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It's hard to determine at first glance the cause of a clogged drain issue. Whether it's a backed-up basement drain, a slow sink drain, or a clogged toilet, an obstruction or backup in your drain pipes could be just that—a backup due to hair, dust, debris or soap scum. But, clogged or backed-up drains can also suggest more serious underlying issues, like leaks in your plumbing and/or the need for sewer line repair in Scarborough. But, it's not until you call in our experienced Scarborough plumbers that you'll know for sure.

Scarborough boasts beautiful historical homes and buildings by breathtaking bluffs, but the downside of older homes is the plumbing issues that can occur, getting in the way of your daily routines. That's where Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Scarborough ON comes in.

Because sewer systems operate underground, it's difficult to know what condition your sewer lines are in. But, don't wait until a sewer line replacement is necessary. Whether you need sewer line repair in Scarborough or maintenance, our insured and licensed plumbers have the expertise and advanced tools to get to the root cause of your sewer line issues. Contact us today to book an inspection with one of our plumbing experts, or read on to learn more about our process for sewer line repair in Scarborough.

What To Expect From Our Services for Sewer Line Repair in Scarborough

When hearing the words "sewer line repair," Scarborough residents might picture the worst-case scenario—heavy machinery tearing apart your carefully manicured lawn to dig out the old system and put in a new one. But, let us put your fears to rest! We possess both the expertise and the cutting-edge technology to conduct a detailed inspection without compromising your landscape. Our Scarborough sewer line repair experts will do everything we can to disturb your yard as little as possible throughout the process. Here's how it works:

Video Camera Inspection

To start the process of sewer line repair in Scarborough, one of our knowledgeable experts will use a non-invasive procedure that involves snaking a small video camera on a thin rod through the drain pipe to determine the problem. The footage from the video camera will then be displayed on our attached monitor and we'll be able to see any problem areas in your sewer line as well as any maintenance that's been done on the line in the past. We'll then mark the areas that need sewer line repair in Scarborough.

Preparation and Cleaning

Before we start the repairs process, we'll ensure that the pipe is prepped and cleaned. Using a method called hydro jetting, we'll clean out the sewer line or unwanted refuse. HydroScrub jetting is the process of using a high-pressure water jet to free the pipeline of any debris, clogs, mineral deposits, or other types of clogs. Once the HydroScrub jetting is complete, we'll determine if Scarborough sewer line repair or replacement is required, and determine which repair method to use.

Pipe Relining

There are two options for sewer line repair in Scarborough. The first option is pipe relining. Pipe relining is a non-invasive, trenchless procedure. The first step in this process is to dig a hole at the closest section of the affected sewer pipe. Next, we'll insert an epoxy-soaked resin lining into the pipe through the hole and an inflated tube to help the resin attach to the inside walls of the pipe. The resin will need to be set for about three hours. Once the resin is set, we will then deflate the tube, feed it back through the hole and seal the hole. And voila! Your pipes will be better than new!

Pipe Bursting

Your second option for sewer line repair in Scarborough is pipe bursting. This method is used when the damage to the pipe is too extensive for pipe relining. Pipe bursting involves the process of breaking and expanding the current pipe that is beyond the repair of pipe relining and simultaneously replacing it with a new high-density sewer pipe. This process can sound scary, but not to worry! Pipe bursting is designed to leave your landscape unperturbed. It's a slightly more complex procedure than pipe lining, as it requires two holes at the front and end of the pipe to proceed, but doesn't require complete excavation.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing For Scarborough Sewer Line Repair?

For all your sewer line repair in Scarborough, we're proud to be a locally owned and operated business with years of absolute client satisfaction and expertise in the plumbing industry. We know what the communities of Scarborough and Agincourt need, including services such as water heater repair, water softener installation, emergency plumbing services and much more.

We stand by our work, so we promise to deliver guaranteed workmanship through our Neighborly Done Right Promise. Our people are our #1 priority. When you hire us, we want you to be happy you did. That's why we promise that the job isn't done until it's done right and if it's not done right the first time, we'll make it right. Guaranteed.

Sewer Line Repair in Scarborough FAQs

How Can You Tell If You Need Sewer Line Repair in Scarborough?

Because your sewer lines are underground, you can't tell if you need sewer line repair in Scarborough by looking at it, but some warning signs that your sewer line is damaged are the presence of a sewer smell, clogged or slow drains, gurgling noises from your toilet, sewage back up in your tub and/or shower, wall cracks, and mould or mildew.

How Serious Is a Cracked Sewer Pipe?

Sewer pipe cracks are incredibly serious. If you leave them for too long they can cause property damage, soil pollution and mould-related illnesses. As soon as you notice the signs of a cracked pipe like a sewer smell or clogged drains, it's best to call one of our emergency plumbers right away and get started on the process of sewer line repair in Scarborough.

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