Professional Mississauga Water Softener Installation

We all like to pamper ourselves throughout the day, from starting the day with our daily grooming routines and cleansing our facial skin of the built-up overnight bacteria including dead skin cells and allergens to boiling water in the kettle for your morning herbal tea as you head down for breakfast. If you were to encounter hard water, however, you’d be surprised at the difference it makes to your day. Once you experience the prickling hard water pierce your skin leaving it rough and dry or get queasy at the limescale deposits and streaks formed on the inside of the kettle leaving it scratched up you’ll know something is off. These may be minor inconveniences but trust that having a well-operating water softener installation makes for a comfortable and prosperous lifestyle.

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The brine tank of a water softener in Mississauga, ON after it has been removed and refilled with salt crystals.

There are numerous benefits of a water softener and it’s about time you start to reap its benefits by asking your qualified, local, and fully insured Mississauga plumber from Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga to open the stream of silky and smooth water into your home. Everything from your glowing skin to dishware and water appliances will be preserved. Let’s be honest, a water softener, Mississauga residents would agree, is not considered a luxury these days but a necessity as it bolsters your plumbing system by reducing hard mineral deposits. If you’re still indecisive about this worthwhile investment in Mississauga water softener installation we offer a no-obligation consultation in which we actively listen to your pain points and customize an authentic solution by exploring the options for different water softener systems and components.

We always strive for quality workmanship and superior customer satisfaction, proven by our parts and labor guarantee. If you find the water being dispensed from your faucet is not as supple as you imagined, we will return lickety-split and make the proper adjustments. Best of all, we adjust to your flexible schedule and our uniformed technicians will arrive promptly for your service appointment ready to answer any questions.

Our Mississauga Water Softener Installation Solutions

A water softener system's goal is to remove limescale deposits, specifically calcium and magnesium among other minerals from tap water. Generally, magnesium and calcium in your are measured in kilograms or grains per liter of calcium carbonate in your freshwater supply. If the hardness level clocks in between 80 and 100 mg/L you are in the safe zone and will readily prevent corrosion. If however, you score on anything above 200 mg/L your water quality is starting to become inadequate but still usable. As an ion exchange unit, the water softener consists of resin beads that catch these minerals and swap them for sodium or potassium thereby reducing the adverse effects on your plumbing fixtures. Plus, your drainage pipes are less likely to clog thanks to softer water. On average a water softener will last well past a decade up to 20 years especially if you are keen on routine maintenance as you’ll mostly avoid a water softener repair.

We offer installations on a wide variety of Mississauga water softener installation units:

Shower Head Softener:

Did you know the average person sheds hair 50 to 100 times every day? If you are looking to reserve soft water for specific fixtures that is doable. Soft water allows your body to retain its natural oils including your scalp as it leaves behind no residue that would result in an itchy scalp. With soft water, your tousled hair will be soft, shiny, and less prone to breakage. If you’ve been facing constant hair loss problems it may be due to hard water.

Salt-Free Softener:

If you want to opt for potassium instead of sodium for dietary purposes this is the best way to go. The unit softens water via crystallizing minerals through neutralization. It stops hard water from sticking to your dishes, appliances, skin, laundry, and pipes. The only downside is that although salt-free softeners remove hard minerals, they cannot filter our pollutants as they are technically not water filters and you would need to install a separate system for that.

Magnetic Softener:

Similar to salt-free softeners this system will not remove hard minerals through an ion exchange like a generic water softener system but instead rely on electromagnetic coils. The coils separate calcium and magnesium from the water thereby reducing its surface tension. Magnetized water is also more lightweight and absorbent and it can easily permeate cell walls and boost hydration so it works amazingly for curing illnesses like colds, coughs, fevers, bronchitis, blood pressure, and more.

Dual-tank Softener:

This is composed of two tanks: one that generates and another that is its backup. This is so you have access to soft water instantly and on demand all day every day. As a more efficient unit, it uses much less salt and energy to filter for the same level of quality as a conventional water softener, and it operates the same as generic water softeners which filter water through a resin bed as particles firmly attach themselves to the beads only to be swapped out with soft sodium ions. If you have more than a few people living in your household or can’t risk a recharge period for your water softener in which you have to use hard water then this is your best bet.

