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Do you need an Erin Mills plumber? Whether you need help tightening a leaking faucet or cleaning out your drain system, our professional plumbers are the team for the job.

At Mr. Rooter, we understand how much you rely on your plumbing system every day. Whether you’re doing laundry, cleaning dishes, getting ready for work, or even pouring yourself a glass of water, it’s integral that your plumbing system works correctly. Indeed, plumbing issues can range from being an annoyance to a danger for you and your family.

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Our company puts your needs, and safety, first. That’s why our highly qualified Erin Mills plumbing experts are equipped with the best tools and skills to solve all your plumbing problems. Not only can we offer top-notch plumbing solutions, but our staff also prioritizes customer service.

When you hire the team at Mr. Rooter, you can rest assured that we will always respect you, your home, and your loved ones. We will arrive on-time to your appointment or as soon as possible in a plumbing emergency. You’ll always know it’s us arriving at your home because we’ll be in a company vehicle wearing the Mr. Rooter uniform. We’ll also take care to keep our work area as tidy as possible and ensure we don’t leave until your home is as clean as we found it. We are part of the Erin Mills community, so we treat each of our clients’ homes like our own.

Serving Communities in and Around Erin Mills, ON

At Mr. Rooter, we’re honoured to bring our professional plumbing services to many communities within the Mississauga area, including Erin Mills. We’ve helped many families living in Erin Mills, including the Erin Mills sub-neighbourhoods of: Castlebridge, Credit Mills, Credit Valley, and Erin Meadows.

Would you like to learn more about the plumbing and drain cleaning services our experts offer the Erin Mills community? We invite you to give our friendly and courteous staff a call.

Discover More About Our Plumbing Services in Erin Mills, ON

When you hop in the shower, do you find yourself standing in a few centimetres of water after a few minutes? Or perhaps you’ve been having trouble flushing your toilet? Does your kitchen sink take forever to drain?

These are very common plumbing problems that our expert Erin Mills plumbers can help you with. Each of our plumbers are highly trained, courteous, and efficient. We consistently go above-and-beyond for our customers because we care about the Erin Mills community.

Continue reading to discover a few of our most requested services:

Clogged Drains Services

Clogged drains are a real nuisance. Not only do clogs inhibit your ability to complete daily tasks and chores—like washing dishes in the kitchen sink, brushing your teeth in the bathroom, or flushing the toilet—but, clogged drains can also signal serious plumbing issues. For instance, did you know that having multiple clogged drains can sometimes mean your sewer line is backed-up?

At Mr. Rooter, our Erin Mills plumbers will be able to promptly and effectively clear out your clogged drains and pipes. We’ll also inspect your plumbing to ensure there are no underlying problems that could escalate if not dealt with right away.

Keep your eyes out for the following signs of a clogged drain. Be sure to call your local Erin Mills plumber right away if you notice any of the following:

  • Standing water in your sink
  • Pools of water on the floor by your bathtub or sink
  • Bad odours in your sink or drains
  • Toilet bubbles when you use the sink
  • Gurgling drains
  • Pools of water around your shower drain
  • Slow draining water

Drain Cleaning Services

Can you remember the last time you had your drains professionally cleaned? Signs that you need a drain cleaning service from your local Erin Mills plumber include:

  • Your toilet won’t flush
  • You notice unpleasant odours from your sink
  • Your sink is clogged
  • Your drains are slow to empty
  • You’re using your plunger more than usual

Our Erin Mills plumbers are experts when it comes to cleaning your drains efficiently without sacrificing our high-quality work. We use the best products and most cutting-edge technology in the business to get your drains cleaned thoroughly.

Each of our plumbers are trained to use our HydroScrub® Jetting technology paired with our Enzymatic Drain Care solution. This technology uses very high water-pressure free of harsh chemicals to clean away years of debris from your pipes. It’s like pressing the reset button on your plumbing system!

Emergency Plumbing Services

When your basement floods, your hot water heater breaks down, or you smell sewage coming from your backyard, you need emergency plumbing services. Our Erin Mills plumbers are available 24/7 to assist in an emergency. We know that emergency plumbing situations rarely happen at a convenient time; that’s why our plumbers are on-call no matter the time of day, night, week, or year.

Once you call Mr. Rooter and let us know about your plumbing emergency, one of our Erin Mills plumbers will be on the way as soon as possible. We will give you peace of mind by efficiently and professionally taking control of the situation. We’ll also never charge you for overtime. We know that you have no control over when a plumbing emergency happens, so why would we charge you additional fees? Rather, we value putting your happiness and safety first.


Learn What Our Customers Are Saying About Mr. Rooter

At Mr. Rooter, our expert plumbers are confident that you’ll be happy with our services. However, you don’t have to take it from us. Continue reading to discover what our clients in and near Erin Mills are saying:


“During this uncertain time, safety was paramount. We did not have to worry about that at all. When Neil Rouzes came to our home for a new valve installation for 3 bathrooms, he was wearing his mask and gloves. So friendly and professional. He answered all my questions and gave me an analysis and quote right on the spot. Then got straight to work. He was very! efficient and keep me abreast of all that he was doing. Such a pleasure to have Neil back. It wasn't the first time. We always use Mr. Rooter. Always! Thanks again for another job well done.” — Amanda T


“We had a small leak in a hot water pipe. From first contact by phone until the work was completed we were treated extremely well and given excellent service. Marco, identified what was needed, gave us a quote and completed the work in less than one hour.” — Bill M


“I would highly recommend this company, they were professional on the phone and in person arrived on time respectful of my home and took care of my plumbing issue in no time at all. Same day service was available. I shopped around and found their pricing to be the most fair. Thank you so much for your good service. It is hard to find such responsiveness and professionalism with companies in the big city. They deserve 5+ stars.” — Amanda B


Photos from Our Customers Near Erin Mills

At Mr. Rooter, we understand how important it is to trust the plumbing expert you invite to work in your home. That’s why we take measures to earn your trust time-and-time again. Part of the way we earn our customers’ trust is by asking them to document the work we complete. Continue reading to see the Mr. Rooter difference:

Clogged Drains in Erin Mills, ON

Erin Mills clogged drains services

Clogged drains causing trouble for your Erin Mills home’s plumbing? Trust our professional plumbers to take care of it.

Drain Cleaning in Erin Mills, ON

Erin Mills drain cleaning

With our cutting-edge drain cleaning technology, the team at Mr. Rooter can give your Erin Mills plumbing a new lease on life and clear away years of debris!

Erin Mills emergency plumbing services
Emergency Plumbing Services in Erin Mills, ON

When you have a plumbing emergency, you need to be able to call a local Erin Mills plumber that you can trust. Our plumbers are available 24/7 to help with any urgent plumbing repairs you might need.

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