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Drain Repair Services in Mississauga, ON

Mississauga plumbing problems come in all shapes and sizes. All these potential problems have a variety of practical solutions, but the most critical step is to hire a professional plumber before any issues have a chance to get worse. If you suspect it’s time to call in a Mississauga drain repair expert, then do not delay in contacting an experienced plumbing service.

Waiting to fix clogs and other plumbing problems can lead to a plumbing emergency. Even the most minor drainage issues can signify something much worse lurking deep within your sewer lines. Our efficient, effective repair service will resolve drainage problems and the underlying causes—potentially preventing a disaster.

Drain repairs are among the most important plumbing services we provide. If you're looking for a team of knowledgeable, friendly Mississauga plumbers to return your drains to excellent condition, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga can get the job done!

We use a wide range of tools and techniques for clearing clogged sinks, fixing slow drains, and providing drain cleaning services. Our courteous, skilled plumbers can handle any necessary repairs quickly and efficiently, so you don't have to worry about unfortunate complications in the future.

Warning Signs You Need Mississauga Drain Repair Services:

Your plumbing system will usually make it clear that it needs help. There are several common issues that pipes and fixtures develop in response to a damaged drain. While these may appear to be just another plumbing problem, these concerns could also be signs that you need a Mississauga drain repair service for an effective fix.

It's important to pay attention to how your plumbing system works and to promptly respond to any new problems or sudden changes—especially if you live in an older Mississauga home. Many of the little inconveniences that property owners assume are harmless issues are obvious signs of something more serious, like blockages deep within your sewer pipes.

Common Signs Include:

  • Slow drainage in sinks, showers, and tubs
  • Gurgling and other strange noises
  • Frequent water backups
  • Standing water in sinks, showers, and tubs
  • Unpleasant, rotten odours
  • Musty smells under your bathroom and kitchen sink
  • Rusty discolouration near pipes and fixtures
  • Clogs that keep coming back
  • Fruit flies appearing near the kitchen drain
  • Puddles appearing on your lawn
  • Sewage backups
  • Multiple issues coinciding across your entire home

What Causes Drain Problems?


How old your drains are is directly connected to their vulnerability and risk of damage. While many modern pipe materials have relatively long lifespans, they don't last forever. Pipes develop many problems as they age, from loosened connections to cracks and pinhole leaks. These problems should always be inspected and fixed before they get worse. If you live in a home with older pipes, the risk of damage is much higher—especially if you're still using older cast iron pipes, which are vulnerable to rust.

Drain Blockages:

Blockages are some of the most common reasons why homeowners need drain repairs. Mississauga homeowners have to deal with even more sources of clogs than there are causes of damage. Of course, the most problematic materials are fats, oils, and grease, which solidify inside pipes and sewer systems, narrowing the internal volume, increasing pressure, and causing damage over time.

Mississauga Blockages (Sinks and Drains) Are Further Caused By:

  • Wet wipes, paper towels, and flushable wipes
  • Excessive amounts of toilet paper
  • Coffee grounds
  • Eggshells
  • Food scraps
  • Hair
  • Dental floss
  • Q-tips, cotton swabs, and other personal hygiene products
  • Soap scum, natural minerals, and other types of common waste

Tree Root Intrusion:

Did you know that nearby tree roots will seek out buried pipes that are leaking? They're attracted to the water running through them. When they reach pipe walls, roots tend to either wrap around them, gradually crushing the pipe in the process, or else puncture right through the cracks and continue growing inside your lines. Once there, they gradually fill up the pipe—creating a massive clog. Sewer cleaning and sewer repairs will rectify this issue.

Tree roots are such a common problem that some drain service professionals call themselves rooters. That's where the name Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga comes from! If you suspect that a nearby tree has damaged or broken through your plumbing system, our plumbing experts will root out the problem and fix your pipes; plus, map out a way to stop the roots from coming back.

Other External Causes:

There are many additional sources of damage lingering in the environment around drains in Mississauga. These sources range from cold temperatures that burst pipes during winter to nearby construction projects that result in accidental damage. Even digging or vibrations near your home could cause soil to shift away from your drainage system, reducing its support and causing a collapse.

How To Find Out Why You Need Mississauga Drain Repairs?

Mississauga homeowners who notice the first signs of disruptions in their fixtures should take immediate action. The easiest way to find out what damaged your drains is to call a local, licensed plumber. Professional plumbers—such as the team at Mr. Rooter—are your best option for any kind of Mississauga plumbing inspection. Our experts have the experience, expertise, and tools, such as our drain camera inspection, to not only find out what's causing problems in your home but also to fix them.

When in need of urgent drain repair, Mississauga homeowners can get immediate assistance from our plumbing emergency team.

How Do Professional Mississauga Drain Repairs Work?

The exact drain repair methods vary based on the specific problem you're experiencing. Since drain issues have so many possible causes, there are also many possible repair methods. Nevertheless, drain repair Mississauga plumbers will usually do the following:

Initial Inspections:

During the first step of drain repair, Mississauga plumbers conduct an inspection. Sometimes, a visual inspection may be enough for your Mississauga plumber to determine what's wrong with your pipes and fixtures. In other cases, more advanced inspection tools and techniques may be necessary.

After your initial inspection is complete, your plumber will let you know what they think the problem is and which effective method of repair they plan to use. Feel free to ask any questions during the inspection or follow the steps if you need extra clarification.


