Mississauga Water Line Repair Service

Access to fresh water is critically important to keep your home sanitary and comfortable in Mississauga and ensure that you and your family have what you need to stay healthy. That's why it's not just frustrating and stressful when there is a problem with your water line—it can also be downright dangerous. Your clean, potable water supply isn't something that should be messed around with or neglected. If you see signs of damage or notice issues that could be related to your service pipes, you need Mississauga water line repair service from an experienced local plumber.

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The pipes that carry fresh water into your home are meant to withstand a lot of wear and tear over the years, but eventually, they deteriorate and need repair. It is also possible that they have taken damage from external forces such as invasive tree roots or shifting soil. Regardless of what caused the damage, it is important to know the warning signs that indicate you need trusted Mississauga water line repair services.

Not sure where to turn? The team of professional plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga have extensive experience with water line repair in this part of Ontario. We know exactly what needs to be done to get your plumbing in perfect shape and give you back your peace of mind. When you need water line repair service from Mississauga plumbers, you can count on us to arrive on time, answer any questions you may have, and restore your supply lines to a safe, fully functioning condition.

About Mississauga Water Line Repair Services

When you need plumbing repairs, you may be picturing how your landscaping and home will be dug up just so technicians can access your pipes—or even just to figure out where exactly the problem is located. Fortunately, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga uses trenchless water line repair methods that, as the name suggests, eliminate the need to dig a big, ugly trench across your yard or rip open your drywall. Our non-invasive techniques are much faster and more effective than conventional Mississauga water line repair methods, and we can often repair your service lines within one day.

Video Camera Inspection

We first need to find out the exact nature and location of the issue with your plumbing system. That is not always an easy task, especially when a problem area is buried underground or hidden behind your walls, but we have the right equipment to pinpoint the trouble. That includes plumbing video inspection, where a small video camera with a bright LED light is attached to a flexible cable and inserted into your pipe. Your experienced plumber will then maneuver it through while it records footage of the inside of your pipe. Once we have retrieved it, we will play back footage to get a good look at what is going on and work out where exactly your issue is lurking. We also have other methods of leak detection available, such as infrared imaging and acoustic listening devices.

Pipe Relining

When dealing with water pipe leaks and other issues affecting service lines, pipe relining is one of the best trenchless methods to solve a problem quickly and painlessly. This trenchless technology is non-invasive and highly effective. It's also safe for drinking water and can be used on various systems, including galvanized pipe, copper pipe, and PVC pipe. The damaged pipe is lined with a flexible "sleeve" pushed against the interior walls of your line with an inflatable bladder. It cures and hardens within a few hours, essentially creating a new pipe interior that is very durable and resistant to problems such as tree root intrusion. Trenchless replacement is also an alternative water line repair option if the pipe is too heavily damaged for relining.

Emergency Service

Have you ever noticed that plumbing emergencies in Mississauga have a way of popping up at the least convenient times, like the middle of the night or the start of a long weekend? If you discover a problem after business hours, you don't have to struggle with it alone. Our emergency crew is on standby 24 hours, seven days per week, to provide dependable water line repairs. Mississauga, ON property owners can give our team a buzz any time, whether it’s after work hours or nighttime. An emergency plumber will be at your door with their professional gear. Soon, your system will run smoothly again. And there's no need to worry that you can't afford emergency services—we don't charge any of our customers for overtime, which means our emergency plumbing services cost exactly the same at 10 pm as they do at 10 am.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing?

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Finding a reliable, licensed plumber in Mississauga is not easy, especially when you need one at the last minute. As your locally owned and operated plumbing company, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga has been serving our local community and neighbors for many years, providing high-quality workmanship and dedicated customer service.

When you have a problem with your supply lines that is calling out for plumbing repair, you need the help of an experienced, licensed plumber—and fast! From in-house to underground water line repair, Mississauga, ON residents can rely on our team of professional plumbers for trustworthy service. In fact, we stand behind our plumbers with a guarantee on all workmanship and parts because we are so confident in their ability to get the job done right the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mississauga Water Line Repair Services

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Do you have questions on your mind about our services for water line repair in Mississauga? Get in touch with us to chat with our knowledgeable customer service staff and allow us to answer all your questions confidently. Or keep on reading to see the answers to some frequently asked questions below.

What Causes Water Line Damage in Mississauga?

Wondering what caused the issue in the first place? There are a few potential causes of problems, such as a water leak in your supply pipe. Once our skilled plumbers have investigated your system thoroughly, we will be able to diagnose the problem and its potential cause. We can also offer our professional recommendations on the best course of action for water line repair. Mississauga, ON plumbers are committed to excellence, so you’ll get peace of mind knowing that no detail will be left out.

