Sewer Backups, Mississauga ON

Your sewer line is one of the most crucial parts of your sewage system, and most problems, like flood damage after heavy rain, that occur boil down to how well you treat your household drains. In the event of a sewer backup, Mississauga homeowners need a trusted emergency plumbing service on speed dial. Whether your toilet clog is also causing a slow-draining bathtub or you repeatedly deal with clogged pipes, you may need expert Mississauga sewer backup services for your residential and commercial property.

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Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga is committed to serving our local community by providing excellent plumbing inspections and prompt repairs. When you hire your local Mississauga plumber, you can rest assured that any plumbing issues will be handled properly and efficiently. We encourage you to grab your phone and call us to learn more about how we can increase the comfort of your home and have you worry less about your pipes!

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Our Mississauga Sewer Backup Services

There are various culprits that cause a nasty sewer backup in Mississauga. Regardless of the cause, sewer backup smells awful, allowing toxic fumes to enter your home and endanger your family’s health. Contamination is a huge problem for any sewer backups, so calling an expert right away is the safe option so they can not only diagnose but also check your water system quality and treat it if needed. The expert plumbers at Mr. Rooter are incredibly knowledgeable and detail-oriented about drainage issues. We don’t believe in guesswork, so we always follow a strict procedure to ensure we have all the correct details for any plumbing system issues.

Plumbing Diagnosis and Inspection

Our licensed plumbers use a professional video inspection camera which is attached to a cable. We commonly use it for our clogged drain services or before drain cleaning services to locate a sewer blockage or ensure your sewage pipes are in good condition.

However, when we suspect a sewer backup, Mississauga homeowners can watch how our experts access their sewer lateral via the cleanout pipe. We’ll lower the camera down the drain, inspect your sewer pipe’s condition, and locate the clog causing the drain backup. Often, it’s the accumulation of years of debris and minerals, but it could also be tree roots invading your system. Once we know the problem, we can address it, fix it, and get your plumbing system back up and running smoothly.

Hydro Jetting and Sewer Cleaning

Whether it’s a stubborn clog or tree roots, it’s essential that your team of technicians now reduce the amount of stress and tension in your sewer drain pipe. Otherwise, cracks and other damage could worsen the sewer pipeline resulting in pipe replacement. Our professionals use the HydroScrub® jetting device, a unit that shoots high-pressure water jets to break through tough clogs and roots at a psi of 3000 or more.

Once water flows again, we’ll attach a rotating nozzle so the jets shoot in all directions and clear the pipe walls entirely by breaking down mineral deposits, sludge buildup, and other debris. This leaves your pipes sparkly clean and free of all blockages or debris that could potentially clog your drains again. No repeat offenders here!

Emergency Situations

There are also emergency situations where natural disasters wreak havoc in Mississauga. Sewer backups can happen when heavy rainstorms flood the streets and overwhelm the city lines. While the municipality takes measures to ensure the city sewers are in proper working order, there is no guarantee that there won’t be blockages in city sewers. If that happens, you and neighboring properties are at risk of sewage backflow.

Property owners with no protective plumbing devices or malfunctioning ones could experience raw sewage pushing back into their homes via the sewer system. To mitigate the sewer backup, Mississauga plumbers help you with the cleanup and communicate every step of the process so that you can inform your home insurance company about the occurrence.

We’ll also go the extra mile and go beyond the sewer backup. Mississauga plumbers will help you ensure you won’t experience such an emergency again.

Check the Mr. Rooter Difference!

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Mr. Rooter Plumbing was founded in the 1970s by highly skilled and committed technicians. And since then, we have branched out into more than 200 locally owned and operated locations across North America. Not only have we become a renowned home service provider, but as a proud member of Neighborly company’s home service franchise, we are committed to the safety and well-being of our local communities. We promise to do any job well and do it right the first time. That’s the Neighbourly Done Right Promise® because our business is about helping people.

When you choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing, you can reap the benefits of the following top qualities of our team:

  • 24/7 emergency services at no extra charge

  • Efficient and effective plumbing services

  • Guaranteed parts and labor

  • Fully licensed and insured plumbers

  • Tidy, courteous, uniformed professionals

  • Upfront, flat-rate prices with no surprise costs

  • Convenient appointments so it’s convenient to your schedule.

