Professional Drain Cleaning in Scarborough, ON

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Do you have noisy pipes that bang and clamour while you’re trying to sleep, or sinks that take forever to drain? Do even simple tasks like washing dishes take an annoyingly long time to complete as you wait for dirty water to clear? If you’re dealing with these frustrating plumbing issues that negatively impact the well-being of your health and home, it’s time to book a Scarborough drain cleaning service.

Routine maintenance is important for protecting the longevity of your pipes and clearing away years of debris that can cause clogs, water back-ups, and many other issues. Preventative maintenance saves you time, frustration, and everything associated with costly repairs and replacements.

Schedule a convenient appointment with your local Scarborough plumber at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Scarborough. We’ll arrive promptly and on time, take care to keep our workspace tidy, and efficiently clean your pipes with cutting-edge HydroScrub® Jetting technology that won’t make a mess of your home. Instead, you’ll have spotless pipes that have recovered their original efficiency. Your plumbing problem does not stand a chance against us!

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About Our Scarborough Drain Cleaning Services

Generally, there are a few reasons why homeowners in Scarborough require pipe cleaning services:

  • From a slow-draining bathtub and frequent toilet backups
  • You’re already taking preventive measures to protect your pipework on a regular basis

Unfortunately, some homeowners choose an improper shortcut for clearing their pipes by using toxic drain cleaners like Drano. This mixture uses highly corrosive chemicals to erase buildup. While it often does its job, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy for your pipes or our environment. On the other hand, our expert Scarborough plumbers believe in cleaning your drains holistically and thoroughly.

Our Drain Cleaning Strategy Combines:

  • Our cutting-edge HydroScrub® Jetting technology, which shoots high-pressure water through your pipes
  • Enzymatic Drain Care™, which is a biodegradable cleaning solution

Together, our cleaning methods return your pipes to peak performance without introducing potentially harmful chemical cleaners.

When you schedule an appointment with your local Scarborough plumber, they will arrive promptly at your home in a marked company vehicle. We’re geared with professional plumbing needed to inspect and clean your pipes. By hiring us, you’ll rest easy knowing that we provide guaranteed parts and exceptional workmanship. When we are done with our job, we’ll clean up after ourselves like nothing happened. We also offer upfront pricing to all our Scarborough customers. Our plumbing technicians will clear away clogs and debris so that you can enjoy healthy plumbing for years to come.

How Do Clogs Happen?

Clogs are the result of years of buildup from toothpaste, hair, fats, and soap scum. Over time, this build-up of gunk can create a clog. Depending on how old your home is and how long it’s been since your last cleaning service, you could be dealing with quite a bit of build-up without even knowing it.

Since the build-up can take a long time to create a blocked drain, you may not notice it happening immediately. Generally, the signs of blockage start showing slowly. For instance, your kitchen drain might take a little longer than usual to empty out, or you may notice a rotting smell coming out of your outlets. Clogs can sneak up on you and potentially cause significant system back-ups and repairs.

Expert Scarborough drain cleaning services prevent your waste lines from blocking up and affecting your sewer pipe. It’s like hitting the reset button for your plumbing!

5 Warning Signs You Need Scarborough Drain Cleaning

Scarborough ON property owners might be experiencing the following warning signs that are affecting their daily routines:

1. Slow Drain

Does your kitchen sink take too long to empty? Do you ever find yourself standing in a few inches of water when you shower? A slow drain in your sink, tub, or shower is a common warning sign that you have a clog.

The kitchen and bathroom tend to be areas of high-traffic — food items, grease, soap, and hair create major clogs over time. When your drains are clogged, water is not able to pass out of your tub, sink, or shower as quickly as it normally would. This flow restriction is certainly an annoying drainage problem that can be rather disruptive to our schedules.

2. Toilet won’t Flush

A common sign is that your toilet won’t flush, or it backs-up frequently. Clogged toilets are at times caused by excessive toilet paper, items like wet wipes, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, or even children’s toys being flushed down the toilet. Clogged drains are common overall and can affect any plumbing fixture, such as your kitchen sinks and bathtub drains. However, clogged toilets can also indicate that you have a sewer backup.

Your main drain line is what all your other waste outlets feed into, so a block is quite serious. If you can’t figure out why a toilet is backed-up, it could actually be a problem with your mainline.

