak detection equipment, such as:

Plumbing Video Camera Inspection

Plumbing cameras are able to detect various things—from clogs to corrosion to collapsed pipes; however, they cannot detect leaks without additional devices. The plumbing camera works in combination with a signal receiver that helps your Vancouver plumber measure how much cable went down the pipe before spotting the affected area. Then, it allows us to pin down the affected location from the surface. But the monitor itself won’t get us too far with our Vancouver leak detection service.

Acoustic Listening Equipment

This technology is a safe, non-invasive leak detection method that uses a ground microphone to differentiate leak sounds from flow sounds by amplifying the noise in pressurized pipes, whether behind walls, underground or underneath concrete slabs. It may take time to pinpoint the affected area. When in doubt, your licensed Vancouver plumber has another trick up their sleeve.

Infrared Detection

Infrared cameras (sometimes referred to as thermal cameras) are able to detect moisture and temperatures behind walls and underneath the soil. It can also create a heat map of the temperature zones around your pipes by showing differences and patterns of water. This way, we will see where water is seeping into surfaces.

Soil Probe

This is a special leak detection tool designed to examine damaged pipes that are buried under grass, dirt or other types of landscape. The soil probe is a long, thin steel device with a horizontal handle that allows you to push the probe tip into the ground. Our service technicians can listen for pressurized water shooting into the dirt surrounding water or sewer lines.

What Causes Leaking Pipes in Vancouver, BC?

Even when taking good care of your pipes, you can’t always guarantee that they’re immune to external forces, but there are ways to secure your peace of mind. Learn about the causes of leaking pipes and how you can prevent these problems from happening.

Frozen Pipes

Residents in Vancouver fear the polar vortex and the frigid temperatures it has brought upon the city. Cold waves on the west coast have become unpredictably more common than ever, making everyone miss the simple wet season. Low pressure and cold air can have a drastic effect on your exterior plumbing fixtures like your hose bib. If you don’t drain it properly and insulate it during the winter, it could freeze your supply lines and burst.

Do you have an unheated basement with an exposed plumbing system? If so, we recommend that you insulate them as well and if possible, keep that area slightly heated. In the event of frozen pipes, you might not even know it until you notice a decrease in water pressure. Don’t force it because that’s how pipe bursts occur—it’s the water pressure that flows through them in a rush while the pipes are highly sensitive. Check your supply lines instantly and shut off your water supply. Call your Vancouver plumber to help you thaw your pipes, and they will bring heat wraps and other tools to accelerate the process. Underground pipes can freeze as well unless you take the necessary measures of winterization, which is part of our preventative solutions. Otherwise, a leak detection service in Vancouver during the winter is not a pleasant experience.

Sewer Line Backup

There are many reasons for clogs, and often, they start small. Although clogged sinks and clogged toilets can be harmless half of the time, you can't ignore recurring clogs especially if they start to affect other plumbing fixtures. Is your sink gurgling? Do you smell sewer gas smells that won't go away after flushing it with baking soda and white vinegar? Temporary solutions like the plunger or snake won't get down to the root problem. Your licensed plumber has the expertise and tools to provide you with a reliable Vancouver leak detection service because we prefer to factor in the possibility of leaks when we inspect sewer backups. Years of accumulated debris is one thing, but an aging pipe or external forces can cause more serious damage. Whether your sewer line has cracks or holes, you will require leak detection service to find out. Annual inspections and drain cleaning services could help you prevent clogged drains and sewer backups.

Corroded Pipes

Speaking of aging pipes, if you own an older home in Vancouver where your plumbing hasn’t been performing as efficiently as before, you likely have cast iron or galvanized steel pipes. If you believe that’s the case, we highly recommend that you keep up with periodic inspection services because chances are you have rust buildup inside your pipes, which could leach into your tap water. Porous material like cast iron will only deteriorate more over time and you will need to replace it.

