Scarborough Drain Cleaning Service Professionals

Have you seen the signs that your sewer pipes are stuffed with blockages? Are you ready for the effects of brilliant Scarborough drain cleaning service?

Every home in Scarborough is vulnerable to problems caused by grime trapped inside drain lines. That's why drain cleaning is one of the most essential plumbing services for Scarborough homeowners. Professional service for your grimy drain could be all you need for improved plumbing performance—and peace of mind!

Nobody in Scarborough has the power to stop blockage completely. Of course, homeowners that avoid harmful materials experience fewer issues, but even soap scum and minerals contribute to clogs. You could stop using soap altogether, but there are better methods for fighting the negative effects of clogged drains and gaining the benefits of properly maintained drainage systems.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, our Scarborough plumbers provide expert drain cleaning services that will leave your pipes looking and working like they were just installed. All that separates you from clean pipes and happy fixtures is a single appointment for Scarborough drain cleaning services.

Is Scarborough Drain Cleaning Service Actually Important?

Any professional plumber will tell you that drain cleaning is important, especially in older areas like Scarborough. Older homes are even more vulnerable to plumbing issues caused by blockage, but you're not safe if you live in one of Scarborough's newer developments either. Dirty drains also affect newer buildings, usually when harmful materials find their way into pipes.

As with any other complicated system, your pipes and fixtures need routine maintenance to keep performing at peak efficiency. Regularly cleaning your lines doesn't just keep them clean and working well, it also extends their life—and prevents disasters that come from clog complications in Scarborough.

Unimpeded soft blockage will continuously grow until it completely blocks your pipes. At that point, nothing will get by. If wastewater and sewage can't travel through your pipes, they'll find somewhere else to go. There are only two alternate destinations for that waste. It will either burst out the side of your sewer main or seep back up into your home.

Regular Scarborough drain cleaning is absolutely important if you don't want sewage seeping up into your kitchen sink. Wouldn't you rather avoid a costly drain repairs or plumbing emergency? We know we would.

The Importance of Regular Professional Scarborough Drain Services:

Getting a routine check-up from a knowledgeable professional is just as important for plumbing systems as it is for people. Some people in Scarborough try to get by with just their own drain cleaning solutions, but there’s no substitute for professional service.

It takes a trained eye to properly spot and diagnose issues with a dirty plumbing system. While you may think your pipes are working well, your system may still be sending subtle warning signs. Without the experience and knowledge of a professional Scarborough plumber, those tiny cries for help may go unnoticed. Over time, those stifled cries will become roaring yells: serious problems that are impossible to ignore.

Getting routine professional Scarborough drain cleaning is absolutely important for preventing the issues caused by hard clogs and soft blockages, but it’s also important for your system to get that regular inspection from a professional eye.

There are many problems and pests that affect Scarborough plumbing systems. A thorough cleaning and professional check-up with your reliable local plumber will help you avoid any stress complications and costly repairs that might appear as a result of unaddressed issues. The best time to stop plumbing problems is before they appear. Scarborough drain cleaning service is the foundation of every effective preventive plumbing plan.

How Does Professional Scarborough Drain Cleaning Work?

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Scarborough, we rely on established techniques that experienced plumbers have been using for years, in addition to advanced plumbing and drain repair technology that helps us completely remove every ounce of grime and slime.

With our expertise and specialized equipment, we have many options to choose from. Our specific solutions are always based on the plumbing needs of our customers, so specific methods may vary based on the severity and configuration of your current pipes and fixtures. However, there are some drain solutions that we use more often, and it's likely that your Scarborough drain cleaning appointment could include one of the following options.

Drain Inspection

Have you seen what caused your clog or what type of debris is obstructing your waste lines? You might have some guesses—and we definitely do—but nothing is certain. Inspections are necessary to determine both what's causing your drainage issues and how severe those problems are.

The inspection process helps plumbers pick an option that's appropriate for your level of blockage. If we see tree root penetration deep inside your sewer, you'll need something powerful and thorough. If we only find a toy lodged inside your line, a robust response may not be necessary.

Plumbing Video Camera Inspections

The basis of many professional plumbing inspections is a tool commonly called a plumbing video camera. Although they might seem similar, this device is different from what you might call a snake. It’s a flexible camera system that connects to a live video display screen.

As the camera is inserted into your drains, plumbers watch the video feed and look for signs of severe blockages, damages, and any other signs or causes of your drain issues. If you’re suffering from severe clogs in multiple areas or you haven’t had an appointment for Scarborough drain cleaning in many years, your professional plumbers may choose to use this equipment.

Plumbing video cameras make it easy to find deep clogs, tree root penetration, and other issues affecting the inner space of your drainage system. With that improved understanding of the issues affecting your pipes, it becomes even easier for Scarborough plumbers to provide you with effective drain cleaning solutions.

Plungers, Snakes, & Augers

Oh my! Are all those tools really necessary? Maybe, maybe not. Every plumbing professional carries a variety of tools for dealing with bad blockage build-up. A toilet plunger or taze plunger might be more than enough to push out debris, but snakes, toilet augers, and powered augers are a better option for fighting extra-tough clogs.

HydroScrub® Jetting

Have you ever seen hydro jetting technology in action? If you've ever seen a pressure washer being used, then you've already got some idea what hydro jet equipment does. Our HydroScrub® jetting tools use pressurized water jets to blast away obstructions, eliminate grime, and even cut away tree roots! There are few solutions for cleaning pipes that provide as remarkable results as hydro jetting.