FAQs About Sewer Backups, Mississauga

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What Are The Warning Signs I Have A Sewer Backup in Mississauga?

It has been a while since you last had service from a skilled plumber; it’s not unusual to experience clogged household drains. They may appear harmless until the same problem comes back or worsens. If your drain lines are already under a lot of stress, your sewer line won’t be better off.

Warning signs that you may have a sewer backup, Mississauga, include:

  • Backed-up basement floor drain

  • Gurgling sinks and persistent toilet clogs

  • Multiple slow drains throughout your household

  • Sinks back up while using the washing machine

  • Foul smells and odors coming from your drains

What is the Common Reason for Sewer Backup Services?

The most common cause of Mississauga sewer backup is blocked or clogged pipes. A simple clogged drain will only cause problems for one part of your house, but sewer backup in the main sewer line will cause sewage to back up and plumbing problems to occur in your whole home. This can become a disgusting and costly issue, so regular maintenance on your pipes is essential to keep a well-working house.

Will My Home Insurance Cover A Sewer Backup in Mississauga?

Many expert plumbers have found that most home insurance companies do not cover the sewage backup as a whole, but they may be willing to cover some water damage restoration and a small part of the restoration process. Your best bet is to get in touch with your agent today to clarify what is covered in your insurance policy and if you can add additional sewer backup coverage limits to it, such as sewer backup insurance.

How Do I Prevent A Sewer Backup in Mississauga?

We all know that Mississauga has many flood-prone areas. While there is no guarantee that you can entirely prevent a backup from occurring, there are ways to minimize extensive damage and health hazards.

  • Waterproofing: Our professional plumbers are experts at basement waterproofing and ensuring your basement drains, foundation, windows, and crawl spaces are also taken care of.

  • Sump pumps: We recommend a sump pump and backup sump pump installation service to help further manage water levels in your basement. But your sump pump does a lot more than dump out excess water through its discharge pipe. It also collects water via a storm drain from your perimeter drains (also known as weeping tile or French drains) and discharges it away from your property.

  • Backwater Valves: This little mechanism can help prevent sewage from backing up into your home via a one-way valve. Made of a protective flap and cleanout, this valve directs flood water straight to the sewer. It’s a reliable device that senses rising water levels and pressure. When the flap closes, it will prevent wastewater from overflowing into your home. According to the National Plumbing Code in Ontario, a backwater valve installation is mandatory in buildings.

  • Routine Maintenance: It’s essential to treat your sewage pipes with care, cleaning them and ensuring that no foreign objects get washed down them. Household items like paper towels, sanitary products, facial tissues, hygiene products, and baby wipes should never be flushed down your drains, or you risk not only a clog but a deeper blockage that could form and cause considerable and costly plumbing system issues. It’s best to avoid throwing these things down your drain.

Nothing is safer than having a trusted plumber in Mississauga for all your plumbing maintenance and issues. Sewer backups are a risk in every household unless you take preventative measures. Whether it’s regular drain cleaning or drain inspection services, having an experienced, reliable plumber will save you a lot of money and trouble in the future.

What Other Plumbing Services Does Mr. Rooter Offer?

Aside from drain repairs and sewer backup services, Mr. Rooter offers:

  • Trenchless sewer line repair (pipelining)

  • Water line replacement and repair

  • Frozen pipe repair

  • Boiler services

  • Tankless water heater repairs

  • Emergency water damage restoration

  • Water softener and filter installation

  • Water treatment and purification

  • Gas line repairs and replacements

  • Copper pipe repairs

  • Basement flood mitigation

  • Other preventative maintenance

Call us today to find out all the services we provide in your area!

Need Expert Mississauga Sewer Backup Services?

Contact our friendly customer service team to get emergency service for your sewer backup or to schedule an in-home inspection today! We look forward to showing you what we can do to ensure you lead a worry-free life with healthy pipework to protect you and your property.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga serves a wide range of local communities, including Port Credit, Dixie, Erindale, and many others. If you have a plumbing issue that needs service from a plumber, don’t hesitate to call!

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