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Most people in Port Credit use their plumbing every day. From making a cup of tea to flushing the toilet, having access to clean water and efficient waste removal is integral for your health and well-being. Despite the daily use of pipes and drains, most people don't really think about their local plumbers. Port Credit homeowners may be guilty of it too and don’t call for help until something goes wrong. But when you can't wash dishes because of a sink filled with dirty water or use the bathroom because the toilet won't flush, it's hard to think about anything else.

When you have plumbing problems, we have solutions. Our owners started their company in 1995. As time went on, our Mr. Rooter Plumbing location grew one customer at a time until we became the household name we are today. Our business is one of the highest-rated plumbing services in Mississauga, with more than 1500 customer reviews, and in 2019 we were the proud recipients of the 2019 Franchisee of the Year award. With every job, our hardworking, experienced, and friendly plumbers go above and beyond for our customers. We always put your needs first, treating you and your home with the utmost respect.

Whether you need drain cleaning, a leaking faucet fixed, or any other type of plumbing service, trust your local Port Credit plumber at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga. Our plumbers have years of experience completing a range of repairs. If you live in Port Credit, you have access to all of our professional services—and much more!

Port Credit Drain Cleaning Services
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Routine Drain Cleaning

Did you know that regular maintenance helps pipes last longer, prevents emergencies, and decreases the likelihood of clogs and water damage? Have you been taking advantage of regular drain service from a Port Credit plumber? If not, you might be at risk for problems caused by severe blockage build-up — including everything from a minor clog to a major plumbing issue.

Over time, blockage builds up in all pipes. Even the minerals in your water and small traces of soap residue contribute to blockage growth. As blockage builds in Port Credit pipes, the chances of a clog causing catastrophe rises too. The best way to avoid any kind of unexpected incidents is with routine cleaning from a professional Port Credit Plumber.

Our team of professional plumbers have perfected Port Credit drain cleaning. We've got the tools, techniques, and expertise to lower your chance of clog conundrums and prevent a wide variety of other problems associated with debris built-up inside your drain lines. Professional drain cleaning service helps prevent everything from clogged kitchen sinks to serious sewage backups.

Clogged Drain Services

Are you standing over a sink of water that won't drain away? Is your backed-up toilet threatening to spew wastewater all over your floor? If you live in Port Credit, you're not alone. More than one local homeowner has suffered from the effects of bad blockage. If your plunger or drain auger only gives you temporary relief, you have a more serious problem down your waste lines. Luckily, you don't have to suffer for long, because a courteous Port Credit plumber is ready to remove that blockage—from your drains and from your life.

Our experienced plumbers have the solutions to all problems created by clogged drains in Port Credit. Our clogged drain services will leave you with healthy, clean drain pipes that are free of any issues caused by vile clogs sitting deep within your sewer system. With our advanced tools and techniques, we have the ability to clean your entire sewer line, leaving you free of the stress and worry caused by that sinister drain clog.

HydroScrub® Jetting Service

Hydro jets are an advanced, effective drain cleaning tool used by professional plumbers in Port Credit. They're long hoses with specially designed nozzles that shoot pressurized water in multiple directions as they blast their way through drain lines. Hydro jets are powerful enough to remove all kinds of stubborn blockage—they even cut away tree roots!

Whether your home needs thorough drain cleaning from Port Credit plumbers or preemptive cleaning for some other kind of plumbing jobs, you'll benefit from our HydroScrub® Jetting. With just one appointment, our drain cleaning experts can blast away years of debris from your drains. After your cleaning is complete, it's possible to pair our cutting-edge HydroScrub® technology with an eco-friendly drain cleaning solution to give your pipes a lasting deep clean. Don’t miss out on this exceptional service!

Port Credit Plumbing Repairs

Some of the most important services that Port Credit plumbers provide are repairs for every part of your plumbing. It doesn't take much for a leaky faucet or a running toilet to cause major property problems—much less a frozen pipe or burst water line.

Despite the fact that those common problems affect Port Credit nearly every day, few local residents know how to fix all of them. Owning a home or commercial property already comes with so many demands. If you've been confronted by plumbing repairs that you don't know how to complete, consider calling your local, helpful plumber. In fact, that's the best option for most people.

Only a licensed plumber has the skills and knowledge to perform complicated repairs without increasing your risks for costly complications. If your plumbing fixtures, pipes, and other parts of your waste or water system are failing—or if they've already failed—there's a Port Credit plumber ready to help.

Our Plumbing Repair Services Include:

  • Running Toilet repair
  • Kitchen or bathroom faucet replacement
  • Leak detection,
  • Leaky pipe repair
  • Drain repair
  • Burst pipe repair
  • Sump pump repair
  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Hot water heater service
  • Trenchless sewer line repairs
  • Outdoor faucet (hose bib) replacement
  • Water softener replacement

Port Credit Hot Water Heater Services


Hot water tanks are one of the most essential plumbing fixtures in Port Credit, and they're also quite problem prone—especially when they're old. Have you noticed your shower takes an unusually long time to warm up? Or maybe your utility bills have recently skyrocketed? That could mean there’s an issue with your water heater.

Most conventional heaters in Port Credit last between eight to twelve years before they start showing signs of their age. Those warning signs are always problems. It doesn't matter if you've got a gas water heater or an electric water heater, if you've got a conventional tank model, your hot water supply will become threatened by component failures after a certain amount of time. Tankless models last longer, but they don't last forever either. That's why routine maintenance and timely repairs are so important.