If your plumbing issue is simply a stubborn clog, then Mississauga drain cleaning may be the only step needed to solve your clogged drain problem. However, even if your home needs more complex work to fix extensive damage, it's still necessary to first begin with cleaning.

It's possible for hidden damage and other issues to sit underneath the layers of grime inside pipes. Debris and foreign objects can create obstacles for plumbing professionals attempting to provide repair services. Thus, it's important to clear Mississauga clogged drains before trying to fix anything else in your pipes.

Our Mississauga Drain Repair Tools and Techniques

Our team is skilled with many types of tools and techniques. Using our knowledge of Mississauga plumbing systems, we'll choose a solution from our extensive list of services based on our initial inspection and your drainage system’s health.


Most homes have a plunger or a small drain snake on hand. However, many stubborn clogs require more than a plunger. For particularly problematic clogs, our plumbers use augers, which are specialized plumbing tools that reach further down the pipes. This tool makes it easy for plumbers to remove or destroy major blockages that sit deep within residential plumbing systems.

Plumbing Repairs:

In some cases, you may need to replace pipes, fix connections, or complete other common Mississauga plumbing repairs. If so, be assured that our team has the necessary tools, training, and expertise to complete a wide range of plumbing repairs for you, your home, or your business—peace of mind is within reach!

HydroScrub® Jetting:

Hydro jetting is a technique our plumbers use to clear severe blockages inside pipes. Our HydroScrub® Jetting service uses specialized equipment that propels powerful pressurized water jets through your pipes.

These powerful water jets blast away debris, leaving the pipes’ interior sparkling clean. This method is powerful and effective enough to destroy every common type of blockage in Mississauga—including tree roots!

Trenchless Sewer Drain Replacement:

For fixing extensive damage and complex problems in buried plumbing lines, our team utilizes trenchless repair technology. Trenchless Mississauga sewer line repair is less invasive than traditional methods, reduces the costs of fixing additional incidental damage, and is much quicker than traditional sewer drain repairs. Mississauga property owners can count on a minimally invasive method that doesn’t involve digging up their property.

Why Choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga for Drain Repairs?

Mississauga plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing are bonded, trained, and fully insured. We're your local plumbing repair, drain maintenance, and cleaning experts! We've been helping people in Mississauga and nearby areas with their plumbing for many years, and we're dedicated to providing outstanding service to all our community members.

When you choose our team of local plumbers, you know you're getting help from qualified, friendly experts. We always communicate clearly with you during the entire repair process and will answer all your questions. Our first priority is solving your plumbing problems safely and efficiently.

The Benefits of Choosing Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga Include the following:

  • 24/7 emergency plumber available for emergency repairs
  • No overtime charges or extra fees
  • Efficient, reliable service
  • Fully licensed, bonded, and insured experts
  • Guaranteed parts and services
  • Courteous, tidy plumbing service
  • Upfront, honest prices

Frequently Asked Questions About Mississauga Drain Repair:

How Important is Drain Repair?

Mississauga homeowners should treat their damaged fixtures and pipes as top priorities. Most plumbing issues are severe enough that they should be fixed as soon as possible. Even in the best-case scenario, plumbing problems will continue to get worse and worse until they're dealt with. Mississauga drain repair services are essential for avoiding costly repairs and additional complications that result from untreated concerns.

Can You Postpone Drain Repairs?

The longer you wait to fix a damaged drain, the more likely you are to experience costly complications. All plumbing problems continue to get worse over time. If your current issue is a frequently clogged sink or standing water, that could eventually lead to serious sewer blockages. If you wait to fix a leaking pipe, that could lead to unfortunate water damage and other issues in your home—as well as higher water bills.

How Much Do Mississauga Drain Repairs Cost?

We always provide an upfront estimate before we begin, but it's difficult to provide that estimate without first looking at your plumbing or speaking to you directly about repairs. Every situation is different, so it's best to get in touch with one of our friendly staff members today to learn more.

How Do You Repair a Drain Pipe?

Most of the time, fixing a pipe means replacing the damaged section. While it's possible to patch pinhole leaks and fix loose connections with something like plumber's tape or a clamp, these are temporary solutions. To get the most protection against future complications, you need an effective, permanent fix.

Effective pipe repairs require a specific set of tools and techniques. If you're an experienced DIY expert, you may have the tools and skills needed for pipe replacement. However, if you haven't got a pipe cutter in your toolbox or you're not confident in your abilities, it will be easier and more cost-effective to call a local plumber.

How Do You Repair a Drain Stopper?

The exact method will vary depending on the type of fixture you're working with. For instance, repairing a sink stopper and a bathtub stopper is slightly different. Generally speaking, you'll need to carefully disassemble the stopper and pop-up assembly, inspect the separate components, and clean or replace them. Then you'll need to correctly reassemble everything and test the seal.

If you're unfamiliar with terms like clevis and pivot rod, or if you're not sure what to look for while inspecting the stopper’s individual components, we recommend that you contact an experienced plumber for this job.

Do You Need Mississauga Drain Repair Services?

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga is proud to be your first-choice plumbing company! Our team of expert plumbers proudly provides Mississauga plumbing service to many areas in and near the city, like Port Credit, Fairview, and Erin Mills. Our experienced, friendly team is available to help whenever you need us—even during the holidays!

Call our excellent customer service team at 905-817-0210 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our Mississauga drain repair services and other services like sump pump installation or backwater valve installation. We’ll be happy to handle any of your plumbing needs—including emergency service.

: A plumber using a wrench to adjust a pipe underneath a sink during an appointment for drain repair in Mississauga, ON.
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