Tree Root Intrusion

If your home is surrounded by older trees, you will know that their roots will continue growing towards water. Most sewer pipes have a porous surface (with clay being the worst) and will always attract tree roots unless you install root barriers, treat the pipe surface with a deterrent or remove that tree entirely. That said, tree root damage is easy to spot with Vancouver leak detection services.

Vancouver Leak Detection Service For Serious Leaks

Concrete Slab Leak Detection

During construction, parts of our plumbing and other wiring are built underneath a concrete foundation pad. Either soil shifting or a poor installation job can cause the pipe to break or crack. Your Vancouver plumber will be able to help you determine the cause. It is possible for slab leaks to go undetected for some time. But when you see wet spots in your walls and ceiling or warping subfloors, you will need Vancouver leak detection service right away.

Note: While home settling is normal for newer houses in Vancouver, we recommend that you hire a foundation specialist to inspect any cracks on drywall and siding for potential foundation damage. Soil shifting can potentially stress and fracture concrete slabs.

Water Main Break

Your first thought when you hear running water behind your wall or ceiling should be to turn off your supply line and call for leak detection service in Vancouver and then thank your ears for preventing a potential disaster! A broken water main could trigger extensive water damage as well as a sudden spike in your utility bill. Sometimes, it can go undetected until signs of damage creep up. Scheduling your routine plumbing diagnosis and inspection is the best way to prevent potential major water damage.

Warning Signs You Need Leak Detection Service in Vancouver:

Property owners in Vancouver should know their homes by heart and could possibly tell the symptoms. Whether your water pressure is fluctuating or you hear dripping in the walls, you should treat it like an emergency plumbing situation. Keep an eye out for the following warning signs that are indicative of a larger problem:

  • Warping subfloor
  • Leaking walls and ceiling
  • Drop in water pressure
  • Sewer gas smells
  • Gurgling or clogged sinks
  • Recurring toilet backup
  • Standing water (in the basement, on the lawn)
  • Increased utility bill

Plumbing Fixtures Prone to Leaks

When you hire us for routine inspection services, feel free to ask us to also inspect your plumbing fixtures' valves and fittings to ensure they're in good condition and even replace certain parts to ensure they meet their lifespan. Frequent leaks coming from faucets and other fixtures are a problem that will only get worse over time. Fixing those minor leaks today will protect you from worse problems tomorrow.

Dripping Faucet

Your cartridge valve may be corroded or has some calcium buildup, or you have worn-out O-rings and washers that you need to replace.

Dripping Shower Head

Unlike faucets, this one is tricky! Let’s assume your shower valve is in working order but you may have a water line leak behind your tiles. That’s not the only issue; you could lose hundreds of gallons of water over the course of a year if you haven’t paid attention to your utility bills.

Water Heater

Your hot water tank requires periodic maintenance to stay in shape. Over time, it collects sediment at the bottom which needs to be flushed; otherwise, it can corrode and make your unit less efficient and even start leaking from the bottom which will be a safety hazard if you have electrical wiring in the area. Detecting issues early is key.

Washing Machine

Is it smelly inside the washer drum? Or is there a puddle behind your machine? Check for rusted or loose hose connections or a clogged drain line.


Your toilet is directly connected to your home’s main line. Any signs of leaks, cracks or clogs will require immediate attention. Always check the surface and base for cracks and depending on your toilet type, tank parts like the fill valve or flapper often need replacement.

Note: When you have a suspicion your sewer line is to blame, count on your Vancouver plumber to identify the root problem, using expert tools to detect clogs, damage and other problems.

Do You Hear Running Water Behind Your Walls Or Beneath Your Floor? You May Need Vancouver Leak Detection Service!

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver is here to help you detect any issues before they deteriorate! No matter what your needs are, from Vancouver leak detection service to plumbing repairs for a burst pipe to water softener installations, our team will get down to any root problem efficiently and expertly and help you recover your equilibrium in no time.

Give us a call to schedule a convenient appointment with our team or learn more about our professional service—or take a look at some of our customer reviews.

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