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Do you breathe a sigh of relief every time the cloudy, murky water in your shower area drains away? Are you growing weary and tired of tiptoeing around a nasty clog in your bathroom sink and finding yourself dealing with a cesspool of dirty, used, and opaque water each time you brush your teeth and participate in your daily facial cleansing routine? Either way, slow or sluggish water illustrates something wrong with your home's plumbing system, particularly your water drainage lines. Hiring a licensed Vancouver plumber will give you the much-needed inspection to determine the underlying issue. One of the worst-case scenarios would be undealt household wastewater or a sewage backup. That’s when you might need to consider a drain replacement service.

By committing to a drain replacement, residents can readily avoid permanent and costly water damage to their homes, including mold and mildew growth. Of course, this can result in rotting away your home’s wooden structures, compromising the structural integrity of your humble abode as the very framework it's constructed weakens. Don’t let this happen when you can simply call the team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver BC today.

What to Expect From Our Drain Replacement Services

Our trustworthy plumbers are well-adept with the skills, techniques, and knowledge for a professional drain replacement, no matter the curveball. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver, we boast an outstanding reputation that comes from having served Vancouver and the surrounding communities for many years, and we're still going strong. We always advocate for our clients by genuinely listening to their pain points and offering authentic and effective solutions to replace drains.

As an accredited plumbing services provider, we are accountable and transparent across the divide, as proven by our upfront pricing and our Neighborly Done Right Promise, in which we offer one-year parts and labor guarantee on drain replacement. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the result, we will return and make the proper adjustments to your drain lines. By relying on an experienced plumber for drain replacement, they tackle everything from the get-go–from removing any solid blockage to scrubbing, cleaning the drainage pipe, and mending it back into pristine condition.

Plumbing Diagnosis And Inspection

Our expert plumbers never replace drains off-handed, so homeowners can rest easy knowing that we take all the necessary safety precautions to best prepare before we conduct any plumbing procedure for a drain replacement. Our agile plumber executes a full assessment of your home’s plumbing system to determine the game plan for fixing a broken drain line. Whether you have a drain line, sewer pipe, or drain tile failure, we’ll investigate any drainage issues in proper detail.

Never trust a shoddy plumbing technician attempting a drain replacement without a professional inspection. This is not something you can wing, especially when dealing with underground pipes or a perimeter drainage replacement. Often, the damage can be focused on a specific area, but other times it may be more extensive and widespread, spanning the length of your drainage pipe. Only a professional inspection and diagnosis in which we carry out careful observation can tell us what to expect.

Here are some of the components we inspect before a drain replacement:

  • All plumbing fixtures, including sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, faucets, and any water-based appliances such as your waste heater, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.
  • Filtration systems such as your water softener system
  • Draining and venting systems
  • Main shut-off valve
  • Energy flood components such as the sump pump and backwater valve

Upon completion of your inspection, you will receive a list of recommendations for drain replacements and repairs that our service professional hopes to prioritize for replacing drains. Overall, an inspection is super helpful for helping us with enough valuable information for measuring the severity of the damage based on how complicated a clog may have been.

Depending on the results of the inspection, we will either proceed to a trenchless pipe drain replacement service immediately if the damages are more shallow in nature. But if we find there is a clog within the deep lagoons of your drainage pipes, we may have to take a deeper dive to uncover it using more advanced techniques such as video camera inspection. Plus, apart from blasting away the clog, we may need to scrub clean any muck off your pipe walls first through a hydro jetting service before we can attempt any physical pipe repairs. If all the preparations have been done before, it will make your drain replacement that much smoother.

Pipe Bursting And Pipe Relining

After we have collected all the clues required and done all the prep work necessary, we are finally ready to perform a drain replacement and the actual mending of your drainage pipes. Nowadays, we utilize innovative drain replacement methods which are trenchless and non-invasive, so there’s no need to be worried about a big, muddy trench being dug up across your backyard. Trust us, we won’t ever make the outskirts of your property an archaeological excavation site, and at most, we will make a couple of incisions to access the main lateral if need be.

If, after retrieving information from the inspection, our plumber finds that the damages are somewhat minor, they will proceed with a pipe descaling and lining service to replace the drains. Property owners will notice that our licensed professional thoroughly cleansed the cast iron drain pipe and followed up by lining it with an epoxy tube that contains an inflatable pouch. After this has been threaded through the old pipe, it’s blown up to create a new and solid pipe lining. Once it has hardened and cured in place, it will leave behind a more robust lining free of any damage.

Furthermore, if we find that a clog has ruptured your drainage pipes and wreaked too much havoc, we may need to proceed with a pipe bursting service. If the damage is more widespread and intense, your plumber will try out a pipe bursting service to replace the old pipe with a new one. As yet another trenchless drain replacement method to replace drains, this doesn’t require the physical amputation of your pipes.

Alternatively, your plumber will, at most, make a couple of incisions to access the damaged, old pipe and weave a new pipe inside of the old one. The plumber will then attempt hydraulic fracturing to snap off the damaged portions of the pipe to make space for a brand-new pipe. It doesn’t seem as difficult, noisy, or messy as it sounds, and best of all can be completed within a standard business day, so there’s no need to relocate to a hotel or motel for your drain replacement. Plus, you’ll benefit from our exclusive HDPE plastic drain pipe, which has a lifetime transferable warranty.

