The Tell-Tale Sign Your Vancouver home Needs Hot Water Service

For the majority of Vancouver’s ever-growing dwellings and population, the luxury of running hot water is essential for day-to-day life. Daily rituals like showers, cooking, and cleaning are dependent on instant access to hot water and hot water heaters. As with all other appliances, water heaters are prone to wear and breakdown over time. For most of us, hot water heaters usually don’t come to our attention until something goes wrong. At this point, however, your water heater has been giving signs that it requires service. Don’t get caught in the cold with a broken hot water heater and a replacement bill. Here are the tell-tale signs your Vancouver home needs hot water service.

1. The Age of Your Water Heater

Do you recall the last time your water heater was replaced? You probably don’t. Your home water heating system has an average life-span of about 8 and 15 years. Beyond this point, you may need to deal with an inefficient system, increasing your utility cost.

If you are in the market of buying a home, it’s important to know when the last water heater repair service was performed. More often than not, homeowners wait until the water heating system breaks down before they consider an overhaul.

However, if your hot water heater has been in use for at least 15 years, then you shouldn’t wait for the inevitable. You should consider a hot water service inspection as soon as possible (or be content with a cold shower).

Nothing lasts forever. Your water heater is not an exemption, which means that you need to keep track of the health of your system. Don’t wait for an expensive problem to appear, be proactive and prevent the risk of a plumbing emergency with regular inspections.

2. Rusty Water

Most hot water heating systems are steel-made. While steel is among the most dependable materials, it is susceptible to rust over time. Corrosion may spread through to the plumbing fixtures and eventually contaminate your water.

But in most cases, it may be hard to determine whether the rust is originating from the water heater or the piping system ending to your faucet. Whatever the source of the rust, it is important to address the issue right away.

First, you need to pay more attention to the water coming from your faucets, sinks, and bathtubs. If the water has traces of rust, then you may need to call in technicians. Second, you need to inspect the water inlets or the relief valves on the heater.

If you detect traces of rust around the valve or the inlet, it may be time to consider water heater service. If you realize that rust has eaten into the valves leading to the water heating system, then there’s no salvaging the situation. You will want water heater service.

It may be hard to determine the source of the rust. Calling in a specialist would be necessary to ensure you have a thorough assessment to determine the problem so the right solution can be performed.

3. No Hot Water

You may be accustomed to a refreshing hot shower before or after a long day’s work. However, lately, you may have experienced instances of cold water whenever you turn the shower on. Where did all the hot water go? This situation may be frustrating, especially during winters. 

The first place to check when water fails to be heated should be the pilot light on your hot water heater.

If the pilot light is out, your hot water dispenser is likely acting up. Call a hot water service technician to address and fix the problem.

If the pilot light shows no signs of problems, the next step is to assess the circuit breaker. Your water heater may have such functionality issues because the circuit breaker may have tripped, causing a fault in the electric water heater system.

Your electric water heater may have experienced a power surge or other wiring related malfunctions. In both cases, calling in an expert would be helpful.

4. Odd Noises

You’re in the shower trying to relax but you keep on getting disrupted from the strange noises coming from your water heater system. If this is you, then your repair notice has been served.

Noises are the surest indicator yet that something may be wrong with the hot water system. The sounds may range from loud cracks to popping noises.

If this issue persists, then it could be an indication that the heating elements have mineral buildup.

Such a buildup may cause water to boil under the sediments near the gas burner under considerable pressure. The noise comes from the heater attempting to boil water trapped under the mineral deposits.

Although hot water heaters are not silent workers and some noise is no indication of a problem, a moaning system indicates that it requires a professional inspection from a licensed Vancouver drain cleaning and plumbing expert.

5. Vancouver Hot Water Has Low Pressure

This is a more common problem for Vancouver homeowners. A water heater system may experience instances of low pressure often due to mineral buildup. If your water heater system has drained hard water or mineral buildup over time, then this may lead to reduced pressure.