Freeze and Thaw Cycle

When cold weather hits Mississauga, groundwater can freeze and expand, constricting buried pipes. Then the ground thaws a little, and the constriction eases, only to seize up again the next time the thermometer dips down. That cycle of freezing and thawing can really batter your lines, causing them to shift around and suffer damage. There is typically some water sitting in your pipes, and the liquid in a frozen pipe will expand as it freezes and put pressure on it from the inside, which can cause a crack.

Tree Root Intrusion

You may not even have any trees in your yard, but nearby trees can have far-reaching roots that wrap themselves around your buried lines and constrict as they grow, squeezing until a tiny crack appears. Once tree roots have access to water inside your pipe, they’ll grow fast and start to partially or completely block the entire flow. This creates even more pressure that eventually forces it apart. If you have noticed dirt and sediment in your drinking water, this could be the cause.

Ground Movement

Shifting soil can also be a big factor in causing the type of damage that requires water pipe repair in Mississauga. Ground movement can happen due to renovations on your property, landscaping changes or improper grading, heavy construction nearby, and even earth tremors. The movement causes pipes to shift and get wrenched apart or grind up against each other and spring a leak.

What Are the Signs I Need Mississauga Water Line Repair Service?

If you know the signs of service line problems or identify that something is wrong, call a plumber to get it fixed before it causes serious issues for your family’s safety, such as contaminating your drinking water. Hidden water line leaks can also threaten the structural stability of your home by facilitating wood rot or even causing your foundation to sink into the ground.

Here are some of the warning signs all Mississauga homeowners should know about.

  • High Charges on Utility Bills: This is often one of the first noticeable signs of a problem. If your utility bill increases suddenly, even though your usage patterns haven't changed, it's likely there is a hidden leak that needs repairs.
  • Reduced Water Pressure: Have you noticed a drop in water pressure coming from your faucets in sinks, showers, and other plumbing fixtures? A leaking or broken supply line can cause low pressure, but it may not be consistent—sometimes, the pressure changes intermittently.
  • Unexpected Wet Spots on Lawn: Are there suddenly soggy patches on the ground surface outside or puddles forming near your foundation? Unexplained puddles can result from a leak in an underground water pipe, which costs you money, but it can also seriously undermine your foundation.
  • Cracked Foundation: Speaking of your foundation, are there cracks appearing in the concrete? This is a bad sign that an underground leak makes the foundation sink and puts stress on the concrete, causing it to crack because it's not adequately supported.
  • Strange Noises: Does your toilet bubble when you run the bathroom sink faucet? Or do you hear banging, rattling or grinding noises when you turn on the faucet? Your plumbing system should be operating more or less silently, so weird sounds from your pipes need to be investigated.
  • Musty Odors: Is the musty smell of mildew noticeable in your home, but you can't see any visible signs of it? It could be hidden behind your drywall or flooring, being fed by a trickle from a leaking pipe. Sewage smells coming from drains are related to a problem with your sewer line, but any specifically musty odors could a sign of a damaged water line.

Is There a Test to Check If I Need Water Line Repair in Mississauga?

Not sure if you need professional water line repairs? Mississauga, ON plumbing technicians will help you confirm that there is a problem by checking your water meter. Right before everyone goes to bed for the night, shut off all plumbing fixtures and plumbing-related appliances, then make a note of where the indicator on your meter is positioned. The next morning, before you flush the toilet or use any other fixtures, take another look. If the indicator has changed position or is actively moving, you’re likely dealing with a leak costing you money on your utility bill.

Is the City of Mississauga Responsible for Repairs?

That depends on where the issue is located. There is a big water main line in Mississauga, likely running parallel to or under the road in front of your house on public property. Then there is a smaller private water service line that leads from that main onto your property and into your house. If a broken pipe is on the private portion of the system that branches off from the main line and enters your property, you are responsible for repairing and maintaining it. If the damage is to the municipal main, the city is responsible for repairs. It’s also worth checking with your insurance company to see what they might cover. Typically, they cover some water damage that occurred but not the initial repairs.

Can I Handle Water Line Repair in Mississauga, ON Myself?

If you have to ask the question, the answer is sure to be no. While there are, of course, some plumbing repair tasks that most Mississauga homeowners can take care of themselves, water line repair is not one of them. You need to know that those pipes are in perfect condition so you can rest assured that your drinking and bathing water is clean and safe. That is why this job is better left to a professional plumber who has plenty of experience with potable supply pipes.

Is Your Plumbing System Showing Signs of Needing Mississauga Water Line Repair Services?

Whether you are in Applewood, Lakeview, Clarkson, or another part of the Mississauga area, you can count on quality workmanship and outstanding customer service from the professional plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga—for all kinds of plumbing repairs and drain repair services.

Pick up the phone and give us a call today at to find out more about our reliable plumbing services or to schedule a convenient appointment so we can complete repairs for your plumbing system.

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