Why We Are The #1 Choice For Drain Replacement in Vancouver

No homeowner wants to feel skeptical about turning on the tap all because they are anxious about a basin chock-full of dirty and used cropping up in their sink due to a broken drainage pipe. A drain replacement is best left to your local plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing, who will prevent opening the floodgates to a sewage backup. Our uniformed professionals will show up promptly in a dapper fashion for drain replacement and always clean up after themselves, discarding all the rubble at the proper facilities. We can even accommodate at last minute 24/7 emergencies on weekends and holidays as we understand a plumbing crisis happens at the most inopportune moments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drain Replacement

How Does a Clog Emerge and Why Is It a Nuisance?

Imagine you are exposed to a clog in your bathtub or shower area due to accumulated debris from skin flakes, soap scum, strands of hair, blobs of body wash, and then some. Over time, this leftover residue collects and forges into a solid and rigid blockage which prevents water from free-flowing in your drainage pipes and eventually onto the main lateral. As a result, this blockage readily clings to your pipe’s walls, obstructing all water that passes through.

Lately, if you’ve noticed hairline cracks, fractures, small holes, and leakages, this highlights there is likely a troublesome clog in that location. Especially if you have seen random pools of water around your plumbing fixtures, including bathtubs, sinks, and toilets, the likelihood is that you have a damaged and broken pipe. All in all, a drain replacement is mandatory rather than optional. Besides a clog scathing your drainage lines, it can also lead to a potential sewage backup. This is because wastewater is unable to be expelled from your main lateral to the municipal sewage system in which it is sanitized and properly disposed of. As a result, raw and contaminated wastewater is unchecked back into your home and through your plumbing fixtures, exposing you to the aftermath of germs, bacteria, and pathogens.

What Causes Drainage Pipes To Fall Into Disrepair?

Usually, a broken drainage pipe is due to a nasty clog which is a solid blockage that crops up in your pipes due to your own personal habits.

Here are some things that can result in a blockage within your drain lines which may require an eventual drain replacement:

  • Soap scum
  • Dead skin flakes
  • Leftover food, including egg shells, coffee grounds, tea leaves, pasta, rice, fruit pits, seeds, etc.
  • Fats, oils, and grease (FOG)
  • Hair strands
  • Flushable wipes
  • Towel paper
  • Small toys
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Dental floss
  • diapers
  • Single-use and disposable plastic products
  • Cotton rounds
  • Cotton swabs
  • Medication
  • Cleaning products
  • Tree root intrusion

What Are the Warning Signs I Need to Replace Drains?

Normally you need to replace drains due to the most common plumbing issues, such as nasty clogs. If you do happen to have a blockage festering within the deep lagoons of your drainage pipes, you may notice some of these telltale signs which indicate you need drain replacement sometime soon:

  • Slow, sluggish drains
  • Standing water in your plumbing fixtures, including sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers
  • Hairline cracks, fractures, or small holes on plumbing fixtures
  • Random and mouldy puddles around plumbing fixtures and water-based appliances due to leakages
  • Foul odours
  • Odd hissing or gurgling noises
  • Mild and mildew in your basement
  • Discolored water
  • Rust and corrosion on plumbing fixtures
  • Damp and discoloured water stains on the ceiling due to a busted drainage pipe
  • Lush or greener patches on the grass on your lawn
  • Fluctuating water pressure levels
  • Pest infestation
  • Sewage backup or flood of dirty and used wastewater into your basement

If any of the above red flags concern you, it may be about time for a certified, licensed, and fully insured plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver to replace drains that are beyond repair.

What Are Some Special Tools And Techniques a Plumber Uses To Get Rid Of Clogged Drains?

A plumber has a wide range of nifty tricks and tips up their plumber's sleeves to get rid of a clog–a generic plunger is not just their only trusty tool. Although you can try your best to hoard these tools at your local home hardware store to replace drains, most of it is not professional-grade equipment, nor do you possess the skillset to utilize the said tool. And so your DIY attempt can end up backfiring and causing critical damage to your drainage pipes, and sooner or later, you will need a Vancouver drain replacement.

Professional plumbers have a variety of tools at their disposal, including but not limited to a drain snake or auger, wet and dry vacuum, acoustic listening devices, thermal imaging devices, soil probes, drain inspection cameras, biodegradable and non-toxic drain cleaners, and hydro scrub jetting.

Don’t Risk Getting All Flooded Out—Mr. Rooter Plumbing Is Here To The Rescue!

All residents hope to protect one of the greatest assets of their lifetime–their humble abode. So be proactive about preventive maintenance for your home’s plumbing system, as the more keen you are about its proper upkeep, the less likely you will need frequent drain replacements.

Go ahead and reach out to one of our friendly customer service representatives who will gladly schedule your consultation or service appointment. We serve our local communities, including West Side, North Vancouver, and South Cambie.

Whilst you are here, inquire about our other residential and commercial services, from clogged drains to drain cleaning and water heater repair.

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