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3 Month Deferred Payment Plans
Subject to Credit Approval

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Scarborough ON

Expires on date: 12/31/2024

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Subject to credit approval. Some conditions may apply. For further information, please call us.

Nobody wants the stress and hassle of dealing with an unexpected plumbing emergency, such as a leaking pipe or malfunctioning plumbing fixture. But as frustrating as plumbing disasters can be, they're infinitely worse when you are worried your budget won't stretch far enough to accommodate the expense of the necessary repair work from an experienced plumber. 

Suppose your toilet doesn't work, or you can't get hot water in your shower, or you're experiencing daily sewer backups, or you're coping with a multitude of other potential plumbing issues that are affecting your ability to live your life comfortably and get through your household's daily routines. In that case, you certainly can't just wait a few months until you're financially prepared to handle the expense of professional plumbing repairs. You need repairs right away, whether you have the space in your budget to cover those costs or not. That's why the team at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Scarborough offers a viable solution in the form of an affordable plumbing payment plan in Scarborough.

Plumbing Payment Plan for Scarborough Homeowners

As members of the local communities in the Greater Toronto Area, we consider our customers to be our neighbours—and we don't want to see our neighbours struggle to cope with plumbing repair expenses they couldn't predict and therefore didn't have an opportunity to budget for. That's why we offer a reasonable financing option for our plumbing payment plans. Give us a call today to chat with our trustworthy customer service staff and find out more about deferred payments for plumbing repairs. Our plumbing payment plans in Scarborough are subject to credit approval.

No Payments, No Interest for 3 Months

Do you require immediate plumbing services but need to be able to defer payments for a few months without accruing interest in the meantime? We've got you covered! With this plumbing payment plan in Scarborough, you don't have to make any payments for three months and won't accrue interest for three months either, subject to credit approval.