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We might not live in medieval times when a deep and wide trench filled with water serving as a moat surrounds our property to ward off potential attackers from nearby kingdoms. However, quite similarly, our home’s sump pump still acts as a defense mechanism to protect your home from water floods and damage. You are the king or queen of your domain and should also protect your castle, that is, your home, from other potential threats like flash floods from thunderstorms during the Mississauga rainy season.

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Since the last major flood, Mississauga now knows that a sump pump repair is a valuable investment in ensuring your safety and security. Our professional Mississauga plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing remain extra vigilant to local climate and natural disasters by taking precautions necessary to guarantee your plumbing system is up to snuff, including premium sump pump installation and sump pump repair. Mississauga homeowners are becoming more aware of the importance of having a streamlined unit, with more and more newly built homes having one already installed by default. If your existing unit isn’t meeting your needs, our local plumber experts can provide you with the services you need to get it back in top-notch condition or keep your basement dry with professional sump pump repairs in Mississauga.

Superb Sump Pump Repair Mississauga Can Trust

Your home may not have a canal running around it to extract and redirect excess water, but it does have a hollow sump pit or ditch for the liquid to pool and gather in the lowest point of your home. Also known as a “sump,” a mechanical device is placed atop this hole to capture water flow and divert it towards a connecting discharge pipe, also called the effluent.

Normally, this kind of unit is installed in your basement, where water is more likely to gather during heavy rain showers. A properly functioning unit will allow the basin to fill until the threshold level upon which it will use the pump’s sensors to activate the system. It will begin to suction excess water through the discharge pipe and expel the water outside your home. However, it isn't uncommon for a drain issue to occur, and that's where an experienced sump pump technician can help.

What Types of Sump Pumps Does Mr. Rooter Repair?

Sometimes a sump pump unit or sump pump switch itself are faulty—this is where your skilled sump pump installation company comes to the rescue for sump pump repair. Mississauga homeowners can choose not to live in a wetland any longer by scheduling a service appointment for whatever kind of unit they have with Mr. Rooter Plumbing.

Sump Pump Units

Typically sump pumps are either power-operated or non-power-operated. Mr. Rooter Plumbing can fix both of these types of pumps.

Here are some common electricity-based types found in Mississauga homes:

  • Pedestal Pumps: This consists of a motor and pump with separate and individual assemblies required. The motor sits atop the ditch and connects to the pump inside the ditch through a hose. A hose then transports water through the effluent. Although they run just as smoothly as their other electronic counterparts and have longer lifespans, they can also be noisier.
  • Submersible Sump Pumps: Most likely, you will see this installed in most modern homes as it’s easy to install and more dependable; plus, the motor and pump come together as a package from one manufacturer. The unit is simply placed at the bottom of the ditch and quietly bumbles along, and best of all, because a submersible sump pump unit is engulfed underground, it doesn't clog as easily as pedestal versions.

For some crises like a disastrous hailstorm, using a unit that runs on electricity may not be an option. It’s always best to have backup pumps in case of a power outage, and our expert technicians can take care of both sump pump repairs for those types of devices, too, including those that are:

  • Water Powered: These solely operate based on water pressure as water-powered units use a suction pump alongside a sensor valve and ejection output to empty out your ditch. As water flows into the ditch, it will lift the attached float, and the valve will open to allow water to flow through the ejector output, whose sole purpose is to transition added pressure into a vacuum. This is a lifesaver from costly flood damage to your basement, and we don’t recommend going without it.
  • Battery Operated: Although less of a convenience, it’s good to have a spare. Once the water begins to trickle past the threshold into the ditch, the float switch will be triggered and activate the battery. The only downside is that batteries can go haywire or get juiced out, and you’ll need your expert plumber to evaluate the battery a few times per year.

Sump Pump Switches

Many sump pump units are also paired with a switch system. Sometimes a switch can be faulty too, and although most units already come pre-installed with a switch system, your plumber can double-check it for any malfunctions. Mr. Rooter Plumbing is experienced with providing repairs and sump pump maintenance for all of the following types of switches.