It's important to remember that no matter what type you have, all water heaters are complicated systems that should be handled by experienced plumbing professionals. Whether you need water heater repair and replacement or just routine maintenance, call a licensed Port Credit plumber. If you've got warranty coverage, licensed service might be a requirement.

Trenchless Repair Services

If you've ever experienced major issues with a sewer main, then you probably already have some idea why trenchless repair services are so exciting. In order to repair buried sewer lines and water lines with traditional methods, it's necessary to dig a deep trench. That digging is required in order to access buried lines, assess the issues affecting them, and complete repairs. Trenchless repair solutions eliminate the need for invasive digging, saving Port Credit residents—and their property—from further destruction.

Why Choose a Port Credit Plumber that Offers Trenchless Repairs?

There are far more benefits that come from choosing a plumbing company that provides trenchless repairs than a service provider who relies on traditional methods. Trenchless sewer line repairs are faster, less invasive, result in reduced repair costs, and provide far superior results.

It's one of the most effective plumbing solutions used by reputable plumbers. Port Credit property owners who are concerned about getting the best, most reliable services for their home are in the good hands of their local professionals who offer high-quality and dependable plumbing services with the best long-term repair solutions.

Sump Pump Repairs and Installation

Most homes in Port Credit from before the 1980s were not built with a sump pump. Many are still missing that essential piece of flood prevention technology. Those homes that do have a working sump pump are more protected against extreme flooding emergencies—including those caused by backed-up floor drains and sewer mains. Those homes without a well-maintained sump pump are more at risk for future flooding problems.

Just like any other complicated piece of machinery, sump pumps require installation and regular repairs from qualified experts. When sump pumps are working well and installed correctly, they pump excess water out of homes in Port Credit and into safe areas. If they're not installed correctly—or not working properly—they could do more harm than good.

Expert plumbing installations are essential for ensuring that water isn't pumped into an area where it could cause damage. When it comes to repairs and maintenance, the Port Credit plumbers that provide those expert services are just as essential. Reliable services from a qualified team will ensure that your sump pump is working the next time severe storms or sewage backups threaten your home with floodwater.

Pro Tip: As your local Port Credit plumber about a backwater valve installation. Not only will it back up your sump pump’s function, but it will also eliminate the danger of sewage ever backing into your home. In the event of harsh heavy rainfall, the public sewer drains could get too overwhelmed by the excess rain and pressure. In order to find relief, they will push back wastewater into your sewer lateral and trigger a backup. The backwater valve has a flap mechanism that will sense the danger and immediately close the access to your home.

Port Credit Plumbing Inspections

The best way to avoid every potential issue with your pipes and fixtures is with a routine inspection. Annual plumbing inspections are mandatory for some kinds of plumbing equipment in Port Credit, like backflow prevention devices, but it's worth getting a routine inspection for your entire system too—especially if you've noticed recent changes with the way your plumbing works.

Has your water pressure dropped recently? Are your drains becoming slow? Those aren't problems that should be ignored. Unfortunately, unless you have the tools and expertise of a professional plumber, it's unlikely that you'll be able to effectively investigate those issues on your own.

If you're suffering from an unusual plumbing problem, consider scheduling an inspection with a local plumber. Port Credit homeowners know that we don’t just repair drain problems and fix toilet issues. We also use our advanced equipment to diagnose and identify plumbing issues. Timely inspections bring peace of mind to people concerned about the health of their pipes—especially when it helps them get early repairs for issues that would otherwise become costly complications.

Port Credit Commercial Plumbing Services

Port Credit is home to many great businesses as well as many great people. Both of those groups deserve the same level of support from local plumbers. As your Port Credit plumbers, we don't just provide residential plumbing services. We also provide a wide array of dependable plumbing services for local commercial properties.

Commercial plumbing systems experience more frequent use and higher demands than most residential systems in Port Credit. That means that those pipes, drains, and fixtures need exceptional support from credible plumbers. Although it might seem like plumbing doesn't have a direct effect on businesses, few would argue that the smell from a sewage backup or the damage caused by a burst pipe goes unnoticed by employees and clientele. We're here to help make sure everything in your pipes is always running smoothly, so that everything in your business does too.

Emergency Plumbing Services

We know that a plumbing emergency could occur at any time, which is why it's important that an emergency plumber is always available to help. Broken toilets, frozen pipes, and sewer backups don't wait for business hours, and neither do we.

When most in need, you don’t want to search for any “Port Credit plumber near me.” Instead, you can choose to rely on a plumber you know. it's always possible to reach a 24-hour plumber from our team at Mr. Rooter. We provide emergency services to help in any urgent situation.

Once you notify our friendly office staff they will get hold of our team of emergency plumbers. Port Credit residents can rest easy knowing that we’ll dispatch someone from our on-call team. An efficient plumber will take control of the situation, so your life—and your plumbing system—can go back to normal as soon as possible.

Are you worried about the extra cost of a midnight plumbing problem? Don't be! Our emergency services come with no overtime costs. Our upfront pricing is transparent with no hidden fees. Our first priority is ensuring that your emergency situations are resolved safely and effectively, no matter what time of day you need us.

Need A Trusted Port Credit Plumber?

When in need of a licensed plumber, Port Credit homeowners can trust Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga! Our plumbers always provide outstanding, safe service—and every single service and part you receive from us is covered by a full guarantee.

Whether you’d like to book a convenient appointment time or need us in an emergency, our courteous, tidy plumbers are ready to help the locals of Port Credit and surrounding areas, including Erin MillsDixie, and Fairview.

To book an appointment today, we invite you to give our helpful customer service representatives a call. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about how we can meet your plumbing needs.
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