Sediment and hard-water buildup can reduce your systems' water pressure significantly overtime. Such deposits may block the shut-off valve that leads to the water heater. If this happens, then water from the unit faces a gradual decrease.

The hot water ends up struggling to squeeze past the blockages, leading to irregular pressure. If you experience this, you will want to call a qualified plumber to flush and clean your water heater tank.

Most people assume that this can be a DIY activity. But it can get complicated if the buildup has blocked off the pipes. The process may require the draining of the hard water first to remove the troublesome buildups.  Removing the sediments and mineral deposits is a job for hot water service professionals.

6. Strange Smells

Have you been wondering where that peculiar smell has been coming from lately? Despite having cleaned around, you're still hit by that irritating odour each time you enter your home.

Well, your water heating system may be the culprit.

Most cases of smelly water heaters are a result of anaerobic bacteria. Such bacteria exist in water and will often react with sulfur, magnesium, or other minerals. A mixture of these results in the production of that classic rotten egg smell.

If your water has a strange smell each time you turn the plumbing fixtures on, this may be a sign of trouble. You may also notice a peculiar taste in the water. This is another sign that indicates a potential problem and you require hot water service.

These signs may mean that you need water heater service, hot water heater repairs, or even hot water heater replacement. Calling in a qualified plumber can help you make an informed decision on the situation.

7. If the Water Heater Shows Signs of Leaks

Nothing is more alarming than waking up to water pooling around the base of your water heating system. It may seem like your water heater is sweating or leaking.

This may be a big concern, depending on the level of leak and the environment surrounding the water heater. If a leak occurs, call for professional hot water service immediately to have the water heating system checked to avoid further leaks.

Some of the common causes of leaks in the hot water system include pressure, heat, or a fracture on the tanks. In other cases, your system may have experienced a rupture leading up to such instances of leaks. If the water tank has raptures, there's a chance that pools of water will form at the base.

Whether your water heating system has been showing signs of slow drips or rapid leaks that escalate into a pool of water, you shouldn’t take chances. Ignoring the problem can cost you much, much more than the cost of an inspection or a hot water service repair.

If you notice that your tank is losing water, then it's time to call in the experts. Leaks are never a good sign. They may be a confirmation that your inner tank has reached the maximum service time and its time for a new hot water heater.

8. If Your Hot Water Heater System Is Used Often

You cannot compare the overall lifespan of a water heater that is used sparingly with that of a large family. If your home has more family members, the possibility of overusing the water heating system is higher. Systems that are used more often will require more frequent inspection and repairs.

On the contrary, homes with individuals who live alone rarely have concerns related to the overuse of the water heater system. If your water heater services multiple individuals and has been in use for more than eight years then it may be time to consider an inspection to prevent or repair any issues.

9. Recurrent Repairs

Nothing prepares you for a system overhaul. It is normal for a water heater to require a few repairs over its life-span. But, if your water heater has been in need of frequent repairs lately, then it may be time to consider a new hot water tank. The cost of a new hot water tank can be seen as a smart investment as the repairs and additional utilities used with an older hot water tank can quickly add up more than a new system.

Have you noted an increase in repairs required to keep your water heating system running? It may be time to call in for hot water heater replacement service. Get in touch with a reliable Vancouver plumbing company to ensure that the overhaul process is completed by a reliable, insured professional plumber.

10. Warm Water but Not Hot Water

If you’ve noticed instances where the water remains moderately warm even when the heat level is set to max, it could be a sign that your component has been burning out over time. If you’ve tried to adjust your thermostat, yet the issue persists, this is a sign that you require water heating service. Such a fault in the water heating system can be due to extended periods of bleeding air from the system.

You Don't Have To Wait Until Your Water Heater Breaks Down

Your water heater is one of the essential systems in your house. If you have been noticing any of these telltale signs lately, then it may be time to mull over hot water service. It would help if you considered working with a reputable plumbing company during the process.

Contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Vancouver today for prompt water heater service including inspection, maintenance, repair, and replacement.

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