A water line, also known as a water main line or a water main, is one of the most important pieces of plumbing on your property. Without this line, there’s no way for water to get from outside of your home to the pipes inside of it. While these pipes are sturdier than most plumbing pipes, they incur more wear and tear than other pipes. When they break down, water line repair services are a must.

Water lines are susceptible to damage from tree roots, mineral buildup, seismic events, freezing-and-thawing, high water pressure, and general deterioration. When one or more of these issues impact your water line, it causes a range of problems, including reduced water pressure and water discolouration. Ignoring warning signs can lead to the need for emergency plumbing service later on!

Thankfully, if you notice that your water line is experiencing any of these issues, there’s something that can be done. Mr. Rooter® Plumbing offers high-quality water line repair. Our service professionals provide expert repairs you can depend on at a flat, up-front price. We can even diagnose water line problems in your home and perform underground water main line repairs for those buried problems.

How We Carry Out Water Line Repair Services

Our water main line repair services begin with us conducting an in-depth assessment of your problem. We use a plumbing video camera to pinpoint the cause and location of the plumbing issue. This helps us save you money on repairs and reduce the amount of digging needed in your yard.

Once we’ve located the issue, we use our underground water line repair techniques to minimize the impact on your lawn, landscaping, and wallet. Our advanced trenchless plumbing technology allows us to use special pipe relining techniques that essentially create a new pipe inside of the old one.

Here are the main benefits of our water line repair services:

  • Done in a day or less
  • Won’t tear up your lawn
  • Prompt and cost-effective
  • Completed according to industry standards

Our licensed plumbing experts communicate openly and honestly with you to provide the most efficient services possible. Our services are guaranteed, so we’ll resolve the issue or come back and fix it at no additional cost.

Water Line Repair Service FAQs

How do you fix a leaking water supply line?

A leaking water supply line can be fixed through a few methods. No matter what method you choose, it’s important to keep in mind that water main repairs must be carried out by experienced plumbers. Attempting to do this job on your own can lead to serious problems like foundation damage.

The old method of repairing a busted water line was to dig up the pipe and replace it with a new section of pipe. This required a lot of digging and would majorly damage the section of the yard where the damaged pipe was located.

Today, many people opt for trenchless water line repairs. This method allows plumbers to remotely insert a piece of inflatable epoxy piping into the broken section of pipe, inflate it, and cure it into place. This essentially creates a new pipe inside of the old pipe.

Can I repair a water line without damaging my yard?

Yes, with technological advancements in plumbing, it is now possible to repair a water line without causing severe damage to your yard. The method used to accomplish this is called trenchless water line repair.

Trenchless water line repair is offered by many companies, takes less time than traditional water line repairs, and saves your yard from significant damage. Whenever possible, trenchless methods are recommended to help you save time and money.

Emergency Water Line Repair

Water lines have a lot of water flowing through them at high pressures, so when something goes wrong, it can become a big issue quickly. If your water line problem becomes an emergency, call the service professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing today. Don’t hesitate to enlist our help in diagnosing your problem or in repairing or replacing your water line.

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