Toilet Leaking in Vancouver BC: Identify the Causes and Learn How to Fix a Leaking Toilet

Your bathroom should be a place of serenity. A hideaway where you can go at the end of the day to unwind and shed the day. But, bathroom mishaps interrupt a secluded bath or shower like a leaky toilet. It's unsanitary, and messy, and can lead to exorbitant water damage. If you're at a loss trying to figure out the problem behind a toilet leaking in Vancouver, you've come to the right place! In this blog, we'll identify some key causes behind a leaky toilet and what you can do about it! Let's dive in!

Many homeowners prefer to repair their toilets, but if you're not experienced in toilet repairs, you may need to call our professional plumbers in for backup. We'll help you get those toilet issues handled promptly and efficiently. Whether you're having issues with your unit's flush valve or leakages out of the base of the plumbing fixture, depend on your local Vancouver plumber for all your needs for a toilet leaking in Vancouver. Our quality workmanship and exceptional professional services just can't be beat!

To find out how to fix a leaking toilet, read on!

Why Is My Toilet Leaking in Vancouver?

It can be frustrating to see water coming out of the base of your toilet without knowing the cause of the plumbing leak. Who wants their socks to sopping wet when they enter the bathroom? That's why we've nailed down the top culprits behind you having a toilet leaking in Vancouver:

  • Fill Valve: The job of the fill valve is to control how much water the toilet bowl holds. But, when the valve has malfunctioned or broken, it's no longer able to control the water flow and can cause your toilet to run and a drip noise. Not only is this aggravating, but it also causes an uptake in your utility bill and enhances your carbon footprint.
  • Cracked Supply Line: Every toilet has a cold water supply line, connecting the plumbing fixture to your home's plumbing system. The supply line should have a watertight seal if it's in optimal condition, but over time your supply line may malfunction or crack. When this happens, water will puddle around the toilet's base and cause toilet leaks in Vancouver. Don't leave the crack for too long, as it can cause flooding and extensive water damage to your bathroom.
  • Faulty Toilet Flapper: The flapper helps regulate the water that goes in and out of the toilet bowl during the flushing process. It causes the water to leave the tank into the bowl succeeding every flush. The flapper is plastic and holds a seal between the tank and toilet bowl in place. When this essential component of the unit breaks or cracks, it will no longer be able to manage water control between the toilet tank and bowl. The water from the tank leaks into the bowl. This common toilet leak is hard to detect when it comes to toilet leaking in Vancouver issues because it's so quiet. One way to determine if you have a flapper leak is if you notice an uptake in your water bill without any other obvious utility problems.

This isn't a comprehensive list of all the working parts of your toilet, but some of the most common issues. Just reach out to us if you want to learn more about toilet leaking in Vancouver!

How To Fix A Leaking Toilet in Simple Steps

If Water is Running

First, you'll need to determine where the leak is coming from. If the leak has occurred due to running water, the tank will continually refill after flushing even when nobody has used it. Another indicator is water bowl stains. If there is a constant stain on the inner walls of the bowl with coloured water, it signifies a present leak.

Now that you've determined the problem is a running toilet, follow this step-by-step process on how to fix a leaking toilet:

  • Step 1: Turn off your toilet's water supply
  • Step 2: Remove the lid of the tank
  • Step 3: Check to see if the flapper is faulty
  • Step 4: Check the fill valve
  • Step 5: Replace the fill valve with the replacement valve

If Water Is Leaking From A Crack

If you do see any obvious signs of cracks in your toilet bowl or tank, it doesn't mean they're not there. They may just be difficult to spot. Some key indicators to determine if you have cracks in your toilet bowl are low water level in the bowl, the tank won't fill, and the presence of water around the toilet base.

But, how do you go about fixing a crack in your toilet base? Learn how to fix a leaking toilet in just 3 easy steps!

  • Step 1: Clean and sand crack
  • Step 2: Apply epoxy
  • Step 3: Refill and test the toilet

If Water Is Leaking From the Base

If you've noticed your toilet leaking in Vancouver from the base of the toilet, the process is a little more time-consuming, but give it a try! Follow the steps below on how to fix a leaking toilet, and remember, if you need assistance, don't hesitate to call our team of licensed plumbers to finish the job!

  • Step 1: Check the bolts that connect the base to the floor and walls
  • Step 2: Tighten or replace bolts, if necessary
  • Step 3: Disconnect the entire toilet
  • Step 4: Remove the wax seal ring and replace
  • Step 5: Clean thoroughly and reconnect

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It's important to fix any leak as soon as it crops up, but it's twice as important to get those toilet leaks handled right away. Leaving unsanitary water lying around can cause illness and disease and pose serious health risks for you and your family. It doesn't take long for a water leak to spread down into your floors and walls, as well, as causing water and eventual structural damage. When you're facing a toilet emergency, no need to fret! You can rely on our expert plumbers for all your toilet leaking in Vancouver needs!

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Is Your Toilet Leaking in Vancouver? Mr. Rooter Plumbing is Vancouver’s #1 Choice for Toilet Leak Repairs

Now that you know how to fix a leaking toilet, a toilet leaking in Vancouver shouldn't cause you more stress than it needs to. Whether you're having issues with cracks in your toilet base, running toilets, or your unit is leaking from the base, you can count on us to get the problem dealt with! Our team of professionals have decades of experience, an unparalleled skill set, and an expertise that just can't be matched.

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