3. Pools of Water

If water has started pooling in your yard, and you haven’t experienced heavy rainfall, this can indicate that you have a clog. Generally, clogs that flood into your yard are caused by tree roots infiltrating the drain and causing the water to back-up. If the puddles in your yard smell like sewage, then your sewer line may have become backed-up.

Tree roots can cause a lot of damage and create hazardous health conditions, so it’s best to call licensed plumbers to deal with the problem right away.

4. Bad Smells

Unpleasant odours are another sign of a clog. Generally, unpleasant odours are caused by a build-up of food particles starting to rot in the drain. Alternatively, if the smell reminds you of sewage, it’s also a possible sign of sewage backup.

5. Gurgling Sounds

Many homeowners mistake gurgling drains as a part of how all plumbing works. This is not the case. Gurgling means that water cannot flow freely through a plumbing system and air is getting trapped inside as a result. This causes the air to struggle and emit a gurgling noise.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Scarborough for Drain Cleaning?

Scarborough ON, homeowners no longer have to deal with unlicensed contractors. Our experienced plumbers are trusted throughout Scarborough because we’re courteous, highly trained, licensed/insured, and focused on excellent customer service. Our professional plumbers have years of Scarborough drain cleaning experience and are familiar with traditional methods (e.g. plumber’s snake) and newer methods (e.g. our cutting-edge HydroScrub® Jetting technology). We offer our wide range of skills to both homeowners and businesses—yes, we do commercial plumbing—and never charge overtime fees.

Not only are our Scarborough plumbing technicians industry leaders, but we also value customer service above all else—as demonstrated via our numerous positive customer reviews. When hiring your local Scarborough plumbers, you can rest assured that we will arrive on time for your scheduled appointment and handle your drain cleaning needs efficiently and correctly. Not only will we bring all the best tools and technology, but we will also inspect your plumbing and drainage system to troubleshoot any other issues before they escalate.

We value professionalism and wear the Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Scarborough uniform proudly. You’ll always know that it’s one of our plumbing service experts at your home because we’ll arrive in a marked company vehicle. Not only will we keep messes to a minimum while working, but we’ll also clean up after completing the job. Moreover, we always make time to answer any questions and provide care tips before we leave.

A clogged drain issue can be a situation that requires emergency plumbing technicians to alleviate it immediately. For that reason, our emergency plumber is on call 24/7 to ensure your pipes are safe and won’t wreak havoc on your home. Our plumbing experts are here for all of your plumbing needs. Say goodbye to drain blockages; say hello to proper drainage—and peace of mind.

Scarborough Drain Cleaning – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning is designed to eliminate and prevent tough clogs, foul odours, and issues with waste lines by dislodging and removing years of buildup from hair, fats, oil, grease, and soap residue. It can be completed in various ways, such as using a plunger or drain snake to get rid of stubborn clogs, or via our cutting-edge HydroScrub® Jetting to clean away years of build-up from your pipes.

How Long Does it Take a Plumber to Unclog Drains?

This depends on the method your Scarborough plumber uses to unclog the blocked drain and how severe the blockage is. If it’s in an odd location, it may take longer. For instance, loose clogs in your tub, toilet, or kitchen sink can take only 5-10 minutes to clear out with a plumber’s snake. However, serious clogs in your sewer line or multiple clogs throughout your home can take a few hours to clear. With hydro jetting, the process usually takes about an hour to complete. Often, the hydro jetting process is followed by an inspection that can take up to an additional hour to wrap everything up.

How Often Should You Get Scarborough Drain Cleaning?

Scarborough ON homeowners are recommended to schedule annual cleaning services to prevent clogs and keep your pipes up to par. This will save you time and frustration down the road from having to deal with serious blockage.

Yet, some Scarborough homeowners schedule drain cleaning up to four times a year. Depending on the age of your home, the number of residents, and how hard you are on your plumbing—say you consistently pour cooking grease down your kitchen sink—you may need to schedule more frequent Scarborough drain cleaning services.

What is Hydro Jet Cleaning?

Hydro jetting uses a high-pressure stream of water to thoroughly blast out the inside of your plumbing pipes. It’s a very powerful cleaning method that eliminates scale, grease clogs, soap scum, and other material build-up within your pipes.

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