Water Heater Installation in Mississauga

Imagine waking up in the dead of winter and getting out of your snug bathrobe expecting a steaming hot shower only to find frigid, ice-cold water piercing and prickling your skin. You await patiently, hoping the water will turn tepid, lukewarm, then piping hot—but no dice. Nobody wants an ice-cold shower to give them their morning wake-up call, so it’s obvious that forgoing a generous hot water supply will definitely jilt your daily grooming routine. If your water heater is failing, it’s about time to get your certified, licensed, and fully insured Mississauga plumber to complete the new water heater installation in Mississauga.

Apart from simply running out of hot water, a series of unfortunate events will usually indicate that you need a new water heater installation. Mississauga homeowners like you will notice soaring utility bills or telltale signs like lower water pressure, strange crackling noises, and even rust or leaks in their tanks. It’s best not to be complacent about your water heater and ask for a brand-new unit that is not only more energy efficient but adds to your sense of pleasure and comfort of daily living.

As Mississauga’s go-to plumber, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga ON has been around for 27 years as a locally owned and operated business that provides quality workmanship and genuine customer satisfaction. Let us take care of your cold water problem by implementing this new hot water solution.

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About Our Mississauga Water Heater Installation Service

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If you’ve been doubting lately that your unit is about to be wiped out and is barely chugging along, don’t settle for less by accepting its unstable conduct as the norm. Just because it’s pumping out warm water on occasion doesn’t mean it’s recharging its power meter but, in fact, slowly deteriorating.

Some malfunctioning components include, for example, the thermostat, pilot light, pressure relief valve, heat pump, and more. Sometimes, too, it’s a more worthwhile investment to get a replacement over a repair as gas units last up to ten years, while electric versions have lifespans of 15 years. Alongside saving on your monthly bills, you’ll enjoy the luxury of instant hot water and simultaneously correct any problems with your plumbing fixtures.

Our Authorized Installation Process

Here are some of the steps we take to do a tankless water heater installation:

  1. Take Your Pick: First, select your preference for a gas-powered or electric-powered water heater. Although tankless water heaters take up less space than their tank counterparts, they still require supply lines with a wider diameter and a higher voltage supply. Some tankless gas water heaters also require a larger diameter exhaust system.
  2. Gathering Supplies: We will use a special union connector for the water supply, which will aid in descaling calcium and lime deposits on your unit for future maintenance.
  3. Turn It All Off: We will turn off the main freshwater supply line that connects to your home.
  4. Disconnection: Next, we’ll proceed to drain any leftover water from the supply line into a bucket to ensure the pipe is bone dry. Now, we’ll disconnect the supply line from the older water heater unit.
  5. No More Heat: For electric units, we will simply disconnect the appliance.
  6. Toss It Away: After completely disconnecting the older water heater, it must be disposed of appropriately at the proper disposal facility.
  7. Relocation: We’ll assess your brand-new water heater’s hardware and refer to the instruction manual as we go along. Next, we’ll designate the best spot for the new unit.
  8. Hook Up: Now, we’ll connect all power, and water lines.. If it’s an electric unit, it can easily be plugged into the wall.
  9. Test: For electric-powered units, we may try out a test run by switching on the source of electricity and adjusting the temperature from the control panel. Your expert plumber knows the sweet spot for recommended settings, so your unit doesn’t overheat or loosen the piping on the appliance.

Types Of Water Heaters


An electric-powered unit reshuffles cold water to the dip tube and makes it flaming hot by using thermal energy. Through the heat-out pipe, water is stoked, burning hot, and surges out through your drain lines. Electric units are longer lasting than gas ones but take time to launch hot water and are more expensive to install. For eco-friendly enthusiasts, electricity-based units are more energy efficient, so you’ll not only save on your utility bills but reduce your environmental footprint.

Bonus: Heat Pump

We can even discuss extra add-on features for your professional water heater installation. Mississauga homeowners should definitely consider this device as a heat pump that rapidly activates their water heat by moving the source of heat within the unit and doesn’t have to manually pump heat directly like most conventional heaters. Your hot water heater will, therefore, become more energy efficient by bolstering heat transfer. Although it’s pricey, it’s a good investment that pays for itself as you’ll save on your utility bills. Plus, you won’t need to call your utility company and their on-call technician anytime soon, as your water heater is less likely to function. Ask our plumber about this convenient perk.

