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It's every homeowner's worst nightmare—you wake up one morning or return home from a trip and head down to your basement, only to discover that you have a new indoor swimming pool because the floor is covered in contaminated water from a basement drain backup. Needless to say, this is an unpleasant scenario that always ends up costing homeowners time, money, and plenty of stress. The first step towards getting your property back to normal is calling Mr. Rooter to help solve your problem with expert Mississauga basement drain backup services.

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Whether you are currently dealing with a full-on flood or the symptoms of your basement drain backup isn't so severe and you want to make sure they don't worsen, count on the team of dependable Mississauga plumbers at Mr. Rooter to save the day. Our highly-skilled team has the experience, training, and equipment to figure out what's causing the problem and get it fixed up with durable repair solutions so you don't have to worry about a basement drain backup happening again any time soon.

How Our Plumbers Handle A Mississauga Basement Drain Backup

There are varying degrees of severity for a basement drain backup, but even if it's fortunately not too serious, it's important to get basement drain repair taken care of promptly by an experienced plumber before it spirals out of control and becomes a major headache. Here's how our team of drain experts tackle a Mississauga basement drain backup service.


Most of the time, homeowners have no idea what's causing the problem with their floor drain or where exactly in their system the trouble is originating. This is understandable—you can only see an inch or two into your drain and the issue is usually far deeper into your sewer lines. That's why the first thing your Mississauga plumber will do is complete a thorough inspection. This may just involve a visual inspection of the visible components, but in some cases, it's necessary to go in with a video camera inspection that will help us see deep into your sewage lines and diagnose the problem so we can come up with the right solution to get it repaired.

Powered Augers

It's important to take care of an inspection first, as what we discover will help us figure out the most effective approach to resolving your Mississauga basement drain backup. If it's related to a hard blockage or a clog that is really tightly packed into your line, powered augers may be the best choice. Also called a drain snake or electric snake, a powered auger is a cable attached to a motor that runs through your line until it hits the blockage and either breaks it up so it can move out of the pipe or pulls it back up out of your drain.

HydroScrub® Jetting

Stubborn clogs that are formed by grease buildup, clumps of hair, and other "soft" substances are considered soft blockages, and powered augers aren't typically the most effective way to clear them out when dealing with a basement drain backup. Instead, your Mississauga plumber may choose to go with hydro jetting—a technique used to clean out the inside of wastewater disposal lines by blasting them with jets of pressurized water that push the debris forward out of your system and into the city sanitary sewer. Hydro jetting is also an excellent preventative maintenance measure because it gets rid of clog-causing buildup before it has a chance to cause a nasty basement drain backup.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

In most cases, a Mississauga basement drain backup can be handled without the need for drain line repairs or replacements. However, there is occasionally a situation where the lines are in rough shape due to a problem such as a tree root intrusion, and they do need to be relined or replaced entirely. The good news is that these processes no longer require a large trench to be dug across your property, which would damage your lawn and landscaping. Instead, our plumbers will dig a small hole at either end of the section being repaired. Then, we'll either apply a new lining to the damaged pipe or, in cases of severe damage, break apart the existing line with hydraulics and pull a new line into the space left behind.

The Team at Mr. Rooter Are Your Local Basement Drain Backup Experts


We all know that a Mississauga basement drain backup is the last thing any homeowner wants to deal with, but when it happens, at least you know where to turn to get expert help from a licensed plumber. The team of experienced plumbing experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga have dealt with numerous basement drain backups over our years of delivering top-notch plumbing service, so we have the skill and equipment to get the job done right.

A basement drain backup isn't exactly the type of thing you can plan for in advance. When it happens, you need an emergency plumber out to your house right away—not in a few days or a week. If you discover a plumbing emergency, rely on our team for prompt emergency service, 24 hours per day and seven days per week. Call us any time and we'll get a skilled plumber out to your house as soon as possible to restore your system to full function again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Basement Drain Backup Service

I'm Dealing With A Basement Drain Backup Right Now—What Do I Do?

If you've currently got a basement drain backup situation underway, don't panic. Here are the steps to follow right now:

  1. Turn off your electrical power at your circuit breaker box and shut off your main natural gas supply line. However, if you would need to stand in water to reach them, do not approach them—especially your circuit breakers. Instead, call your utility company to have them shut off remotely.
  2. Call your local, qualified plumber at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga. Let us know that you need a plumbing professional at your house right away so we can get someone out as soon as possible.
  3. Shut off your water supply at the main valve. Your wastewater disposal system isn't connected to your water supply lines, but shutting it off until the problem is resolved may prevent further water damage.
  4. Follow the recommendations your plumber gives you on the best course of action to get your basement back to normal. Make sure you document the damage with photos and save receipts from any services, as you will likely need plenty of evidence available when you file an insurance claim or speak to a water damage restoration company about the next steps.

How Can I Avoid Another Basement Drain Backup In The Future?

A Mississauga basement drain backup has the potential to cost homeowners thousands of dollars in water damage restoration services, not to mention the stress and hassle of dealing with damaged items that need to be repaired or replaced. Anyone who has had that horrible experience in the past will tell you it's very much worthwhile to avoid it if at all possible.

The number one way to prevent another basement drain backup is with regular maintenance to your system, including routine drain cleaning service to remove buildup so it can't form a clog. You should also take care to avoid putting anything other than wastewater, along with human waste and toilet paper in the case of toilets, into your wastewater disposal system.

It's a good idea to speak with your plumber about the possibility of putting in flood control systems such as a sump pump or backwater valve or repairing the ones you have installed already if they're not functioning correctly. These devices can go a long way towards preventing flooding in your basement when something does go wrong with your plumbing system.

Can I Get A Rebate For Installing A Sump Pump Or Backwater Valve?

That may be possible if you meet the eligibility requirements for certain subsidy programs. For example, the City of Mississauga offers a Foundation Drain Collector Sump Pump Subsidy that may cover 100% of the cost of sump pump installation, up to $6,000, if you live on a street that is serviced by the Foundation Drain Collector (FDC) system. Or, you may be eligible for the Peel Region's Sanitary Backwater Valve Rebate Program which provides $700 toward backwater valve installation for qualifying homeowners. Keep in mind that these rebates are only current as of the time of writing.

If you are planning to have a sump pump or backwater prevention valve installed on your property to help prevent another Mississauga basement drain backup, it certainly makes sense to investigate the available options for subsidies and rebates. Most programs require the installation work to be done by a licensed plumber with a City of Mississauga business license, like our professionals at Mr. Rooter.

Count On Mr. Rooter for Mississauga Basement Drain Backup Service

Are you a homeowner or business owner within Mississauga and the surrounding area, including communities such as Dixie and Applewood? When you find yourself dealing with the unpleasant, unsanitary problem of a basement drain backup, turn to your friends at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga for prompt, efficient, and effective plumbing repair services.

Contact us today to book an appointment for service with our courteous office staff, or to find out more about how we can get your system back in perfect working order with services for everything from basic drain repair to major sewer system backups.

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