Why Is Mr. Rooter the Clear Choice for Water Softener Installation?

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You may not get to drink and bathe from natural mountain spring water but a water heater installation is the next best thing! Your freshwater supply is literally your lifeline and will enhance your physical health, personal belongings, and property value. Luckily we live in Canada and have access to large reservoirs of untapped freshwater and we won’t face a Day Zero when our taps run completely dry anytime soon. But we must respect and preserve our water by getting the most out of a water softener system. Plus, if you are planning on installing a water filtration system for your home anyways this would pair up nicely.

Our expert plumbers will advise you on repairs, maintenance, and installation that align with your budget and any underlying health conditions. The team of licensed professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga is always ready to provide you with the best plumbing solutions for your home while ensuring that you have an outstanding experience and receive exceptional customer service from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Softener Installation

What Are the Components of a Water Softener?

There are three key components to a water softener system that work in conjunction to remove hard minerals from your water supply, gauge the flow of water, and at times self-clean the system through the regeneration process. After you have chosen your preference for a water softener system here are some mechanisms that it’s composed of, in case you need to refer to them for future repair services:

  • Mineral Tank: This is the first stop your home’s freshwater supply passes through, which is composed of a bed of negatively charged resin beads. These help to offset the hard mineral deposits in hard water which are positively charged, and in doing so, neutralize the drinking supply.
  • Brine Tank: This is the main location where the regeneration process takes place. The substance inside the tank is composed of a concentrated salt solution. After the repository of resin beads become depleted, the substance will trickle into the mineral tank via a control valve. The negative charge of the salt or sodium restores the resin beads which are positively charged thereby allowing magnesium and calcium to be attached to them once more.
  • Control Valve: This is the gateway that controls all water flow into and out of the resin tank. After the resin beads are soaked in calcium and magnesium to their maximum capacity it will automatically initiate the regeneration cycle.

What Are Some Benefits of Soft Water?

  • More enjoyable showers in which you feel cleansed and rinsed
  • Better lather for your soap or shampoo
  • Better for your skincare as it doesn’t cause excessive dryness
  • Prevents buildup on pipes, fixtures, and hot water heaters
  • Cleaner dishes as it prevents mineral spots or streaks on dishware and glassware
  • Lengthens the life of water-based appliances including your hot water kettle
  • Prevents or reduced soap films or detergent curds in sinks, bathtubs, and washing machines
  • Less damage to your clothes
  • Lower gas and electricity bills
  • Reduces time spent on chores including cleaning plumbing fixtures like your faucet
  • Environmentally-friendly as reduces the time needed for your appliances to operate

What Is the Downside of a Water Softener System?

Although there are more benefits than drawbacks there may be risks for those on a low-sodium diet who cannot readily drink softened water as calcium and magnesium are removed from the person’s diet. Also please note that soft water doesn’t contain healthy minerals but removes naturally occurring minerals from our water and you would require a water filtration system installation for that which is a different mechanism.

Can You Drink From the Tap If You Have a Water Softener?

Yes–soft water is completely safe to drink but beware the sodium levels do increase. So long as the sodium content remains below 200 ppm you should be fine to consume it.

Does a Water Softener Ruin Your Home’s Pipes?

No, the opposite is true as water softeners prevent pipe corrosion as they churn your home’s hard water supply into soft water. A water softener, therefore, helps to prevent damage to your plumbing system by removing the excess minerals, including calcium and magnesium, from your water supply. Not only are your pipes left intact and less susceptible to debris build-up and clogs but your water will taste and smell better, will feel lighter on your skin, and protect your water pipes.

You Deserve Soft and Supple Water—Contact Mr. Rooter Today for Mississauga Water Softener Installation!

Your daily cleanse or tea time shouldn’t have to be rudely interrupted by hard water. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga is here to help with a water softener installation as we understand your freshwater is your lifeblood.

Whether you’re in Erin Mills, Port Credit, Mineola, or another part of Mississauga, Mr. Rooter will provide the same premium products and services. Reach out to us today at to schedule an appointment or learn more about our wide range of services for everything from drain repair and drain cleaning to sump pump installation and sewer line repairs.

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