Water Line Replacement, Scarborough

Fresh water is a necessity in every home in Scarborough. If you are faced with broken pipes, clogged pipes, or leaks, you might begin to panic as you frantically search for an available plumbing company to take care of your water line replacement. All you need to do is call your reliable Scarborough plumber.

Whether you need a replacement right away or would like an inspection to prevent one, give us a call. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Scarborough provides meticulous inspections of your water line, drain line, and sewer line to ensure all are in working order. If we spot any issues, you can count on us for efficient repair and drain cleaning services and, if needed, total replacements. That’s the benefit of choosing a full-service plumbing company with a wide range of solutions—no matter what issue you’re facing, you know we’ll always have your back.

Looking ahead? Call us today for a plumbing diagnosis and inspection. Need an emergency plumber? Reach out to our dedicated customer care team and get quality service now.

What Can You Expect When Getting Water Line Replacement Service?

Thinking of neglecting water line replacement? You don’t have that option if you want clean water in your homes. Unfortunately, this service isn’t one that’s made possible through DIY repairs—it can be quite extensive if your pipes have quite a bit of damage. That’s why the first part of our replacement process always begins with an inspection.

Plumbing Inspection And Diagnosis

Often, the signs you need a water line repair or replacement are quite similar. Discolored water, faulty ice makers, and slow-flowing water could be caused by rust or clogged drains, but they could also be signs of tree root invasion and irreparable corrosion. During our inspection, we’ll use specialized video camera equipment to take a peek inside your water line. We’ll see every last detail inside your pipes, looking into all of your plumbing fixtures, including your drains, filtration systems, sewer lines, and more. After, we’ll give you the low down on your plumbing and inform you of any pipe repairs, replacements, or cleaning that should be done. Here are the two techniques we’ll use to find out more about your water line:

  • Infrared detection:  Thermal imaging detects moisture-prone areas around your home. This includes behind walls and in the soil. If excess moisture shows up on our tools, we’ll know there’s a pesky leak lurking in your water line.
  • Pressure testing: Taking a flow reading and pressure test, we’ll identify if you are experiencing low pressure in your home due to a crack or ruptured water line. We’ll check the pressure regulator and water metres to ensure the settings are correct before going any further.

Depending on the amount of damage we find in your water line, we will likely recommend trenchless water line replacement. If you have broken or leaky pipes, have pipes under your house or yard, or your pipes have been damaged from freezing weather, this option is ideal. Trenchless methods involve pipe relining or pipe bursting, both of which require minimal digging and will not displace you from your home or routines.

Why Mr. Rooter Plumbing Is The Top Choice For Water Line Replacement in Scarborough

If you’ve experienced low water pressure or discoloured water in your home, you know how frustrating it can be—not to mention how unsafe. You want your family to have clean, safe, and ample water in Scarborough, and that’s precisely why you should call a professional plumber. Don’t neglect small plumbing issues hoping they will disappear. A dripping faucet, mystery pool of water, or slow drain are all signs your plumbing is telling you it needs attention, and likely, these issues will continue to grow if you do not deal with them quickly.

That’s why Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Scarborough offers regular maintenance and emergency plumbing services to deal with your pipe problems fast. With guaranteed workmanship and quality materials, our licensed plumbers always aim for complete customer satisfaction by resolving a wide array of nagging and pressing plumbing issues for locals. Call our qualified team today to learn more about drain cleaning, drain repair, or our many replacement and installation services for your sewer pipes and drain lines.

FAQs: Water Line Replacement

How Often Should Water Lines Be Replaced?

It depends on the material of your pipes, but usually, copper pipes can last up to 80 years, while brass or galvanized pipes can last up to 100. However, to get the most out of your water line, you’ll need to perform regular maintenance. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Scarborough offers inspection and cleaning services to ensure the health of your system.

What is the Best Pipe For an Underground Water Line?

When it comes to water line replacement, whether you live on Kennedy Road or Ellesmere Road, you have a choice as to which material they replace their pipes with. Popular materials include PVC, PEX, or copper. The reason galvanized steel or brass are not used as much in modern times is that they corrode easily, and Scarborough doesn’t exactly have the softest water supply. The great news about water pipe replacement is that if you’re dealing with it now, you’ll likely never have to again.

How Long Will It Take To Replace Water Lines In My House?

If they need water line replacement, Scarborough residents may experience different installation times. The length of your service depends on how large your home is and how much damage your pipes have. Water lines with more damage will require us to replace water line parts in greater numbers, which of course, takes more time. Sometimes we will find that the sloping of your system is also off or that we will need to replace your entire outdated system. Whatever the outcome, we will keep you informed during every step of the process.

Need Water Line Replacement in Scarborough? Don’t Wait, Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing Today!

You need fresh cleaning and drinking water in your home. That’s a plain fact. But when do you know you need a water line replacement? How do you know how long you can delay the service before it turns into a health hazard? If you suspect something is wrong with your water system, call us right away. Acting quickly can catch small issues before they turn into plumbing disasters.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Scarborough serves the local community and the surrounding areas of Southern Ontario, including Ajax-Pickering, Whitby-Oshawa, Brampton, North York, and Richmond Hill. Don’t delay your plumbing emergency! Call us today to schedule your water line replacement in Scarborough! Our experienced plumbers have your back.
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