  • Pressure Switch: Pretty straightforward, as water rises in the ditch, the sensor valve detects water levels and triggers the pressure switch.
  • Float Switch: Most typical, like a pulley and lever, it just lifts as the ditch fills with water.
  • Electronic Switch: Once the water level reaches a threshold point, the float switch closes off and activates the unit by default.
  • Diaphragm Switch: This switch will be found tagged to the body or side of the ditch and is activated by pressure via a piggyback plug for the motor.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing Is Here To Save You When You Need Sump Pump Repairs, Mississauga!

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If you live in a flood zone, it’s a given that you should never ignore the need for sump pump repairs in Mississauga. Although you may never encounter flash floods, take note that your home can be susceptible to moisture damage from other sources of flooding, and excessive humidity can weaken everything from the foundation of your home as it’s made more sensitive to your walls, ceilings and other areas that can be affected by moisture damage.

It’s always good to confirm with your professional plumbing company that your unit is chugging along and has no kinks in the check valve by getting a routine inspection and diagnosis. Mississauga's rainy season peaks in September, so it’s best to be proactive and get a thorough assessment of your sump pump to remove extra water from your home. Our licensed, experienced, and fully insured plumber will arrive promptly and, after giving your sump pump a tweak or two, will dish the details on further repairs you may need and preventative maintenance tips you can do.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sump Pump Repair Mississauga Residents Need To Know

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What Are Red Flags That My Sump Pump Is Busted?

Mississauga homeowners may not realize their pedestal or submersible pump is busted until they find wetness on their basement floor. Flooding on your basement floor after heavy rainstorms is just one of a wide range of symptoms you might find when in need of a repair. If left untreated, they might even find mould creeping up their basement wall. To prevent it from getting this far, be on the lookout for these signs before seeking our professional sump pump services:

  • Strange sounds, including loud noises
  • Power failure
  • Faulty operation due to incorrectly installed sump pump size
  • Stuck switch
  • Consistent vibration
  • Excessive wear on float switches and float arms
  • Random cycling due to misaligned floats
  • Prolonged cycles
  • Rust that is reddish in appearance on older batteries
  • Frozen discharge pipe (effluent)
  • Clogs in the discharge line
  • Old age

What Are Some Tips For Regular Maintenance Of My Sump Pump?

We recommend an annual and professional checkup for both the primary pump and the basin in which it rests to prolong sump pump replacement as long as possible. For example, some housekeeping we take care of includes checking drainage pipes, cleaning the grate, cleaning the screen or basin opening, and refilling the basin just enough so it doesn’t dry out. If your unit is broken, don't tackle DIY sump pump installation or repair yourself. Give our team of expert sump pump installers a call instead.

What’s The Difference Between A Backwater Valve And A Sump Pump?

In layman’s terms, a backwater valve is responsible for keeping out sewage wastewater so that it doesn’t cause a backup to flood into your home, while a sump pump’s role is to push out extra water to the outskirts of your home. Both work in tandem with one another rather than being substitutes. During flash floods, for example, a backwater valve will stop sewage from flowing into your home, while a sump pump will actively work to remove excess water from your home and will work alongside a weeping tile, a porous drain pipe to keep everything bone dry and ensure your foundation isn’t affected by moisture.

Need Sump Pump Repair? Mississauga Homeowners Look No Further!

Avoid getting all bogged out during the next heavy rainfall in Mississauga and surrounding areas of Hurontario, Malton, or Lakeview, and rely on your local technician at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Mississauga for a trustworthy plumbing inspection and diagnosis when you need sump pump repairs. Mississauga, ON homeowners will reap the benefits of professional maintenance and repairs by evading potential flood damage and further costly repairs or emergency plumber services. Meanwhile, your professional plumber in Mississauga can also offer advice on other upgrades you may require and services for everything from drain repair and drain cleaning to clogged drains and water heater repairs to get those spick-and-span plumbing lines.

Our courteous customer service team is on standby and can be reached to book a free consultation appointment for Mississauga sump pump repair.

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