Mississauga Water Heater Installation: Maintenance Tips

A water heater installation may cost you a pretty penny in Mississauga but just think of the benefits you’ll reap from an energy-efficient unit that pays for itself in the long run. Plus, if you practice proper upkeep and schedule routine maintenance, including regular cleanings, you’ll preserve your water heater for many years to come. If you choose a tankless heater, there is not as much legwork required apart from an annual checkup, but if you do happen to go for a tank-based unit, here are some of the practices you should adhere to:

  • Sediment removal: If you don’t happen to have a water softener system in place for your Mississauga home, you’ll likely be exposed to more scale buildup. For example, you’ll have to clean out the sacrificial node within the tank to prevent decay by cleaning out any sediment. If it’s rusted over due to corrosive minerals, it may need to be replaced.
  • Pressure Relief Valve: Be sure to check this component, as it’s the only way to relieve pressure if it builds up in your tank.

Why Mr. Rooter Plumbing Is A Magnificent Choice For Water Heater Installation in Mississauga

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Think smarter, not harder, and get ready to reap the numerous benefits of a water heater installation. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga ON isn’t your run-of-the-mill plumbing contractor–we truly care about our client’s plumbing pain points and strive to provide authentic solutions and genuinely listen to your feedback. We offer transparent upfront, flat-rate pricing with a full parts warranty and always give a fair estimate based on labor, materials, and effort required to perform a job.

We offer a range of quality services, including emergency water heater repair, water line repairs, drain repair, and more. If you would like to learn more about the many solutions we provide for your plumbing systems or the quality of our reliable service, don’t hesitate to contact us or check out our customer reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heater Installation

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Water Heater?

Most units last about a decade before they begin to malfunction, and of course, it depends on the type of energy source and your level of effort in performing maintenance as well: gas-powered units can last from 8 to 10 years, while electric-powered water heaters can go up to 15.

If you would like to make sure your water heater goes the distance, we recommend prompt water heater repair when issues arise, along with regular maintenance services. Between these professional appointments, there are also some tasks you can complete to ensure the health and longevity of your unit. These include:

  • Control the temperature. You should set your water heater no higher than 48 degrees Celsius to ensure maximum energy efficiency. This will not only keep your machine running efficiently but will also keep your energy bills steady.
  • Let it breathe. Ensuring that there are at least 2 feet of space on either side and on top of your water heater will keep it from overheating. Overheating puts added stress on your machine and may cause it to last for fewer years.
  • Insulate the unit. Wrapping your water heater in insulation approved by your plumber will help trap the heat of the unit and help it run more efficiently.
  • Install a water softener. Mississauga is no stranger to hard water--or its corrosive habits. Hard water can cause the interior of your tank water heater to corrode, which will, in turn, lead to an early demise.
  • Switch on vacation mode. When you’re traveling for more than a weekend, turn on your heater’s vacation mode setting. This may only be available on modern water heaters, and if yours has it, this could save you money and extend the life of your unit.

What Can Go Wrong In A Water Heater Installation?

Much can go wrong when installing an electric water heater, which is why hot water heater installations are better left to a professional plumber. We’ll know whether it’s best to set it up in your basement, near your furnace, or closer to your bathroom, as well as the right size tank for your household. Other issues that can occur during installation for all types of water heaters include:

  • Burnt out elements
  • Choosing the incorrect size of the hot water tank
  • Incorrect temperature settings

When choosing Mr. Rooter Plumbing for your water heater installation, you can have peace of mind knowing that your new unit will be installed correctly. What’s more, we will safely remove your old unit if you have one and take it with us when we leave, disposing of it correctly.

Which is Better: a Gas or Electric Water Heater?

You’ve read a bit about the water heater types available, but which is best for your home? It depends on your needs and preferred source of fuel. Gas water heaters are less energy efficient than electric heaters, and they release toxins into the environment. The power used for electric water heaters does as well to some capacity, but they do not run the risk of releasing carbon monoxide into your home. Looking at water heaters from a safety standpoint, electric is the safer option. Though the chance of electric shock is possible if you decide to tackle water heater repair yourself, as long as you leave the maintenance to a qualified technician, you will steer clear of danger.

With all of this in mind, as well as the many other pros and cons of each type of unit, the best unit for your home will be one that meets the water heating needs of your family and your preferences for fuel type, energy efficiency, safety, and price.

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