“How Does it Work?”

Hydro scrubbing typically starts with a camera inspection. That step is an important part of Scarborough drain cleaning if you’re using hydro jet technology. The high-pressure water jets could worsen existing damage in cracked pipes, or cause issues in older lines, so it’s important to make sure your pipes are not vulnerable to complications. After that initial inspection is complete, hydro scrubbing will begin.

Your plumber will first locate an access point to your home’s plumbing. Typically that will be the main system cleanout. The equipment is then inserted, and the pressure is set to an appropriate level, usually 35,000 psi (pounds per square inch).

Hydro scrub equipment utilizes a hose with a specially designed nozzle that shoots water in multiple directions. As the water shoots out, the nozzle propels itself through your pipes, blasting away all blockages. Gravity takes care of the final step, pulling the remaining traces of debris out through your system and away from your home.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Scarborough For Your Drain Cleaning Needs?

If you're interested in the results of our HydroScrub® solutions, then the answer is clear—but there are other reasons to choose our team. As your locally owned plumbing company, we proudly serve all our friends and neighbours in Scarborough and nearby areas, and we're dedicated to providing an unparalleled level of service for all those people. If that's something you want from your plumbers, then you might be interested in our other benefits too.

What You Get From Mr. Rooter Plumbing:

  • Fully Bonded & Insured Professionals: Are you concerned about who might be working in your home? That's perfectly understandable. Each member of our Scarborough team is fully insured and bonded. You shouldn't have to worry about unfortunate accidents or unscrupulous individuals in your home. When you choose our team, you won't!

  • Licensed, Experienced Plumbers: Each of our Scarborough plumbers have all the necessary training, certification, and licensing. Plus, they have years of experience helping Scarborough homeowners with pipes and fixtures. There's no problem beyond our experience and qualifications.

  • Guaranteed Workmanship & Parts: Your sewer pipes shouldn't break soon after your repairs, and you shouldn't have to worry if they do. All parts and services we provide are covered by a complete satisfaction guarantee. We're proud of our work, and we know you'll be satisfied with the results of our effort—in fact, we guarantee it!

  • 24/7 Emergency Service: A clogged drain or toilet could overflow at any time. Severe drainage emergencies won't wait for a convenient hour, which is why we make sure we're always available. We're ready to help every hour of every day, and our anytime service comes at no extra charge!

Scarborough Drain Cleaning FAQs

Where Does Drain Blockage Come From?

Blockage comes from a wide variety of sources that affect your lines from top to bottom. A backup in your kitchen sink is just as likely to be caused by food waste stuck in your garbage disposal as by fat, grease, and oil congealed deeper inside your main sewer pipe.

Common Causes Include:

  • Fats, oils, & grease

  • Wet wipes

  • Paper towel

  • Dental floss

  • Hair

  • Coffee grounds

  • Food scraps

  • Shells & bones

  • Personal hygiene products

  • Tree roots

How Do You Know Your Scarborough Home Requires Drain Cleaning Services?

Any irregularity with your pipes is a sign that something is wrong, but there are also common warning signs that indicate you should call a local Scarborough plumber. If you ever see signs of blockage, make an appointment with a plumbing company as soon as possible.

Warning Signs Include:

  • Standing water

  • Frequent clogs

  • Gurgling noises

  • Unpleasant, rotten odours

  • Sink flies

  • Sewage backups

Should You Use Chemical Drain Cleaners?

You should avoid all chemical cleaning products. The only things you should ever pour into pipes are water and human waste. Chemical cleaners damage fixtures with repeated use, and they complicate other professional cleaning methods.

Some plumbing professionals do use enzymatic cleaners, which are more natural and safe than chemical products. However, deciding whether those products will help you—or whether to use them—is best left to the discretion of Scarborough drain cleaning professionals.

Can You Clean Your Drain Pipe Yourself?

Some Scarborough homeowners regularly clean their own plumbing systems and domestic drains with a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and hot water. That option may reduce the effects of blockage, but it won't give you the same outstanding results as with a professional drain cleaning session. There's no substitute for regular drainage cleaning service from a skilled licensed plumber. This type of maintenance is only preventing the inevitable while potentially damaging your pipes.

How Often Should You Get Scarborough Drain Cleaning Service?

For the average household in Scarborough, an appointment every 18 to 22 months is the standard recommendation. However, there are some situations where you may want to choose more frequent appointments, especially if you are dealing with a stubborn clogged drain. Each household varies, and your unique plumbing may have specific additional requirements.

For those who do sometimes flush harmful materials, plumbers recommend more frequent appointments for Scarbrough drain cleaning. You may also need an annual appointment if you live in a home with older pipes that are more vulnerable to clogs and other types of damage.

If you find that you are scheduling frequent appointments for domestic drain cleaning, consider asking your plumber to inspect the other areas of your system for issues like tree root penetration. It’s possible that your frequent blockage issues may be a result of undetected damage.

Are You Ready for Cleaner, Clearer Pipes?

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Scarborough is ready to help you! Our experienced, courteous team can answer any questions you might have. We always provide exceptional customer service and safe, worry-free experiences.

Dealing with a clogged drain? Whether your toilet is gurgling or your bathroom sink takes too long to empty out, call 416-755-6121 or contact us online today!

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